23 Photos of Beautiful Birds from Around the World — The Insatiable Traveler


I’m not much for bird photography. I like it, I’m just not good at it most of the time. But in celebration of National Bird Day today, I thought I would share some of my favorite bird images I’ve taken at home and abroad!

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Death for kidnappers in Lagos — MAYMAYGIST


The Lagos State House of Assembly has passed a law aimed at checking the spate of kidnapping in the state , with stiffer penalties including death sentence for offenders. The lawmakers passed the Bill for a Law to Provide for the Prohibition of the Act of Kidnapping and for Other Connected Purposes after the third […]

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Alleged phone thief almost beaten to death. — MAYMAYGIST


Alleged phone thief Walter Masuku was beaten blue black for failing to return a phone he pickied up in a tavern last Sunday night,. Masuku waited two days for the owner to claim it and when that didn’t happen, he inserted his sim card and started using the phone. According to the 37-year-old man from […]

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Beautiful gardens of the World (3) — paintdigi


ART AND BEAUTY IMAGES FOR YOU: BEAUTY OF THE GARDENS DEAR FRIENDS AND READERS I PRESENT, MORE PHOTOS, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GARDENS IN THE WORLD. FOR THE GREATEST PLEASURE OF YOUR EYES: a) Montplaisir Gardens, Peterhof Park; Saint Petersburg; Russia: Author: Concierge.2C . Source:commons.wikimedia.org Author: Rob . Source: flickr.com ; Some rights reserved Author: Rob . Source: flickr.com ; Some […]

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Beauty Review: Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette in Seductive Beauty — The Good Life Bunny


So I’m trying to get back to blogging after that long hiatus with a quick review, of the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette in Seductive Beauty, also known as the palette that only took me a month to hit pan. I was going to do a review when it was all new and […]

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The founder of the popular website worldstarhiphop.com Lee O’ Denat aka ‘Q’ was found dead at the young age of 43. He died in his sleep on Monday, Jan 23rd. According to reports, after he was found unresponsive, CPR was performed on him but he didn’t respond to CPR, and was pronounced dead on the […]

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MLST NEWS:Boris Johnson backs Iran nuclear deal after Israel deal.


The Foreign Secretary says the deal, which the US is considering pulling out of, is “based on tough verification”.

Check it out on:







#Boris Johnson#



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Independent chemical waepons scientists have confirmed that “high purity” novichok was used in the attempted murder of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

Tests carried out by experts from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons(OPCW) showed the nerve agent was found in environmental samples collected in Salisbury.

Blood tests also revealed that the chemical was found in blood samples taken from the Skripals and Detective Seargent Nick Bailey,the police officer who first attended the scene.

The report from the OPCW says the chemical was “high purity” with a complete absence of contaminants.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called the results “conclusive”.

“There can be no doubt what was used and there remains no alternative explanation about who was responsible-only Russia has the means,motive and record”he said.

The tests were carried out by four independent laboratories affliated with OPCW and samples were transported under a “full chain…

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Syrian officials have continually denied their forces used chemical weapons.

Joint Chief Chairman Dunford said the U.S “specifically identified” targets to “mitigate the risk of Russian forces being involved” and that the normal communication line to avoid problems in the airspace over syria was used in the run up to the strike.

“This is not about intervening in a civil war.”

syria 2.jpg

Syrian State news termed the strikes ” a flagrant violationof worldwide law” and said the intervention “is doomed to fail”.

They targetted a scientific research facility in the Damascus area,a chemical waepons storage facility west of the city of Homs and a third location that contained both a command post and a chemical weapons equipment storage facility in the same area,the USA military said.

“The combined American,British and French response to these atrocities will integrate all instruments of our national power:military,economic and diplomatic,”Trump said.

British Ministry of Defence, in…

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Many people existing on earthly pedestal have been seen and known to be a victim of hoping,dreaming and waiting for the right time.Even some people are fond of making statements that “I will do it at the right time”.

This statement has been a very good source of fanning and propagating procrastination as a culture and a way of life.

As it is a known fact that procrastination is nothing but an evil that steals time and waste the destiny of any human who is fond of given access to the evil of procrastination.

Procrastination does nothing but to delay and make productive efforts that demands and need urgency and attention to become irrelevant,thereby loosing its quality and effects in the course of time.

It is a known fact that so many things are lying fallow presently waiting for human attention and efforts that will turn them around into legacy…

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I ran into this post on facebook this morning.It was authored by a childhood mate and a friend.I read through it and I believed that it will serve the purpose of encouraging and enlightening my avid and dear readers,followers and viewers to a large extent.

This is how it goes:


I left home to join a commercial bus to my destination.Few seconds in the bus,I got engulfed in thought of what I have not achieved,how I have failed and how I will meet up with this maiden pursuit.

I blamed and fashioned out different forms of reasons for my not been rich.I even thought God could be partial.

Why will some people do little and have much?

Why will some people do much and have little?

As the driver stops in every bus stop to pick new passenger,I became so uncomfortable and anxious,”this man will make…

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I ran into this post on facebook this morning.It was authored by a childhood mate and a friend.I read through it and I believed that it will serve the purpose of encouraging and enlightening my avid and dear readers,followers and viewers to a large extent.


This is how it goes:


gratitude 1


I left home to join a commercial bus to my destination.Few seconds in the bus,I got engulfed in thought of what I have not achieved,how I have failed and how I will meet up with this maiden pursuit.


I blamed and fashioned out different forms of reasons for my not been rich.I even thought God could be partial.


Why will some people do little and have much?


Why will some people do much and have little?


As the driver stops in every bus stop to pick new passenger,I became so uncomfortable and anxious,”this man will make me late,he is too slow,I ought to have taken bike first”


Being the only one seated in the front seat with the driver,he parked to pick another passenger to sit down beside me.



gratitude 4


A tattered looking NURTW staff and a well dressed man jointly held the arms of the passenger,led and supported him to the seat.I shifted closer to the driver to allow him in.He dressed neatly and handsome looking.


They made him seated,gave him the walking stick,dragged out the seat belt and put it around his chest.


The aids asked the driver:


“Do you know where to drop him right?”


The driver responded:


“Yes I do”.


Behold the young man is blind.He was just looking at a particular direction.Both eyes are blind.


Then I began to ask myself :


“Why am I not grateful?”


A roof over my head in good health,three-square meals and a healthy condition is grace indeed.


At least I can see,but he cannot see.


gratitude 3


I imagined in a deep thought how life of total darkness will be , and I had to tell God God two statements:




If only we would reflect on things like this, we will always be contented with whatever God gave us.




  • NURTW—National Union of Road Traffic Workers–This is the transportaion labour union in Nigeria.


  • Bike—Motorcyles used for Transportation in Nigeria


Authored by FEMI OBEMBE on 11th of July 2018


SOURCE:Authors’ facebook timeline






Pictures downloaded from PEXEL.



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MLST NEWS:At least 24 people killed and dozens injured as train derails in Turkey

Officials blame the accident on bad weather, saying that the ground between the culvert and the rail collapsed due to heavy rain.

At least 24 people have been killed and dozens others injured after a busy passenger train derailed in Turkey.

Five of the train’s six carriages came off the tracks near Corlu in the northwestern province of Tekirdag on Sunday evening.

The train, with 362 passengers and six crew members on board, had been travelling from Edirne, a city in Turkey’s northwest, to Istanbul.

Turkey’s ministry of transport said “the ground between the culvert and the rail collapsed” owing to heavy rain.


For more on this,click on this link:






I was on transit recently in a bus one beautiful morning and there was this young man who sat just close to me.He started a converstaion and we got talking in the course of the long journey.He obviously was an extrovert, so it wasn’t difficult for him to pick up a chat.


Somehow I got to know he was thirty-three years old sometimes after that day.He was keeping my company with all his gists.


And then, he asked me about what I am doing for a living.Gladly,I told him what I was into at first and then smiled with greater hope for years to come.


Suddenly,he kept mute and his countenance changed and went down.




You aren’t saying anything….I said.


He took a deep breath and sighed…


Hmmm….could this be what people refer to as “enemy of progress”.I thought.


But he doesn’t know me,I pondered.


It was glaring that something was wrong at that point.I needed not a soothsayers to tell me.


But I chose to keep quiet.Then I turned to the window side and avoided anymore talk.


Few minutes after I turned, he called for my attention, and then he later opened up to me that he was frustrated with his career choice.He made it clear that where he was at that point was as a wrong decision made back in high school by trying to be where his friends and colleagues were or doing what they wanted.


According to him,he wasn’t satisfied, he was struggling with such inner pain and the height of it all was that he had just made a decision to start all over again from sciences to arts and humanities.


Of course, it’s never too late to right the wrong but then, time is no man’s friend.He missed out at the early stage.


At this juncture, I want you to look at yourself deeply,check your life in the mirror of the path you are treading on and ask yourself these questions:


Am I fulfilled?

Am I happy with the choices I made?

Can I stand alone without trying to bank on people in this journey where I am towing?


I really need you to take a pause and answer these questions wholeheartedly without deceit and with a clear conscience.


If your answer is positive, I congratulate you.


If your answer is negative, I really also appreciate your sincerity and then I asked that you paused, ponder and have a rethink on the danger of following someone’s else’s dream.


There is one thing you should understand,which is,there is only one ‘you’ and you were born,made and wired for a specific purpose.


People, friends and familiars might laugh at you while you are moving on your path but you must understand that all jesting and mockery would only be for a season that would end up fizzling out when the result begins to manifest.


You were not born to be like everybody or someone else.You are unique and special.


Now tell me,what would be unique about you if your life was exactly like someone else or you do exactly what every of your friends do?


The specialty and uniqueness in you was set to affect someone’s life or even a large number of people.


In my days in high school, there was this notion about those in the arts department which is somehow negative,It was about art students not being intelligent and smart pupils are meant for science and technical departments.


There were conflicts within me.I knew I had an inbuilt affinity for arts naturally but then I never wanted to be recokned with anything that has to do with being tagged, counted and called a dull or an unintelligent student.


Fortunately for me,I thank goodness for sending my then English Language teacher who came at the right time and whispered a seemingly light but then strong word to me.He said,’it is better to be where you can be at your best than to be where you might end up being confused’.


And today,with a glad heart,I can proudly say that Art is life.I would have been less relevant if I had gone my way because of what people think or what people would say.




I have mentors–People I looked up or admire their lifestyle but that doesn’t neccessarily mean that I have to be like them.I can only emulate some attributes, values and virtues that sustained them in their journey to be whom I was meant to be.


In other words, it is not wrong for you to have mentors, as a matter of fact having a mentor challenges you to greater and lofty heights but you must put on that mentality of wanting to be better than your mentor by reaching for more higher grounds.


This does not come easily by mere wishes or wishful-thinking, it comes by extra responsibilities, sacrifices,selflessness,commitment,dedication and responsiveness.


Being succesful entails doing more to get more.It comes as an outcome of discipline that is incomparable in terms of dedication, diligence and commitment.


When you find yourself on the right path, there is a kind of easiness, candour, calmness and self-fulfilment that accompany such.


It is when your purpose is discovered and when it is followed strictly that the essence of your existence becomes achievable.


To make personal discovery demands personal investment in terms of personal development that entails soul searching  fashioned towards understanding your area of strength and your area of weakness which is one of the focal points of what SWOT ANALYSIS entails.


SWOT ANALYSIS simply entails identification of internal strength and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threat.


The benefit of SWOT ANALYSIS is to make you to understand the essence of taking personal responsibilities that will birth self discovery fashioned towards self development wrapped with continous and periodic self appraisal that will aid the total development of the entirety of any human life.


The best you can do for yourself in the course of your existence is for you to stop running after another person’s dream and make sure you run after your own dreams until it becomes handy and a subject of practical reality that will be dynamic and flexible enough to entertain and accommodate others who are yet to understand what it takes to run after personal dreams in the course of earthly existence.


As it is, we are all created, designed and wired to deliver a message to the world in the course of our exitence on earth but it is pitiful that it is only few people that are prepared and have what it takes to deliver the message before the curtain of their existence on earth is drawn.


In conclusion, your best is reserved for that moment you are able to define your path and you are able to walk on it without being distracted with what people might end up saying about the path you decided to take.



**Special thanks to Onyekwere Joy Ify— for sending part of this article to me for editing and also allowing me to publish it .























It as on my way home yesterday while I was in a public bus commutting me and other passengers home yesterday.


I was surprised at a point when one of the popular axis on my way home was free of traffic.Initially, I kept asking myself if I am still in Lagos due to the fact that having a free road at that period of the day seems to be unusual and strange and I felt somehow out of place asking myself questions silently if I was in the right bus and if I was on the right axis.


This kept disturbing my mind until my bus got to a point whereby there was a slight trafic jam,it was then I regain my consciousness that I am still in Lagos.Infact, traffic congestion is the best description and a brand for Lagos State in Nigeria.


She entered as the third passenger on my row in the bus while I was the second passenger that entered out of four passengers expected to be on the second row in the bus.I would have gone to take the last seat in the bus due to the fact that the last row was spacious but I changed my mind due to the fact that the second row seems to be moderately spacious.


My submission about the moderate space in the second row was dashed until she came in as the third passenger on my row and she started asking me to adjust and shift for her to sit down conveniently.It was then I started regretting that I should have sat down on the last seat as a first passenger.


Kindly shift for me o.She asked for the second time.


Ok!I adjusted few inches to my left because she is trying to occupy and sat down conveniently at my right side.


Please now!Help me to shift a little.She requested again.


It was at this point I told her that I have answered her and she should try to understand that the row is meant for four passengers and the last passenger is yet to hop in.


Her countenance went down immediately I pointed this fact to her that she should just be tolerable and managed the situation on ground but when I observed that she is not satisfied,I later asked her to talk to the other passenger who happened to be the first passenger on the row sitting at the extreme left side on the seat.





I have shifted for you now.The first passenger answered the third passenger when she observed that both of us have started arguing.Few minutes later, the last and also the fourth passenger hopped in, he happened to be a man.


The first passenger too made thesame requisition that we should shift and adjust for him.It was while this was ongoing that the bus driver who stood at the entrance of the bus collecting his transport fare also put his mouth to the discussion on ground.


Help them shift now.The bus driver requested.


What do you mean by shift?


Don’t you know that your seat is too small to accomodate four passengers.The first passenger answered.


Later,the argument fizzle out and all of us on the row managed ourselves while the driver has finished collecting his fares and the bus kept moving us to our various destination.


Few minutes later,the first passenger who happened to be a lady or a woman alighted at a particular bus-stop and it now remain three passengers on the row.


Immediately,she alighted, I shifted to the extreme left and simply occupied the space of the first passenger who just alighted.The third passenger too shifted to my side but at this point I was mad at her for the distraction she caused because she distracted my line of thought and made me to waste my time on frivolities that demands nothing but mere tolerance.


She is a lady and I tried consoling myself by the general belief that she is a woman and men should always try to understand and accommodate their foolishness and excesses.


Suddenly, she started talking to me when she realised that I gave her a harsh look that she couldn’t fathom the rationale behind it.


Sorry!!It was when the lady that alighted got down that I realised and observed that she was the one that refused to shift for us.


Ok!!I answered her.That was why I told you at a point to talk to her while you kept disturbing.


Yea!!!You are right.She answered.


I am very sorry!!!She apologised.


It is not up to that.I answered her.


I have to apologise because I observed the way you gace me a harsh look few minutes ago.


Not really!!!My mind is not even there,my mind is on something else.I replied.


It is alright.It is just that we should all be tolerant of one another and we should all knew that this is a public bus that we will end up using for few minutes before we get to our various destination.I concluded.


Thanks!!! She replied.


Never mind.I answered her.


Deep inside me, I realised how beautiful she was and she deserved a lot of compliment for been an ebony and her hairstyle was neat.I guess she recently spent a fortune in making such hairstyle.If I am not mistaken, she has “GHANA WEAVING” on her head.


At a point, I thought of engaging her more in further discussion because of her spoken english that was a little bit garnished with fake British accent.


On the second thought,I trashed the idea because I was have not really recovered from the flame of anger that is burning in my bone marrow.So, I kept my peace and both of us stare at ourselves till I alighted and left  her in the bus on her way to her destination.


She is beautiful and I appreciate her but what she did for few minutes made her to become a lady that lacked manner to me.


While we were busy staring at ourselves and talking,I noticed and realised that she wants the discussion to continue.Both of us knew it but both of us can never go beyond mending the fence of arguments built initially and apologising.


Just a few moment of intolerance can destroy any good relationship that we could have built.


Intolerance and selfishness are acidic and toxic to human relationship which could end up being costly with no way out to amend whatever might have been destroyed.


I got down from the bus when I got to my destination and I raised my shoulder high that I won and she later realised that she was wrong.


Though, she apologised.


Nothing could be done.


relationship 3


Meanwhile,whatever might be in her mind,she didn’t know that she is dreaming of conversing with a married man with a kid.


What a funny moment commuting on a Lagos road.


“A better world is a world whereby all the inhabitants are tolerable of one another without allowing selfishness to be in control of their relationship”













This is a real experience I had in the evening of 8th of June 2018 while commutting from Obawole car park after my day in the office.


Swatches | The NINETIES Collection by Virago Varnish — Nail art and Swatches

Hey guys! Today I have a look at the NINETIES collection releasing on Friday, July 28th at 9 am PST! This 6 piece collection is full of dreamy fall cremes that have a gorgeous almost southwestern feel to them and I am in love! They were sent to me for free for review. First up […]

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Inspiration, Motivation – Making Dreams Come True! — simplisticInsights

Have you ever woken up with so much energy, you couldn’t supress it no matter how much you tried. That moment of genius, catching waves of gold as they swish on by your all so busy mind. That moment your inspired by another taking a chance on life just to prove the masses wrong! Yes […]

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