It was a mixed feeling this morning with an overwhelming disinclination to avoid putting down a piece about the specialty of today to me but as time rolled by, I changed my mind, even though I struggle with my mood.


I thought and believed that a day like this is meant to be a day dedicated to deep reflection about the essence of life that boils down to the mileage that someone has covered with thought that has to do with questioning about what has been achieved in the course of time and what is left to be achieved in the process of time.


In the long run, as waves of encomium and congratulations accompanied with good wishes started pouring in, I started seeing reasons why I should celebrate myself and people around me on this special day.


Life becomes meaningful to the reasonable when a portion and a particular moment of our life is dedicated to reflections that will spur anyone into revelation of what we are created and purposed for.It is at the point of this reflection that is always sober that many of us get t a point whereby we are sprang into the realm of personal discovery which becomes possible when we allow ourselves to personal appraisal


Personal reflection demands personal appraisal that demands personal responsibility because everyone is the architect of his fortunes or misfortunes. This places a kind responsibility that will end up in creativity that might help us to understand what our existence is all about.


We are created to be self sufficient in asking questions about ourselves once in a while and the questioning must be personal and truthful in all aspects so that we will not end up becoming a victim of self-deceit that might attract self-destruction.


The shelf -life of every human on earth is measured by time and the beauty inherent in such shelf life is not defined by how long we live but it is determined by how impactful such moment of time are maximized in contributing to others in terms of sacrifice, selflessness and servitude.


It is what we have as a contribution in the process of time that will be remembered not the numbers of days that we spend on earth.


It is our influence and contributions that counts not the numbers of days we spent that counts.


These are some of the waves of reflections that overwhelmed my consciousness this morning and all I could do is to put it down in writing for future purposes as a form of documentation for posterity.


Today marked another important day in my life that I could not afford to shy away from celebrating it.

Even if I want to stay away from it, it is quite impossible because the waves of appreciation and congratulations from friends, families, colleagues and familiars are quite overwhelming.


Without any iota of doubt, I am a year older today and I am grateful to God Almighty for keeping me and my family alive to witness a glorious moment like this.

It has been God that has remained faithful in keeping me alive till this present moment.


I will not in anyway forget using this piece to celebrate my birthday sake and a mentor that I always remember his words of advice, prayers and encouragement. He has been a pillar in my dynasty and no one can deny his contributions to the life of many around in my lineage.


He is a father, a friend and an uncle that is passionate about everyone around him becoming successful.




Moreover, I am also using this opportunity to appreciate everyone around who has contributed to how far I have gone in life.

My wife, my sister, my brothers, my daughters, my in-laws, my mum, colleagues, nieces, nephews friends from elementary schools to higher institutions especially friends and classmates from Ilesha Grammar School 1991/1996 SET.


It has been God and I pray that all of us will remain living and existing to celebrate in our old age.












Let’s pop champagne.


©mlstcommunications 2018


©mlstmedia 2018



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