Our connectivity with divinity is marred, mauled and destroyed when we are grossly enmeshed in sin.Our relationship with God suffers setback when sin is in place.

God stays off when we spend our life wallowing in iniquity.


The presence of God in our life simply connites the presence of grace.When God stays off,grace simply stays off.Likewise when sin stays,grace leaves.The enemy of grace is sin.Sin and grace cannot be yoked together by any standard,principle,idealogy and philosophy.

When one stays,the other must leave or disappear—Romans 6 vs 1-23.

Just as darkness fizzle out when light appears, grace also disappear when sin appears.

The rememberance of the death and ressurrection of Jesus Christ is incomplete without the desire to live a righteous life.The purpose of celebrating Easter is to give all mankind grace to overcome the stronghold of sin through salvation.

A meaningful Easter will be obtainable when you take your mind…

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