HOW SHE MOTIVATED ME.(10 minutes read)

It was early morning on the 3rd of September 2018, I decided to observe an early morning road show that will only involve long distance endurance trek channeled towards shedding some ounce of fat that has accumulated in adding to my weight since everybody around me kept complaining about the bloating nature of current physique.

In spite the early morning drizzling, I despise this disturbance and I view it as a blessing in disguise because I believed that the coolness of the weather will be a source of strength to me in going a long way in keeping myself fit by the road work I am embarking on.

While I was busy with myself trekking on the high way, I was lost and carried away, but I was enjoying and basking in the euphoria of the showers of rain and my ability to fulfill my aspiration in embarking on a body fitting exercise that I can handle on my own.

While I was on the highway, at a point, she passed me.

She was fully kitted with her sneakers and joggers with vest on her body. She jogged passed me and immediately I raised up my head and I observed that she is a lady and she maintained her pace jogging while I was busy trekking.

Immediately, I remembered the popular parlance that says what a man can do, a woman can do it better. At this point, it was a woman that is doing what a man cannot do and I was challenged into motivation accompanied with my decision to turn the table around.

What a woman can do, a man can do it better.

Immediately, I double up and started jogging with one leap after another.

What I thought I couldn’t handle became what I was able to do when I saw a lady doing it.

Despite my decision to change from trekking to jogging which was motivated and inspired by her, she was obvious that she is the source of my motivation because she was a little distance ahead of me and I was at her back.


There is no way she could know that she has been a source of inspiration and motivation to a stranger early in the morning through her effort to get herself better in fitness.

She might think that she is just on her own trying to get better, but she didn’t know that her effort in shaping her physique has made another person to see good reasons in shaping himself.

This is how our life ought to be at any point in time. We are created to be a source of help and a source of hope to others. Even, when we are unaware of the fact that so many people are gaining and benefitting from our deeds.

We are supposed to be found doing good at every point in time so that people that we did not know or even expected could end up referring to our deeds even when we are no more around.

A meaningful life is birthed when we are not living alone but our living triggers a kind of inspiration that would catapult others to become better by achieving their set goals while in existence on earth.

We should not be oblivious of the fact that so many people are in the valley of perdition and destruction. All they need is a hand that will pull them out of the miry clay that they have been enmeshed with.

Without any gain saying, you could be that hands of help and hope that are needed to salvage humanity from going into extinction because our world needs more flag-bearers and touch-bearers that will end up shinning light that will displace the gross darkness that entire humanity is enmeshed with.

It might be a little form of kindness, love, patience and help that will end up becoming a source of motivation and inspiration to others.

We should endeavor to understand that while we are busy doing good, we are always oblivious of the zillion of people looking at us but the effect of our goodwill might be enough to turn around the lot of such people without you knowing the extent of your impart on the life of those looking up to you.

Hence, it is good to be good at any point in time.

It is nice to be nice to people around us.

The kind of help we render might be what is needed to salvage and elevate others.

It might be the only solution that would be available in making others to realize the potential in them, thereby fulfilling the purpose of God in their life.

With this, it placed a deep level of responsibility on all of us to be conscious and sensitive in making a concerted effort in adding value and contributing our quota in making the life of other people better no matter how little the contribution might be.

No contribution targeted in making the life of other people better is a waste no matter how insignificant and inconsequential it may be.

The littleness in us maximized as a form of contribution to the life of others might be the greatness other people are relying upon for them to achieve their purpose in life.

Do not fold your hands and watch people languishing in penury and abject poverty, do not expect the needy and the indigent to start looking for you before you take a step in helping them. It is your responsibility to rise to their needs by looking for them and make them part of your life.

You start living until the poor and the needy become part and parcel of your life.

If the biography of your life is chronicled without reference to the indigent, you have wasted your lifetime on earth.

The essence of your living is for the needy and the poor to have a life that is meaningful.

If you have been lagging in giving a hand of help to the needy and the indigent, you have failed, and you are unworthy to be reference as human.

Humanity is all about being an eye to the blind, a mouth to the dumb and an ear to the deaf.

Be a cloth to the naked.

Be a shelter to the destitute.

Be a respite to the restless.

Be a bridge to the deserted.

Be a food to the hungry.

If you can become all this, the world will be better off and lamentation of pain and pangs in the entire world will be a thing of the past.

This is how she motivated me.

This is how she inspired me.


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As it is now at 58 years of obtaining independence from colonialism established and managed by Britain, it is quite pertinent for a nation building mechanism and approach that will enhance the sanctity of every Nigerian should be designed, drafted crafted and established as a blueprint into the consciousness of every Nigerian which will be maximized to herald the birth of a new Nigerian whereby sons and daughters of average man on the streets will be elevated and treated not just as part of population statistics and decimal but as a stakeholder of a new nation that believed in the equality of all men having a base in being proactive towards the provision of basic social amenities necessary to make things better in Nigeria.

We are aware of the way we used to look forward to the celebration of Independence Day during our growing up days.

The memory of how…

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