MLST CELEBRITIES AND ENTERTAINMENT:Rappers who died under suspicious circumstances

There’s long been a correlation between rappers and violence. The underlying reasons for this connection aren’t as easy to identify as some would like to think, but the truth of the statement cannot be denied. According to a piece in The Conversation, not only do rappers have the shortest life expectancies of performers across all musical genres, but more than half of all rappers’ and hip hop artists’ deaths are murders. That number is shocking. In fact, it’s more than 40 percent higher than the genre with the next highest mortality rate, electronic.

While these numbers alone are hard to believe, in 2015, XXL magazine took a closer look at 63 murdered rappers and found that more than 40 of those cases were still unsolved. One of the reasons why is because many of these rappers died under suspicious circumstances. Whether there were no witnesses or just no witnesses who…

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