THE MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE.–(5 minutes read)

I authored and published this article yesterday as a personal view in response to the waves of reactions and responses that trail and accompanied President Donald Trump’s unguarded statement concerning President Muhammadu Buhari in which he called President Muhammadu Buhari a lifeless President.


This has generated series of reaction and the social media is overwhelmed by this trending issue that is unexpected to be traceable to a leader that the whole world is holding in high esteem.

This is a stain to the essence of good leadership that is quite missing and unavailable presently in the entire world.


The way and manner by which leadership is being portrayed by those occupying the seat of power is below expectation.


In the history of mankind,I doubt if there has ever be any world leader that has a loose tongue and blessed with uncontrolled vulgar utterances like the current occupier of the oval office.


Last week,he labelled one of his aide who resigned from her appointment as “dog” and now,he pounced and bounced on our dear President and tagged him as a “lifeless President ”


What could have warrant this display of immaturity by someone the entire world hold in high esteem.


In the course of his campaign,he was like that but we thought that those were the necessary jibes needed by him to garner momentum and support that will make him an American President but years after,he has not change in anyway.


Even though he might be lifeless and not pragmatic, this assertion should be an internal observation that an outsider or a foreigner should stay away from making such an irresponsible president.



This level of derogatory assertion from President Donald Trump is uncalled for and it is a slap to the dignity of humanity a person of his timber and caliber is expected to protect and preserve.


Leadership is not about giving a bad name to others in the name of making a point which might trigger confusion and established a wrong signal into the minds of those who are seeing such a leader as a role model.


A leader should not in any way descend so low to the point at which all he could do is to tag his fellow leader with an unprintable name that is meant to pull him down.


It is high time people of good conscience across the length and breadth of the world speak against the barbaric nature and manner at which President Donald Trump keeps handling the affairs of governance in the white house.


He descended to the low level of name calling last year when he started calling the paramount ruler of the North Korean Kingdom the rocket man.


A leader occupying such an exalted seat of governance is not expected to be as cheap as President Donald Trump is.His approach to handling any issue that has to do with dignity of every human needs to be examined and checked.

In conclusion, if President Muhammadu Buhari is lifeless,I can categorically state that President Donald Trump is immature and irresponsible.


The man in the white house must be cautioned.


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