MLST SPORT:Mesut Ozil quits German national side citing ‘racism and disrespect’ over President Erdogan photo

The Arsenal star had been criticised by German politicians and the country’s football federation for meeting the Turkish leader.



MLST ARTICLE:What is the desire of everyone?

Good relationship is the desire of everyone on the surface of the earth.It is of necessity for everyone who desire to become better to find one or build one.Though,getting one good relationship is an arduous task in this present age but when you find one,there is a need to keep it,groom it and nurture it with all that is needed as a contribution to make it workable.

Despite the smoothness of any relationship,it can never be separated from crises that has to do with deceit,distrust,fight and grudges that always have its root cause in treating any of the parties involved with levity and laxity.

This always put a question mark on the understanding of the essence of what such relationship is focused on.While the focus of many relationship is all about deceit having its nucleus in centred around being squalid,others have there nucleus around its essence been platonic.

No matter…

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Suddenly light disappeared and the atmosphere became cloudy with darkness overwhelming the day  turning the day to night.

Without any notice, rainfall gave signal and it became a source of concern to many people around me.They started complaining about the accompany disturbance of the would-be- unabated heavy downpour that will soon make the ground wet and marshy.

In the course of this, I decided not to disturb myself believing with all confidence that whether it fall or not, I will manage myself and the thought of rain falling is too cheap and inconsequential for me to start fidgeting.

Within few seconds,rain started falling. Considering the  thickness and the depth of darkness of the cloud,it was expected to be heavy and harsh,but to my consternation and amazement,all it could offer is mere drizzling that makes someone to wonder what happened.

At the end, it seized and the rain came to a…

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MLST ENTERTAINMENT:Ariana Grande recalls Manchester bombing,holds back tears in first TV interview since attack.

MLST NEWS:Woman critically hurt in ‘homophobic’ drill attack

Check it out on this link:

Police have arrested a 17-year-old male a short distance away from the scene in Strabane, Northern Ireland.


13:22, UK,Saturday 05 May 2018





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