Once bitten,twice shy!–(5 minutes read)

Never expected to see you again,

Never expected that we would meet again,

I thought you have gone,

I thought you had bid farewell.

I thought the moment we share together is gone,

I thought the memory of our friendship has disappeared into the thin air.


Even though, we part on a wrong note.

Even though, we didn’t expect that it would be over,

We planned to stay together forever,

We agreed to stick together till eternity.

It was meant to be for better,

It was meant to be till eternity.


As days pass us by,

Realities started dawning on us,

Our weaknesses started consuming us,

Our strength was nowhere to be found,

We started struggling,

We started seeing each other fault,

We started nagging and complaining.

We started avoiding each other.

While we are still glue together,

We started finding fault in each other.


Our relationship became burdensome,

Our friendship remains a word on our lips,

Our hope of being together forever became a forlorn hope,

While we are together, we became strangers,

The glitz of our past moments started crumbling,

The bliss of our relationship started fizzling out,

The beauty of being together started haunting us.


We seek for solution but there seems to be none,

We expected time to heal but things remain the same,

We expected a change but none was available.


As time pass us by,

We realized that two parallel lines can never meet,

As moments rolls away,

We realized that the best we can offer ourselves,

Is nothing but separation,

We realized that we are not compatible.


Many days have gone now,

Many years have passed us by,

While I was busy basking in the euphoria of the moment,

I saw you from afar,

Our eyes meet,

And all I could see is the flashes of the moment we had together,


How beautiful it could have been,

If we have been able to achieve our goals,

How blissful it could have been,

If we are still together.


While we are separated,

Many waters have passed underneath the bridge,

Many people have come and gone.


The memory of the time we spent together remained,

I became a victim of the good old days,

When all I have is you,

And all you have is me.


Could I ever have you again,

Could I ever be with you again?

Could I ever spend time with you again?

These are the silent voices creeping into my thought now,

This is how I have been imprisoned at this moment.

How I wish I could turn back the hands of time?


I couldn’t muzzle any strength to bring you back,

I couldn’t summon the courage to be with you again,

Even though I desired your presence every day of my life,

I am scared to try once again,

The memory of past moment kept hunting me,

The best we can do is for us to continue,

But one question that kept ringing,

Is that how can it be possible for us to ensure that,

The memory of the past would remain in the past,

How sure are we that the experience of the past will not affect our present desire?


These are the questions,

We cannot proffer answers to,


This made me to realize that,

The best we can offer ourselves,

Is for both of us to maintain our stand,

By staying away from each other,

We are not meant for each other,


It is wrong to force ourselves again,

It is too late to start all over again,

It is too late to ignite the fire of love between us again,

The passion for love between us is dead.








©mlstcommunications 2018

©mlstmedia 2018













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