Ex-rap mogul Marion ‘Suge’ Knight sentenced to 28 years in prison

Knight co-founded a label that once boasted the likes of Dr Dre, Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg.





She was glued to her phone,

She was busy frolicking with her phone,

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her,

I tried breaking the ice,

I was scare of being a victim of rejection.


In a space of time,

Many thoughts occupied my mind,

My mind was busy dangling,

I was in quandary of what to do,

Many questions occupied my mind,


I kept asking if I should start conversing,

I kept thinking about the outcome of our conversation before I started,

Does it worth a while,

Does my intention right,

Do I need bothering her?

Do I need to go extra miles?

And this kept weighing me down.


She is good looking,

Her fairness is classy,

She is a mulatto,

She is attractive, colorful, charming, alluring and beautiful.

Her voice is damn sonorous and catchy,

I noticed maturity and stability in her voice.

Her observed her to be reserve and trained.


Despite, my mind being busy on what to do,

She was busy chatting,

Only God Knows who she is chatting with.

I think she didn’t have my time,

I might just end up being a nuisance to her,

I might end up disturbing her flow and comfort,

She seems to be enjoying her company by herself,

She seems to be comfortable with her world.


Why do I have to disturb her?

When I knew that she is satisfied with her world,

I don’t want to be a pest and a parasite.

It is better for me,

To be mindful of my business.


In spite of all this,

Something kept pushing me to break a ice,

It gradually becoming a burden,

Till I summon courage and I start conversing with her,


Hello, Pretty face,

Can we break the ice and start talking?

Since we are on a long journey,

I think we both have to keep ourselves busy,

Talking to each other and keeping each other’s company.


Initially, her countenance was sharp and unreceptive,

Till she returns my kind gesture in talking to her,

With a flash of her white dentition,

Which encouraged me to continue talking with her.

No problem. She responded.

I was perplexed when she made her first response,

Telling me that she has been longing to look for a way to break the ice,

She has wanted to converse with me,

The first moment she saw me afar,



Can you continue. I asked

I was afraid of being rejected. She replied.

I was also afraid of being rejected by you. I answered her.


What a coincidence.

Both of us are victims of assumption.

We are cocooned and cornered in our own world,

Thinking that that world will reject us.


We kept talking and smiling,

Without control, we broke the ice,

Without limitation,

We build bridge of relationship,

We thought it will end on after our journey,

The relationship grew and matured,

Into another relationship,

And till this moment,

We are still glued together,

In a relationship that will last till eternity.


The assumption of rejection could have robbed us of our marital destiny,

The assumption about the world been mean, crude and cruel to us,

Would have been a limitation that would have marred our destiny,

A dint of trial saved us and kept us till today.


Never allow fear of rejection keep you down.



This is purely a work of fiction.

Any resemblance to any true-life story is coincidental.


©Mlst communications 2018