MLST ARTICLES: Once bitten,twice shy!–(5 minutes read)

Never expected to see you again,

Never expected that we would meet again,

I thought you have gone,

I thought you had bid farewell.

I thought the moment we share together is gone,

I thought the memory of our friendship has disappeared into the thin air.

Even though, we part on a wrong note.

Even though, we didn’t expect that it would be over,

We planned to stay together forever,

We agreed to stick together till eternity.

It was meant to be for better,

It was meant to be till eternity.

As days pass us by,

Realities started dawning on us,

Our weaknesses started consuming us,

Our strength was nowhere to be found,

We started struggling,

We started seeing each other fault,

We started nagging and complaining.

We started avoiding each other.

While we are still glue together,

We started finding fault in each other.

Our relationship became burdensome,


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