MLST NEWS:Why do bisexuals remain in the closet much longer than their gay and lesbian peers?




This topic kept being loud in my mind for days now and I have been struggling putting it down as an article but just now I managed to pen down something about this topic.


I hope this will serve as a source of inspiration and motivation to those who are interested in reading my piece of mind at this period.


The entire world is gradually recovering from the buzz of victory and the ruse of defeat that accompanied the just concluded world cup organized by Federation of International Football Association that was hosted by Russia.


Ruminating on the Final Match that was played between Croatia and France.It was visible observed that the ball possession throughout the 90 minutes of the match had Croatia having the highest possession while France has the lowest.


France’s ball possession was recorded to be at 31 percent, while Croatia  had it at 69 percent but at the end of the day,France took the lead.While Croatia was busy playing their heart’s out, France was busy scoring till the glory of the day was carried by France.


What a deviation from what is expected on the day.It beats the wildest imagination of all the viewers and spectators.This was quite against the run of play.


At the end of the 90 minutes,the team that is playing good football ended up being defeated while the one that is not performing lost the game.



Anyway, such is life.


We should always expect the unexpected.


Life always has a way of making the expected winner to loose and the expected looser to win.


In a bid not to digress too long from the topic,one needs to understand that life is always accompanied with unexpected turbulence and unimaginable whirlwinds that makes the existence of anyone on earthly pedestal to be less worthy of living stripping off the beauty that is expected by us to radiated in the course of our existence on earth.


It seems to be quite impossible for life to be without challenges accompanied with ups and downs.A life that is expecting to be without challenges is a life that is not ready to be in existence.Any life that wants to exist meaningfully must be ready to have its the essence of its existence accompanied with multifarious challenges that is potent enough to make anybody to loose focus of what life is expected to be about.


There is always a time and a season on the surface of earth.


There are seasons when things are rosy and there are seasons when things are rough.These seasons are seasons that should be part of expectation of anyone who desire to have a grip that of what life is all about.


So, when the season of our existence shift from being rosy to being rough,when the chips are down, what can someone do?



These are some of the remedies that must be applied when our existence on earth is being tossed up and down having the potential of sucking the inner strength expected to be available in the course of drowning challenges.


These are:

1.Maintain candor and calmness

2.Be at peace with yourself which signals maturity.

3.Look back at past mistakes and errors committed by you.

4.Make an overview of past occurrences and experiences.

5.Be truthful with yourself.

6.Learn from your mistakes.

7.Appraise the situation on ground.

8.Make necessary strategies based on the lesson you learnt.

9.Project into the future based on available resources at your disposal.

10.Launch and propel forward.


chips 1


With all these,the necessity to get back on your feet will be easily carried out with you sustaining minor fracture and injury which would make the scratch sustained in the course of the challenges to be minimal.


In conclusion, when the chips are down, the best means of getting back on your feet is to pick the pieces and move on.


You need the pieces.











TENACITY OF PURPOSE.—(4 Minutes Read).

Life hardly release the best to people.Most of the people that exists within the confines of the best through their dreams forced the best out of life.This is a confirmation of the fact that everything in life has a life price tag.The best in life requires atonement and sacrifice that might boil down to given up on certain important things in order to get our desires in the form of goals and achievements that will make us walk in accordance to the contents of our purpose while on earth.

It is a known fact that empires and dynasties of the world are not built by the owners, they are built through the sweat of others.Many of the world populace spend the productive part of their lifetime in building and adding value to the empires and dynasties of others.We engage ourselves everyday building another man’s dream and leaving our own unattended…

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Eagerly waiting to meet a man who is waiting for every situation of life to be perfect.

No doubt about it, the man is not yet created.

Has there ever be any perfect situation in life?

No need for deep thinking, voodoo and clairvoyancy. 

The answer is NO.

perfection 2Everything that seems to be perfect in this world,

Were forcefully made to be perfect.

Whosoever awaits a perfect situation,

Will end up waiting till eternity.

Every piece of perfection around us,

Were made perfect by man.

Today started with unabated heavy downpour,

The shallowminded awaits when it will stop before they set out, 

I see it as a blessing from God,

I set out and drenched inside it to make my dream for today a reality.

Happy was I that I was drenched by the blessing of God this morning.

Never expect life to be perfect.

It is your responsibility to…

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Fear ! Faith!!!—-(3 Minutes Read)

……..”For whatever is out of faith is sin”.Romans 14 verse 27.

Two moments are common in the life of a person

1.moments of joy

2.moments of anxiety.

No existence is possible without these moments on this planet.The life of every human being has being programmed by providence to oscillate between these extreme moments.Each of this moments is always accompanied with demands and responsibilities that has their origins attached to these moments.Moments of happiness and joyfulness will enhances productivity, sound health and longevity as some of the offshoot and resultant output while moments of anxiety will end up having sicknesses, depression and low morale as some of the major outcome.

Personal observation discovered how moments of anxiety triggers depression leading to the early journey of many to the graveyard.

Depression and it’s accompany signs have their roots in doubt.Being downcast simply indicates the full presence of doubt.

Those who are culpable…

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The recent happennings overwhelming the entire human race made someone to have a critical perspective and look about what could have been the reason and rationale  behind  a teenager going to the extreme in taking up to arms and ammunitions that ended up being used in commiting crimes and vices.

The rate at which youth of this generation are having their hands and palms being soiled and stained with blood is quite alarming,appalling and disheartning.

Good Parenting 3

A situation whereby seventeen innocent lifes were lost to the cold hand of death recently which was orchestrated by a 19-year-old boy is an issue that is quite unacceptable and unexpected and it will remain a burden in the mind of anyone who has a right conscience that is still sensitive and proactively functioning.

The alarming rate at which social vices is eating up the fabrics of the entire human society is something that no…

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MLST SPORT:Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius sent death threats after Champions League blunder

Karius apologised to fans on Sunday saying that he hadn’t “really slept” after the errors and was “infinitely sorry”.

For more details:

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