What’s up bro!Titus greeted.

I am cool and good bro.Tony replied cheerfully.

I could observed that you are lively and look more rejuvenated this Thursday morning unlike the first three days of this week when you have been bothered by one issue or the other but it is quite funny and hilarious that issues bothering your mind for some days now have been all about one lady or the other.Hope today will be free of such discussion?

Titus started engaging Tony while they coincidentally met at the entrance of the company’s gate when they were both resuming for the day’s work.Though,the engagement started by Titus after exchanging pleasantries with Tony was intended to make jest of Tony by Titus, at the end, both of them busted into a kind of wild laughter that attracted other people’s attention within the vicinity of their earlier morning discussion.

Well,you can make…

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