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HOW SHE MOTIVATED ME.(10 minutes read)

It was early morning on the 3rd of September 2018, I decided to observe an early morning road show that will only involve long distance endurance trek channeled towards shedding some ounce of fat that has accumulated in adding to my weight since everybody around me kept complaining about the bloating nature of current physique.

In spite the early morning drizzling, I despise this disturbance and I view it as a blessing in disguise because I believed that the coolness of the weather will be a source of strength to me in going a long way in keeping myself fit by the road work I am embarking on.

While I was busy with myself trekking on the high way, I was lost and carried away, but I was enjoying and basking in the euphoria of the showers of rain and my ability to fulfill my aspiration in embarking on…

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DO NOT DESPISE YOUR YOUTH—(8 minutes read)

This piece was authored and published on the Facebook Timeline of a friend and familiar on the 22nd of August 2018 and after reading through with rapt attention on the 27th of August 2018, it placed a responsibility on me to seek permission to published it on my blog from the author.

After seeking for the permission, she consented to my proposal and here comes the publication.

It goes thus:

Thanks to Tiwa.

I had to sit outside and far from the auditorium on Sunday.

There was a program being held for young girls and of course, I wasn’t interested and not concentrating.

Somewhere in between, I heard someone say:

“Don’t despise your youth”

I have known that scripture for years but that moment God reminded me of something vital.

“You wrote SHADOW OF GRACE long before you knew what childbirth looked like”

“You wrote THE TORMENTOR,AGBEKE,etc.long…

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