PANMUNJOM, Korea (AP) — This week’s summit between the leaders of North and South Korea will occur at a border littered with mines and laced with barbed wire, a Cold War reminder of a division that dates to the end of World War II.

The talks will take place at Panmunjom, a village inside the 248-kilometer (154-mile) -long Demilitarized Zone that was created at the close of the 1950-53 Korean War. Bloodshed and gunfire have occasionally occurred here, but it’s also been a venue for numerous talks.

During a recent media tour, in a typical Panmunjom scene, nine tall South Korean and U.S. soldiers, all wearing mirrored sunglasses, stood rigidly and gazed toward the North, while several helmeted North Korean soldiers marched only several meters (feet) away from them.

On the southern side of the village, renovation work was underway at the South Korean-controlled Peace House, where North Korea’s Kim…

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