I wrote part of this article and published it on Facebook sometimes around last month.This was a product of personal meditation on realities and happenings around that boiled down to misconception of what religion is all about which has been a source of concern to the existence of humanity for ages.I hope it will serve as an eye-opener to all my readers, followers, viewers and readers.


From antiquity, it can never be denied or shy away from, that religion has been a concept that is geared towards the birth of approaches and channels through which solutions are sought out for by mortals while existing on earth.


It is a construed course of human line of thoughts that assumed that the waves of challenges bedeviling the entire human race can be doused by proffering a means through which supernatural solutions can be obtained accompanied with extraordinary channels that will make such a solution a perfect way out for such challenge.


As a word, religion refers to approaches to human spirituality which usually encompass a set of narratives, symbols, beliefs and practices, often with a supernatural or transcendent quality which give meaning to the practitioners’ experiences of life through reference to a higher power or truth.


It is defined as a cultural system of designated behaviors and practices, worldviews, texts, sanctified places, prophecies, ethics or organizations, that relates humanity to supernatural, transcendental, or spiritual elements.

The spate of hatred, killings and wanton destruction witnessed on the surface of the earth has its highest percentage being linked to religious basis and doctrines that makes people involved to think that one religion is superior to another.



Hence, they go to the extreme with all manners of moves and motives to subject one to the other, thereby making one religion to look inferior to another.


Personal perspective simply revealed that God is not a founder of any religion present on the surface of the earth. Rather, God was referred to as God of nations and people throughout the scripture with no single religious appellation or taxonomy made.


Even, the New Testament books did not attached names of any religion to Jesus Christ. It was after the death of Jesus Christ that Christianity surfaced when it was defined as a religion of those who possesses the nature of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, while you are fanatics about your religion, you should know that it is man-made, a human idea to seek the face of God.


It should also be noted that on the judgement day, no one will ask of your religion and the denomination you belong to while on earth.


With this, it is a simple exhibition of foolishness and utmost display of ignorance when you carry your shoulder up believing that your religion is superior to other religions.


If the concept of religion is man-made, one needs to understand that it can never be error free.


So, you should expect disappointment from so many religious ideas and beliefs you hold on to if it is human that construe it.


It is wrong for anyone to look down on any religion. It is a personal conviction that must be handled personally and it sensitivity must be consciously managed so that its potency to brew hatred and apartheid will not end up resulting into unnecessary destruction being witnessed by you and me.


Religious bigotry and any form of sentiment based on your religious conviction should never replace and pull down the sanctity of humanity at all.


We are first human before we are affiliated to a religion.


I am yet to see a new born baby that has a religion written all over him or her at the point of conception.

We all gets our religious association through our earthly parents.


It should be noted and pointed out to everyone who cares to know and listen that we are first human before we became religious.


Hence, the sanctity of human life should be sanctimoniously respected and referenced,


No decision or approach should down-play the sanctity expected to be the pillar of human life.


A situation whereby extremism is displayed in your approach to make any form of religious standing and doctrines to be forcefully followed and instituted is simply anti-human and anti-progressive,


Every religious minded person should understand that the beauty of any religion become exhibited fully when the approach used in making such religion acceptable and followed by others give respect to the life of people that are expected to be followers of such religion.


Religion are construed to preserve and protect the existence of human being accompany with inherent virtues necessary to promote peaceful coexistence between every race of people that are existing on the surface of the earth.


Any religious concept or belief that trash the promotion of peaceful coexistence is nothing but a means of enslaving people that are supposed to have their freedom through such religious belief.



Being religious and being faithful to a religious creed and belief is not bad at all but it should not be an end. It should be a means to an end.


Hence, your approach to any form of religious creed and doctrines should be all about:

1.Peace and peaceful coexistence with other religion.

2.It should be all about freedom and meaningful liberation of mankind.

3.It should enhance and promote religious tolerance.

4.It should give respect to human right.

5.It should enhance and promote positive value system.

6.It should help in the establishment of good virtues

7.It should be a channel for all round development.

8.It should be geared towards positive contribution to building an egalitarian society.

9.It should be a channel that will promote consciousness and sensitivity of every human in doing what is good.

10.It should be a tool that will enhance all round betterment of every human being potent enough to promote and reference the sanctity of human beings.


With all these, it can be easily concluded that the construed concept of any religious belief and creed should be all about making the existence of mankind better while on earth and this should be a yardstick that should be made use in measuring whether any of the approach of the religious at any point in time is necessary and needed in making the world we live in better.


Any form of religious understanding in terms of creed and doctrine that promotes wanton destruction of lives and property and any one that makes other religion to look inferior and unacceptable is wrong and it will create more division and apartheid that has torn our world apart till this present moment.


With the present form of evil traceable to many religious creed, one can never be wrong or mistaken that the God of heaven does not belong to any of this religion that promotes evil because the God of heaven hates evil,


Therefore, my God is not a God of religion.


My God has no religion.


3rd of July 2018.


©mlstcommunications 2018


©mlstmedia 2018



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