DO NOT DESPISE YOUR YOUTH—(8 minutes read)

This piece was authored and published on the Facebook Timeline of a friend and familiar on the 22nd of August 2018 and after reading through with rapt attention on the 27th of August 2018, it placed a responsibility on me to seek permission to published it on my blog from the author.


After seeking for the permission, she consented to my proposal and here comes the publication.


It goes thus:


Thanks to Tiwa.


I had to sit outside and far from the auditorium on Sunday.


There was a program being held for young girls and of course, I wasn’t interested and not concentrating.


Somewhere in between, I heard someone say:


“Don’t despise your youth”


I have known that scripture for years but that moment God reminded me of something vital.


“You wrote SHADOW OF GRACE long before you knew what childbirth looked like”


“You wrote THE TORMENTOR,AGBEKE,etc.long before you had real life experience of marriage and parenting”.


How did you write those effortlessly?


It was the Holy Spirit.


True that.


A lot of times, God places ideas, messages, goals, opinions, answers about things that are way above our age and years of experience in our hearts.


Unfortunately, we hold back.


We say to ourselves:


“What do I know? Let me learn from the experienced.


At times people even shut us up.


But, God is saying:


“Don’t let anyone despise your youth—1st Timothy 4 verse 12.


God didn’t put that passion in your heart for you to wait till you are ready enough in your own eyes.


Pushing yourself to the background when God has positions you for limelight is not the same as humility and servanthood.


Dimming your own light would keep more people in darkness.


Our walk with God in whatever capacity He has called us to function is a walk of faith not of efforts.


Therefore, whether at your secular place of work or at your place of ministry, in your social circle, family or even up here on social media, always seek to do what God would have you do.


Never use your age as an excuse to fall back or give up.


Don’t let anyone despise you.


You answer to God and ought to be relevant with people.


Again, I say:


“Do not let anyone despise your youth”


From the piece above one could observe that the author was inspired by the word of God to stir up the talents and the gift God endowed us with.This was given to us for profiting and to invest in the life of others.


It is a pity that many of us spend a bunch of our existence on earth giving excuses about how unnecessary it is to do maximize this gift God gave to us.


Many of us sleep over it and many of us even waste our energy in burying this gift just because we have no understanding of the purpose of this gift in our life and how far it will go in affecting the life of others that are around us while we are on earth.


This affirm the reason why an unknown author and thinker submitted that the grave is the wealthiest place on the surface of the earth because there in the best ideas, philosophies, solutions, innovations and inventions were buried.


The days of our youth could be akin to our days on earth whereby all that is needed and necessary for us to maximize the little time we have on earth is expected to be optimized maximally for making the world we live in a better place.


On the contrary, due to lack of understanding and basic knowledge of what we are created for on earth, many of us become unconcerned in seeing any reason why we should make any contribution while we are on earth. We give excuses that are slim, thin and flimsy to cover up for our lack of understanding of the purpose of creation and we keep sitting down on a spot leaving everything to chance.


The worst angle to this is that while we stay unconcerned in championing a course that will add value to the existence of mankind, humanity in its entirety suffered a great deal because while we refuse to shine the light we are wired with, many people remain in darkness forever.


It is the streams of light in you that will lighten the darkness in the life of many people around you.


There is need for your light to become the light that others will hold on to as a source of solution that will displace the gross darkness hovering around them.


In conclusion, the days of your youth should be maximized to shine the light in you.


No matter how small or little the light in you may be, it is powerful enough to displace any form of darkness,


You are created with light,


You are wired with light,


What the world needs from you,


Is to shine the light in you,


And when it is done,


The grip of gross darkness will end up fizzling up.



Special thanks to TEMITOPE OGUNJUYIGBE ADEGBENJO for being the author of part of this publication.




©mlst media 2018



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