She was glued to her phone,

She was busy frolicking with her phone,

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her,

I tried breaking the ice,

I was scare of being a victim of rejection.

In a space of time,

Many thoughts occupied my mind,

My mind was busy dangling,

I was in quandary of what to do,

Many questions occupied my mind,

I kept asking if I should start conversing,

I kept thinking about the outcome of our conversation before I started,

Does it worth a while,

Does my intention right,

Do I need bothering her?

Do I need to go extra miles?

And this kept weighing me down.

She is good looking,

Her fairness is classy,

She is a mulatto,

She is attractive, colorful, charming, alluring and beautiful.

Her voice is damn sonorous and catchy,

I noticed maturity and stability in her voice.

Her observed her to be reserve…

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