HELP ME TO FIND MY LOVE.–(7 Minutes Read)

Days have passed us by,

Without the hope of seeing each other again,

Nothing to hold on to,

Nothing to lay on except empty spaces,


The shadows of your memory became a companion,

The flashes of the moments we spend together became a source of relieve,

The reality of our periods of ecstasy became what kept me going,


No one could ever believe that we are world apart,

It wasn’t our plan to call it quit,

We promised to be together forever,

In pain,

In laughter,

In rain,

In sunshine,

In light,

In darkness,

We promised to hold our hands tight and firm.


As time fades away,

Our closeness started fading,

We started losing the beauty of our friendship.

No one could ever believe that things have started falling apart.


How could I tell my story?

How could I recover from the pain of separation?

How could I cope with the pain of loneliness?

How could I relay my pain?

How could I get back on my feet without you?


Memories of the past kept haunting me,

Memories of our beautiful moments kept me down,

The rod of loneliness kept hitting me.


Never believe that I could be alone,

Never believe that you will be no more,

Never believe that you will be gone forever,

Never believe that you will leave me behind.


You promised to be my companion,

You promised to be a friend,

You promised to be there forever.


Where are those promises you made?

Have they gone like a candle in the wind?

Have they disappeared into the thin air?

Have they become empty promises?


Leaving me behind seems to be gradually becoming a reality.

A reality I am struggling to believe.

A reality I am doubting whether it is true or not.

A reality that shocked me to the marrow.



Amid my loneliness,

I am struggling to cope.

Amid this reality,

I am struggling to believe all is gone,


Without you,

All will be gone,

Without you,

The world will crash,

Without you,

Nothing will be left to hold on to,


This is a low moment in my life.

A shocking moment that beats my imagination,

A moment I lost my confidence, convenience and comfort.


I am still believing in what I saw the day I met you,

I am still holding on to what attracted me,

You have been a light,

You have been a sunshine,

You made me forget my hours of darkness,

You made me loose my moment of nothingness.


I have no choice,

I have no alternative,

I am still holding on to your promises,

I am still believing that you won’t stay long,

I am still believing that we shall be back together.


Our promises are eternal,

Our hope is everlasting,

Our love is beyond the terrestrial.

Our love transcends the celestial,


We might have lost everything,

Our promises might be fading away,

Our hope might be dwindling.


Our hearts remain in love,

Our love remains in our heart.


Don’t keep me waiting,

Don’t keep me hoping for nothing,


Who could believe that I will be alone?

Who could believe that I will spend tonight without you?

Who could believe that my bed will be vacant?

Who could believe that I will be talking to the wall?

Who could believe that empty spaces will keep my company?

Who could believe that my pillow will be soaked with tears?

Who could believe that I would be left with overwhelming silence?

Who could believe that tonight would be silent without your touch?


I am gradually loosing it,

I am gradually loosing my candor and calmness,


Someone should help me,

To find my love.


Someone should help me to bring my love,

I am lonely

I am really missing my love.


If you see her,

Tell her that I love her,

If you find her,

Tell her that I missed her.


Please come back to me,

I need to whisper in your earing,

I must tell you something beautiful and needful.


Please come back to me.


Don’t keep me waiting.

Don’t make my bed vacant.


Come back!


Come back!!


Come back!!!



NB:This publication is a product of fiction and imagination of the author.


©mlstcommunications 2018


©mlstmedia 2018



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