This piece was authored and published on Facebook on the 13th of September 2018 by Isaiah Mainmanspainer Mariere and after reading through I realized that it can be a piece that will inspire and motivate all my readers, viewers and followers.

Permission to publish this piece was obtained from the author and it was granted immediately without any delay.


It goes thus:

Whether you flounder, or flourish is always in your hands—You are the single biggest influence in your life.

Nothing that occurred in your past can have any influence over you except you allow it to.

By bettering ourselves, we can influence the rest of the world to follow.

Be the stillness in the storm and soon others will gather to seek solace in your presence.

Some of the most important decisions I have made might well have been made or might have been very different if it hadn’t been for the influence of the people in my life because we need mentors.

If you feel that you do not have any power to make positive changes in this world, I had had to disagree with you.

To change something means that you must take an active role and not sit back and expect that someone more influential will do it.

It means, instead, that you understand that for each action you make, there is an effect.

To influence doesn’t mean that you must be the leader of a country or a mayor and a noteworthy politician or celebrity.

You understand that each person is a catalyst for positive change even if that positive effort is directed only to one person.


Our influence on others starts with us.

There is no way you can influence others without you becoming better.

It is when you are better off that it will be possible for you to influence other people around you.

It is necessary for everyone that desire to influence others in any given position to always look for means at which such expected influence begins from your ability to go a long way to add to yourself in terms of values that will enhance the virtues needed for the entire human race at one point in time.

This becomes possible when all the available needed avenues are maximized to add to ourselves thereby making the possibility of influencing our immediate environment possible.

The influence that will launch the entire humanity to the point of influence and impacts start from you and it must be ensured that such influence made a mark in the annals of human history.

Human history has been relayed essentially as a product of influences some people made at one point in time in salvaging the plight of mankind from the abyss of despair in the process of time.


In conclusion, it is essentially necessary for each and everyone of us to understand and see reasons in the importance of what our influence can made on the life of people around us.It is until when this is done that the plight of mankind can be altered to create a society whereby value addition will be the yearnings of every inhabitants of such society.


©mlst media 2018.


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