The Sunday Morning workers’ fellowship lasted for roughly two hours which involves praise and worship session,prayers and supplication session and part of the two hours was spent on preaching the word of God.

Although Tony and Tiffany were a bit late to the workers’fellowship, they were opportuned to be part of the session reasonably.

At this point, Tony and Tiffany have suceeded in breaking the ice but they have been a little bit shy to a large extent.

At exactly 9:30AM, the workers’ fellowship came to an end which was accompanied by benediction.

Hope today’s fellowship was awesome and inspiring.Tony started talking with Tiffany.

Oh!!!It was electrifying and the Pastor that handled todays’ fellowship is word-filled accompanied with the ease at which the Pastor was able to explain the word of God simply and clearly.I really enjoyed todays’ fellowship.Tiffany answered Tony.

That’s wonderful.Tony exclaimed.

As it was getting…

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