I could vividly recall and remember how our society frowned against the music and lyrics of Abass Obesere aka Omo rapala and at some point,he changed it to African Fuji Micheal Jackson.

Though,in the early ’90s,I was not yet a teenager then but I could recollect the kind of confusion and disappointment his music caused in the face of older generation who find it hard to believe that such a dirty lyrics with dirty musical composition could become so popular in the society especially the Yoruba clime.

Hence,it was a taboo for younger mind like myself to spend my time listening to such music though I have some friends who always mime his music but then I always look at them as ‘rassmataz’.

Eventhough,my old man operates a music dubbing and recording outlet then,I cannot recollect that he has any of his record as part of his music library then.

Most of the Fuji Music in his archive are that of Barrister,Kollington,Dauda EPO Akara,Ayuba,and so on.

Then, someone can conclude that vulgarism and obscenity were in full swing in Obesere musical collection.

Many people thought that the height of ‘asakasa’ and ‘saje’ started and became popular with him and they were expecting that it will stopped with him but if we analyse our society today,we will realise that it has overwhelm our society.

Presently,in our society,one could confirm how easy and cheap vulgarism and obscenity have been available in our society today.

One of the major vehicle that has aided the promotion of these have been through music having almost all the musical lyrics available to us with contents that promotes slangs,hatred and foul languages.

This write up came to my sensitivity recently when my five years old daughter wanted to dance in the course of the weekend and all she could do is to fold her fist, crossed her two hands in my front and I realised her innocence in getting prepared to dance the popular ‘shakushaku’ dance step.

Not that she learnt it from any one of us but our society is porous and filthy that vulgarism and obscenity have been promoted to the point that the minds of our young ones have been totally captured and overwhelmed with dirtiness that is been used as a source of marketing strategy in the recent time.

Not quite long,I was been conveyed to my place of work in the morning and the next passenger sitting by my side with her brother on her lap was a young girl and they are on their way to school.As the Marwa rider taken us to our destination was busy blasting music,this young lady was able to mime all the tracks words for words from one lyrics to another.I nearly shut her up but I kept wondering how she has been coping with her academics with her brain stuffed with words that could be described as ‘garrage or streets slangs’.

It is a pity that what our society detest in few years ago has now become accessible and acceptable becoming a source of fun and relaxation presently.This made me to think about what the future generation will be like if this insensitivity and freedom of choice keep being promoted in our society.

Above all,our society needs to promote and celebrate virtues and values that have been part of our existence in the past.Trashing some of these values and virtues makes us to become prodigal in our approach to establish our purpose in life.

No wonder,the Bible encourage us to follow the old path.

There is a need for the obscenity and vulgarism in our society to be checked and balanced in order to avoid total erosion of our cultural, religious and moral values that are gradually fading away.

This is my two cents .

Thank you.


8th of November 2018.

Mlstcommunications 2018.


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