See you on Monday…Titus bid Tricia farewell.

OK!!! See you soon…Tricia replied.

As Tricia was turning her back to wave her hand in bidding farewell to both Titus and Tony, Tony seek for her indulgence and excused Titus to have a private chat with Tricia few distance away from the location where both Tony and Titus were standing.

I will be coming back from work on time today…Tony started conversing with Tricia.

Why?….Tricia probed.

Are we not celebrating your appointment?…Tony asked.

Oh!!!I see but I don’t want to bother you…..Tricia responded.

Leave that aside.It is my responsibility to handle that free of charge from my purse….Tony continued.

Ok!!! I will be waiting and expecting you on time at home…Tricia responded.

Ok!!! See you later…Tricia concluded.

Within a jiffy, Tricia wave down a cab,the cabbie parked by her side and she hopped inside and within few minutes, Tricia disappeared…

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