It was quite unusual and strange,

Closing early from work,

All I needed is rest

All I want is complete relaxation,

What I want is to dodge the stress of the day.


The rush hour scared me,

All I could do is to rush with the rush hour,

As I was getting to the bus stop to pick a cab,

Amid my desire to get a cab without delay,

As I was about entering the cab,

I realized that the cab is almost filled up,

As I was trying to figure out where I could place my butt.


I heard a feminine voice,

Asking me to come over,

Telling me that there is a vacant seat by her side.

I refused being budge by her demand,

All I want is a place to calm my nerves for the time being.


Never take cognizance of her,

Never gave her the right countenance,

All I could offer her was a harsh look,

All I could offer her was a weary countenance,

What I want is a place of comfort and relaxation,

Then I sat down,

I breathe a sigh of relief.

Though, she was not bothered by my unfriendly countenance.


Immediately, the cab filled up,

I was happy that I will be home soon,

Though, the journey home was boring,

Everybody seems to be focused and unconcerned,

Tiredness and fatigue overwhelmed the entire cab,

It might have been a hectic day for all for us.


She started talking,

She started getting friendly and familiar,

Initially I ignored her and her conversation,

She remained adamant and resilient,

Trying all she could do in her capacity to break the ice.


I tried my possible best to ignore her,

She was outspoken and a natural extrovert,

She kept on dishing out gist as it comes to her mind.


Later it became embarrassing,

When I didn’t give her any answer,

She kept talking,

At a point I decided to change my mind,

I started conversing with her.


While we were gisting,

I observed how fulfilled she was,

When I started talking with her,

I observed a kind of relief on her face,

I confirmed how desperate she is to relate with someone

Later I asked her some questions,

I discovered that she has been expecting me to relate with her from the onset,

A reason while she offered me a seat by her side,

We kept talking,

We kept rolling from one discussion to the other,

Passengers and driver kept wondering if we had known each other before,

Our relationship was quite strange.


It was as if we had been friend for a long time,

Our chatting was smooth and soothing,

As I was expecting before,

My journey home was damn relaxing and soothing.

She really made my day,

She was current and versed in almost all subject matters,


We got to the point of departure,

She alighted and bade me goodbye,

We exchanged pleasantries and waved at each other.

She rushed back and call my name,

I was surprised and kept wondering,


She asked for my digit,

I gave her my digit,

We ended up exchanging phone numbers,


While alone on my way home,

The memory of this damsel was overwhelming,

It was as if a veil was removed from my eyes,

I observed and realized,

How beautiful she is,

She is an ebony with complete dark-skinned,

The thought of her  arrested my being,

I am yet to recover from having part of my day with her,


I expected to relax at the end of the day,

It is getting to a week now,

I am yet to find a place to trash the memory of her,

The memory of her beautiful face stick to my mind,

And all I could wish myself is to see her again.


I tried to give her a call,

I discovered that I didn’t save her digit,

The only thing that could save me,

Is for her to call me,

Maybe we could have more time to gist again.


The thought of her kept creeping into my head,

Everything on my mind is always paused whenever I remember her,

She is gradually taking hold of me,

She is a stranger that  stole something away from me.


I kept asking myself so many questions,

Am I in Love?

I have been trying to give answer to this,

I have been trying to dodge reality,

Something in me,

Kept confirming that I have soft spot for her,

Something in me kept telling me that I am gradually losing it,

A silent voice kept telling me that I am in love,


I kept blushing and shying away from the truth,

I kept asking myself,






Where do I belong?

What do I do?


Falling in love with an angel or with a stranger?


Which is which?

Am I in love?



NB:This is just a product of imagination and fiction.


©mlstcommunications 2018

©mlstmedia 2018







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