Without mincing words,Nigeria as a nation is gradually drifting back to the woes of the past that portrays nothing but a blur and a bleak future with the recent advent of fuel scarcity being gradually witnessed across the Lagos Metropolis.


Initially, it seems unbelievable and unexpected when the news or rumour started filtering around that fuel is gradually becoming scarce but the reality dawned when it was observed in my vicinity and neighbourhood  queque of vehicles waiting to be attended to fuel attendants in the fuel filling stations.

This kind of experience has been the order of the day in some years ago when the festive period beckons but it became abated at some point and we all think that the days of gloom is over until recently when this unpalatable reality pop up and splashed on our face like a piece of shit.



fuel scarcity 2.jpg

The kind of break experienced across the length and breadth of the entire Nigerian nation from fuel scarcity was somehow believed to be as an outcome of the magic wand pulled by the preset administration of All Progressive Congress when the issue of fuel subsidy was partially scrapped leading to the hike of fuel skyrocketting to high heaven.


Eventhough, the Nigerian masses accepted their fate after so many unabated hullabaloo about the removal of fuel subsidy that made the pump prices of fuel to soar to high heaven at 145naira per litres for petrol and 180naira per litres for diesel,this removal have been able to offer temporary succour in preventing the scarcity of this product.

The realities on ground about fuel stations being jampacked with vehicles with varied volumes of Jerry-can at display by consumers really shows that the present administration is gradually loosing the magic wand or the magic wand that made the perpectual fuel scarcity been experienced around festive period is gradually becoming weak and it is about reaching the breaking point.




The issue of constant supply of fuel has been a source and a topic of debate in the time past with all the political parties and their aspirants been seen to have maximized this situation as a source of electoral campaign and manifestos in the time past but one could see that it is just a lip- sevice that might have been orchestrated as a political gimmick and sophistry to deceive innocent Nigeria in order for them to get their vote during electioneering.



Past and Present administrations have made constant,continuous and unending promises concerning the revamping and maintenance of our moribund refineries in order for the refineries to be able to meet up maximally with the local consumption supply of fuel but this has been a dream and a drive that has not been able to materialised into fruition and it can be submitted to have been a source of siphoning public fund.


It is of neccessity to point out at this point that there is a need for Nigeria government to start thinking about the construction and commissioning of new set of state of the art refineries if the old ones can not be revamped and maintained.


A situation whereby the present Minister of State submitted at a point in time that the commencement of full production at the Dangote Private Refinery in Lagos will boost local production capacity is an indication that the Nigeria Government is irresponsible in the discharge of their statutory function of governance.


At this point in the histrory of our national existence,the only way out of this impasse is for Nigeria government to commence the construction of new sets of refineries plant or the should see to the removal of policy bottleneck that is preventing public private partnership(PPP) from taking over the business of crude oil refinery in Nigeria.

It is the full introduction of cutting edge technology that will see to local refinery of crude oil maximized to meet local demand and consumption that Nigeria as a country will be delivered from the woes of the past.



Any deviation from this, is an indication to the fact that the realities of long queque might be a permanent reality that Nigerians have to manage and cope with for a long period of time.



There is a need for our government to be prompt and decisive in their approach to nib the bud so that this ugly trend that is unexpected and uncalled for in the 21st century from an oil producing state is a national embarrassment and digrace that all dick and harry must find possible solution to.


In conclusion,Nigeria will emerge a great nation if local production is maximized in meeting the local consumption demand.








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