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My daughter…..


How are you?


We have not talk since you came back from school….Tiffany’s mum kept speaking.


You have not tell me anything about school life since you came back.




Hope nothing is wrong?…Tiffany’s mum continued.


Tiffany’s mum engaged her in a chat while in the kitchen after they got home from church service and they were both in the kitchen preparing lunch for the whole family.Tiffany’s is the only daughter and the only child that was available to spend her holiday with her dad and mum, others are guys and they are presently in higher institutions studying one course of discipline or the other.








We have been talking about one thing or the other since I came back now…Tiffany responded.


Is there anything I forgot to tell you or add to the discussion we have been having since I came back Mum?…Tifffany continued.


I guess something is fishy.




I guess you are insinuating something, but it is a pity I cannot figure it out presently.


Can you please help me out Mum?….Tiffany asked.


Do you mean you cannot decipher my codes and parable….Tiffany’s  mum reponded.




If you cannot,kindly tell me about happennings while you are in the school from academics to social to spiritual and every other things that happenned while you were in school….Tiffany’s mum asked further.




Everything is fine in school….Tiffany responded.


I really enjoyed my last semester.It was a little bit less stressful and since I am about rounding up,academics seems to be light, it just my final year thesis that I am suspecting might be energy sapping and time-consuming now but since I am winding up now, I will not be moved and bothered about it.i will just handle it the way it is.


Also, the school environment has been peaceful, serene and calm. The trend of social life has been a little bit upped courtesy the freshers and sophomores due to the fact that time is still on their side to flex and enjoy school environment but on my side, I am tired and eager to write my final exams and leave the school environment.So, social life has not been somehow irrelevant to me now.


Hmmmm….Tiffany’s mum sighed.


My daughter…


You have not tell me what I want to hear now….


Mum!!!…Tiffany called.


Whatelse do you want to hear again….Tiffany asked her mum.



I am beginning to suspect that what you are asking me is more than what I have given you…Tiffany responded…




It is more than what you are giving me.I am oliver twist.I need more gist from my only daughter…Tiffany’s mum voice went up.


What is going on there in the kitchen…Tiffany’s dad interrupted from his sitting position in the living room where he was busy reading daily tabloid and watching an afternoon lifestyle program on one of the cable network on the Television.


Nothing much sir…Tiffany answered.


We were just in the middle of an interesting discussion with your darling wife.Sir, please,kindly come and pick your wife in the kitchen.She is putting hand in my mouth too much to extract information I didn’t have any access to and I am yet to figure out what exactly is your wife stand about all the questions he keeps asking me.Though, I have answered her but she seems not satisfied with my answer and I am getting fed up of her.Please, come and take her away so that I can finish cooking for both of you on time.




Tiffany’s dad burst into sporadic laughter but later answered Tiffany that she should give all the necessary answers to her mum’s questions because I will not want her to disturb me while you are back to school.Please, help me out and give her all the necessary answers….Tiffany’s dad paused  but kept laughing with the funny discussion that has engulfed the whole house on a sunny sunday afternoon.






I will answer all her questions before I go back to school but not now.Kindly, help me to tell her to come out straight so that we will not be beating about the bush using questions to answer questions but I am still suspicious of what your wife is up to.


No Problem!!!


My dear daughter…Tiffany’s dad responded.


I will ask her to go straight to the point.


Better!!!…Tiffany continued with his dad.


It can’t be now.Let’s finish cooking lunch and rest.It might be later in the day when we are all calm and relaxed that we will dedicate time to give answers to all her questions.




No problem…Tiffany’s dad and mum chorused in unison.


We are eager to listen to our dear daughter answering our questions one after the other.




As it was gradually getting to break-time, Tony was so much eager to unbottled himself.He managed to concerntrate with his work because his mind was on the planned and proposed discussion he will be having with his close pal and also he is still bothered and anxious about meeting the figure he saw on sunday soon.


As he saw Titus walking from his office door gradually nearing his office, Tony’s heart leapt for joy and he speedily round up whatever he is doing in order to ctach up with Titus before he get to his door so that they can both proceed to have lunch and have a deep discussion as promised in the morning.


Good Afternoon Sirs….Madam the spoon greeted the duo of Tony and Titus together.


Afternoon Ma….Tony and Titus replied.


What do you want sirs….Madam The Spoon asked further.


Do you have Fried Rice and Chicken….Tony and Titus asked.


Yes!!! I have Fried Rice.


While Madam The Spoon was preparing for them, the discussion started.




How far now….Titus asked.


What really happened in the course of the weekend….Titus probed further.


Hmmm…..Tony started.


I started my sunday morning being late to the church because I woke up late.So, I got to late to church and I wasn’t able to officiate and on getting to church hurriedly, though I managed to calm down and accept my fate by listening attentively to the sunday sermon.


As I was settling down,while looking around in the course of the service, my eyes sighted somebody that caught my fancy on the spot.Though, I made up my mind to see her at the end of the service.


At the end of the service,I tried to catch up with her but someone delayed me with a useless chat and on getteing to where she stayed which is the choir stand, I met her absence.Though, I was fortunate to ask of her from the choir master to the extent that we both glanced through the officiating attendance for the day, the choir master didn’t allow me to go with her biodata but promised to help me by asking me to come over next sunday.


I have no choice but to consent with the choir master’s proposal.


Was that why you are bothered and pensive…Titus asked.




Why could I have missed opportunity with God and man by being late throughout yesterday….Tony responded.


And now, I am so much eager and anxious of what might happen next sunday.


At this point, Titus burst into laughter and it attracted other eyes that were present in the canteen.


Tony was a little bit shy and embarrassed with the number of people that turned their faces towards their sitting stand in the canteen.


It seems you are gradually falling in love….Titus pointed it out to Tony.


You need to calm down and be patient with yourself.


If you are destined to have her, no problem.If you are not, life goes on.You will surely meet another person in due time.Stop killing yourself gradually by being moody.


Is that all?….Tony asked.



Let’s eat our food.


At this point, one of Madam “The Spoon” waiteress has already laid down the food the requested for on the table where they are sitting with bottled Table water.


They both enjoyed the delicacies till the break-time was over.


They both engaged themselves with other frivolities till they got back to their respective offices.




Is Tony’s motive right or wrong?


Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the next episode.


It promised to make you ask for more.


Any comment, suggestions and observation is welcomed.













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The responses and comments that accompanied the previous episode were encouraging and overwhelming, and this spur my intention to write more on the concept of parenting with practical real life issues,experiences and encounters designed to serve as an addition to give the role and responsibility of parenting a face lift that will be a source of inspiration to the entire society at large.


Parenting 4


I appreciate my followers,my readers and all viewers who took their time to read through and comment on the Episode 1,2,3 and 4.I have decided to spend more of my time and writing for articles that will serve as a motivation and inspiration that will be a source of eye-opener to every parent and every children who desire to understand the purpose of their existence while existing on the surface of earth.


The desire of parents anywhere in the world is for their wards to become better in the course of their existence on earth.This simply put a very tasking and arduous responsibility on anyone who desire the beauty of parenting and this responsibility is a task that must be carried out and fulfilled.

(Page 1)

Parenting is one of the major responsibilities that has rewards  transcending the physical to the spiritual accompanied with impact and impart that have eternal renumeration potent and efficient enough to attract transgenerational blessings if such responsibilities and roles are maintained and enforced to become a heirloom and a legacy across family line.

Parenting (1)


Good parenting is a kind of parenting that is exhibited by good tutelage designed to add values purposed to bring out the best in our children by allowing them to understand the purpose of their existence so that they will be able to emerge more as a blessing to their generation than emerging as a burden or a source of concern to the entire society.


(Page 2)


Not quite long,around two weeks ago,I was baffled and overwhelmed with a sense of fulfilment when I observed a particular scenario that has to do with my little daughter.


It started on a Sunday, when at the end of Sunday service, that I and my beloved–my wife went to pick our daughter from the Childrens’ class.It was then we are aware that she has threw up by vomitting,a situation that was quite strange and unexpected but we managed the situation until we got home with her body temperature too high to bear but her mum took her to the hospital immediately we got home.


After a visit to the doctor for medical checkup and comprehensive treatment, she was later diagonised of malaria and she came back home with drugs administered to her by the doctor with adequate and proper prescription about the usage.

Parenting 5.jpg


Immediately, we started applying the prescribed drugs  coupled with the combination of anointing oil.


As a Christian and a member of Living Faith Church Worldwide, the application of anointing oil which is biblical and scriptural is part of our doctrine and belief that members of the church do not play or joke with.

(Page 3)


By the morning of the next day which happenned to be Monday Morning,she was a little bit balanced,better and recuperating gradually.


While I was in the bath preparing in the morning to go to work, I was amazed with her request from me which goes thus in form of a conversation:

Ko! Ko!! Ko!!!…..she knocked.

Daddy!!!……She called.


What do you want?….I asked her.

Daddy!!!…..She called again.

I need the anointing Oil…..She asked.

For what?Why do you need it…I probed further.

To put it on my head…..She responded.

At this point I felt elevated with her demands because I was oblivious of the fact that she is grasping everything that is being done around her.

(Page 4)


Among others, one of the major purpose of parenting is training that influences our wards to become better and matured in life.Training can b e in any form, be it physical,financial,spiritual,economical and emotional.Training must be total in content and context with the inherent ability to go a long way in moulding and shaping the destiny of the Children GOD gave to us in the course of our existence on earth.


As a parent, God empowered us to be a role model to all the Children HE gave to us.This enforces a form of responsibility on us that is expressed in influence and our apt responsiveness in meeting their needs  and standing in gap for them in order  for them to become confident and balanced in life.


Parenting 3

Any form of approach to parenting that is devoid of enforcing positive influence on our children simply connotes the exhibition of irresponsibility and irresponsiveness.


Since our children are made to be a mirror image and a reflection of their parents, any acts of wrong doing that is being exhibited by them can be counted as a result of laxity and levity displayed in the course of grooming our children.


It is what our children exhibit that will end up being a reality of the society in its entirety.


It is pertinent to admonish every parent to do everything within their means to mould the leaders of tommorrow to emerge as giants that will become trailblazers while existing on earth.


The purpose of parenting becomes justified and fulfilling when the desired responsibilities are made available and provided in raising a complte and a balanced children the entire society will be proud of.

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Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of under-fire social networking firm Facebook, has finally emerged from his bunker to admit that his company “made mistakes”over sharing users’ data with third parties.


Or rather,Zuckerberg has finally posted something about the Cambridge Analytica affair on his own personal Facebook page.It follows claims that the data analysis company had harvested personal data from 50million Facebook users in a not entirely starightforward manner.


“The goodnews is that the most important actions to prevent this from happenning again today we have already years ago,”Zuckerberg claimed,referring to changes made to Facebook’s developer platform policies in 2014 that stopped app developers from gathering data about friends of people using their apps.


However,before these changes were made four years ago, University academic Aleksandr Kogan-in collaboration with Cambridge Analytica-built an app called ‘This is your digital life’ that paid around 300,000 users to take a personality test and agree to have their data xcollected for academic use.


The app, however,also collected the information of the test-takers’Facebook friends, which led to thye accummulation of data pool “tens of million strong”.


In 2015, we learned from journalists at The Guardian that Kogan had shared data from his app with Cambridge Analytica,”Zuck admitted.


“We immediately banned Kogan’s app from our platform and demanded that Kogan and Cambridge Analytica formally certify that they had deleted all improperly acquired data.They provided these certifications.


“Last week, we learned from The Guardian,The New York Times and Channel 4 that the Cambridge Analytica may not have deleted the data as they had certified,”he added.


Zuckerberg went to pledge that, while it has already moved to “prevent bad actors from accessing people’s information”,the social network will be taking further steps to protect user data.


Just like he promised back in 2012 following an investigation by the US Federal Trade Commision.


“First, we will investigate all apps that had access to large amounts of information before we changed our platform to dramatically reduce data access in 20144,and we will conduct a full audit of any app with suspicious activity,”Zuck says,adding:”We will ban any developer from our platform that does not agree to a thorough audit”.


Facebook has already blocked Kogan,who claims he’s being “scapegoated’ whistleblower Chris Wylie and,naturally,Cambridge Analytica,despite the firms claims that it’s, er, did nothing wrong.


Zuckerberg continues:”We will restrict developers’data access even further to prevent other kinds of abuse.For example, we will remove developers’ access to your data if you haven’t used their app in three months.


“We will reduce the data you give an app when you sign in—to only your name,profile,photo,and email address.”


Zuckerberg went on to promise that the company will be more transparent over data usage, and will show remaining Facebook users “a tool at the top of your News Feed with the apps you’ve used and an easy way to revoke those apps’permissions to your data”.


Or could just delete your account and be done with.That’s exactly what Brian Action,the co-founder of Whatsapp made a billionaire by Facebook’s $19billion acquisition of his company,has recommended if you want to put a stop,once and for all, to Facebook’s rapacious data slurping.


In other news, this 2009 BBC interview with baby-faced Mark Zuckerberg has also been doing the rounds.










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In the course of the weekend, I fixed an appointment with someone on Monday,27th of November 2017 during lunch break in an Office that is a stone throw away from my place of work.


When I got to the front of the office complex, I tried calling him again ti inform him of my presence at his office as earlier planned and purposed by the two of us but his number was switched off.So, I have to copy the next phone number printed on the banner that was outside signifying his business office but I observed that another person picked the call and directed me to meet the reception or the security at the gate asking for a lady called christianah.


Immediately,after the instruction, I cut the call and proceeded to the receptionist downstair by the gate.

“Good afternoon Sir”!….I greeted.

“Afternoon sir”…..he responded.


“I was asked to ask of a lady called Christianah”….I continued speaking with the receptionist.



“You will have to follow this path by your right and go upstairs to the third floor and ask of her”…..he replied.


“But before you proceed, kindly fill this form”…he continued talking.


I picked up a pen placed on the table and fill the form that was designed to document some information about me and the person I want to see.


Immediately, I finished filling the form, I proceeded and follow the instruction given to me stricrly and after climbing the stair case till I got to the third floor, I was standing infront of a door knocking but there was no response.After some trial knocking and it seems nobody is ready to respond, I placed my hand on the door Knob and I press it down and it was at this moment I realized that the door was not locked at all.


When I opened and enter, my sight was filled with the presence of a beautiful lady which I think might be a secretary or a receptionist having a scarf on her head which I think she might be a muslim.



 While she gave out a smiling gesture,she was like:


“You shouldn’t have waited knocking”


And I was like:


“Courtesy demand that I knock your door, I can’t just barge into your office like that”.


While I was downstairs before I met the security guards, I made a call and I have been asked to ask of Christianah.So after, answering the beautiful receptionist upstairs,I asked her of a lady called Christianah.Immediately, I mentioned Christianah, a lady with a sonorous voice just answered from another office that is not too far from that of the receptionist attending to me.


Christianah was like:


“You can come inside”.


While I attempted taking some step forward, I realised that there were many office doors around.

I answered Christianah like this:

“Where is the inside o”

She later directed me into her office.


The purpose of the short meeting was fulfilled with a particular form given to me which I quickly filled within a twinkling of an eye because I didnt want to spend all the sixty minutes given to me by company for rest and lunch break outside.


As I finished and bade goodbye to Christianah,less I forget,Christianah is also a beautiful ebony too but the receptionist  was a lttle bit light in complexion.


So as I turned my back at Christianah,I wanted to open a particular door and I later she corrected me as I was approaching the door.


She was like:

“No!Thats not the right door”.


It was at this point that the door I approached initially would have led me to another office entirely.


She later showed me the right door that led to the receptionist office and later I bade the receptionist goodbye as I approached the entry door that exited me out of the company’s premises.


It was while I was appraising my activities for the day later at the end of yesterday that I was inspired to write about this piece tagged:

(Page 1)




No doubt about it, our existence on earth will always present unto us many doors that are always irrestitible in every sense.They are beautiful doors that portrays great opportunities and some presents promises of a better and a brighter future to us at one point in time.



Since the doors life present to us are always many with the promises of many life changing opportunities, this always put a pressure and the responsibility on us in choosing the right one at the right time.




Though, there are many potential doors openned wide to us but ironically, it bis not every openned door that leads to a point whereby we can obtain what we are purposed for.


Some doors are opened intentionally to bring us back to square one and all round slavery while others are opened to entrap us and choke the plan and purpose of God for us.



“It is not every door that can take you to your destination.Some doors are openned to take us into destitution and servitude that is designed and tailored pin us down on a spot without any reason”


Many people have been a victim of opening the wrong door and they had used their hands to open a door that will keep them in boundage till eternity.



“In life,it is not the access to a door that matters but the access to the right door that will attract the right opportunities is what that matters because life is designed to present unto us many doors that are wide opened”.



This places an arduous task on us in knowing the right door to be opened at the right time by the right key for the right purpose.



It is unti when all these are known and put in place that your desired plan and purpose can be established in the course of your existence on earth.



Doors are opened to mould us while doors are also opened to mar us.It depends on which door is opened by us.




Opening a wrong door simply conotes and trigger regrets, setback and all round servitude but the right door is the door that is potent enough to trigger the launch of the potentials in us and it is fervent enough to birth the fulfilment of our God given destiny and potentials.



“Those who are classified among the successful and the greatest are those who have been opportuned in the course of their existence on earth to open the right door with the right key at the right time for the right purpose which end up launching them into the realm of making the right decision that birthed the right success”.



The struggle and stress of any man terminates at the point whereby the right door is located, opened with the right key for the right purpose.


It is at this point the right success can be obtained at the right time.



Doors are keys to the destiny of every man and woman.No destiny will be fulfilled without the location of the right door at the right time in the course of human existence on earth.



In conclusion,it is important for everyone to discover the right door and the right key designed for the right purpose at the right time for the purpopse of fulfilling destiny at the right time.


(Page 2)







Eventhough, the world was created from the truth and for the truth but the world encountered a shift at some point that made everything therin to frown against the truth.This paradigm shift that is negatively orchestrated by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden made the entire human race to be subjected to the harsh realities of the dictates and demands of sin, and thereby accounting for the present challenges that peameates the fabrics of human existence traceable to thee love of humanity for falsehood and deceit.


As the world celebrates the remembrance of the persecution and death of our Lord Jesus Christ annually,in the course of personal deep mediatation recently,all I realised was that Jesus Christ spent his life standing on the truth and speaking for the truth which is designed to alter the grip of falsehood and deceit that are known to br prospering extremely all over the world.


Jesus Christ frowned and spoke against world orders and deceitful religious creeds and rites designed to keep their subjects and followers in bondage forever.Jesus Christ spoke against lies, decieit and mediocrity obtainable in the then spiritual cycle and religious system which is fashioned to keep many people under false indoctrination targetted to rob them of the essence of the beauty of their existence on earthly pedestal.

church 3


Jesus Christ kicked against spiritual and secular systematic lordship arrangement that is fabricated to imprison the mind of many especially the less priviledged.


At the end, he was hated,insulted and tagged anti-social,anti-human and anti-progressive.He was later convicted wrongly for doing nothing other than standing for what is right and true.


Has anything changed till now?



church 4


Nowadays,when you have different view about a particular issue or subject matter, be it secular or spiritual, you will be tagged bastards immediately without condiring your view at the moment you are making such stand.


Just because you decided to think outside the box, the self acclaimed religious bigots will tagged you as unbeliever even when what you are pointing to them is beneficial to them and some even have a space on the pages of the scriptures.


Jesus Christ spoke against almost everything that is obtainable in the synagogue of God in the scripture but today, when you talk against a particular man of God, their gullible followers will be swift and speedy in quoting “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”.


Many of us have forgotten or unaware about the revolution the church encountered in some centuries ago,if not for the fact that Martin Luther was able to think ahead and forge ahead by raising a voice against the religious and the religion of early Catholic Church,I can bet it with anyone that many of us will still be paying money for the atonement of our sin.


Though,the movement raised by Martin Luther was tagged Protestant revolution, he stood his ground and was able to instill an iota of truth into the consciousness of men that the “JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH”.


There is a need for self assessment by all christians all over the world which should be a moment of sober reflection that will involve proper engagement and practical appraisal on how well we have been able to live in accordance to the will and purpose of God.


If every child of God is getting it right with God.I don’t think our world will be like this.We are yet to fulfill a title of the admonition of Jesus Christ that submitted that we are the light of the world—Matthew 5.


The present day altar and sanctuaries of God have been filled with deceit and eye-service with an extreme approach of many of religious and spiritual that is geared towards praising men of God but God that engraced them has been left unattended to in their reasoning.


church 1


She is a deaconness in a particular branch of one of the popular christian denomination in Nigeria,he is a pastor in another particular reknowned christian ministry in the world and so on.I see their ways and I cried.If you are not careful, your presence in the church and your relationship with brethen in the churschb is a sure way to perdition.There is a risk in the church and the risk has to do with the church being a place whereby pretence and deceit prosper expressly and it could be concluded as an express way to hell fire if care is not taken.


Though, I am not an advocate of people not going to church to worship God but let us be careful and conscious of where we belong when it comes to matters of being members of one denomiantion or the other.


Drifting along the line of personal encounter or experience,at a point, my little daughter was in a daycare with a deaconess in one of the popular denomination in Nigeria and at a point,I was planning to get her arrested.She treated a minor carelessly and she is waiting for God to grant her fruit of the womb.


She is so fervent and dedicated in the house of God but the way and manner she treated my daughter signifies how deeply she is operating  under a spell or a curse.


Though,I didn’t spare my time in putting a curse on her because the devil operating in her deserves nothing but a curse.


Be warned!!!


Just as the children of Job gathered in the presence of God and the devil was present in their midst so is your church and denominations are filled with devil’s incarnate.


In a nutshell, one of the purpose of redemption is walking on the path of truth and making all that is necessary and needed to make the prevalence of truth to be enhanced in whatever you do.


Truth is bitter but it is better.


“You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”—John 8 vs 32.








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A hairdresser has been sentenced to life in prison for deliberately infecting men with HIV after meeting them on Grindr.


Daryll Rowe had asked for a more lenient punishment insisting the disease was no longer terminal and that those diagnosed had “good and high life expectancy”.


His lawyers adked the judge to pass a sentence that would not add to the ‘social stigma” of HIV,but inform the public the virus is not what it was in the 1990s.


On Wednesday afternoon at Brighton Crown Court,Judge Crihistine Henson QC disagreed, and made history by sentencing Rowe to life with a minimum term of 12 years.


He is the first person in England to be convicted of grievous bodily harm with intent in relation to HIV.


Rowe’s six-week trial heard he embarked in a cynical and deliberate campaign to infect men with the disease,refusing treatment and ignoring advice from doctors.


He insisted on having unprotected sex with men claiming he was “clean”.When they refused, he tampered with condoms,tricking them into thinking he was practising safe sex.


Rowe showed no emotion as prosecutors Caroline Carberry QC read out statements from nine of his 10 victims,which he said showed the “devastating consequences” of his actions.


Mary told how they had considered suicide having suffered physical and psychological damage,needing to take daily medication.


One said:”Daryll has destroyed my life.I would rather he had murdered me than left me to live my life like this”.


The court heard it is the first case in which someone will be sentenced for GBH after intentionally infecting others with the HIV virus and Rowe could face life imprisonment.


But Felicity Gerry QC,defending,highlighted comparable cases from around the world,urging the judge to pass a sentence that would not add to the “social stigma’ of HIV but inform the public the virus is not what it was in the 1990s.



Ms Gerry QC highlighted comparable cases from around the world, urging to pass a sentence that would not add to the ‘social stigma” of HIV,but inform the public that the virus is not what it was in the 90s.


“He was vulnerable young man in a community where the disclosure of one’s HIV status remains unusual, in the context of how he was meeting people”he said.


“This is not a terminal illness.Those who live with HIV have good and high life expentancies”.


She added:”There really is a need for therapy and not incanceration.”


Daryll Rowe,wearing a grey suit and open-collard white shirt was sentenced for five charges of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and five of attempting to do sao.


Judge Christine Henson QC,sentencing referred to his crimes as a ‘determined hateful campaign of shy violence”.


“You are the first individual to be sentenced for section18 offences in the context of infecting others with HIV,”she said.


“With full knowledge of the risk you posed to others and the legal implication of engaging in risky sexual practices, you embarked on a deliberate ampaign to infect other men with the HIV virus.


“Unfortunately for five of the men you met your campaign was succesful”.




The judge added:”They describe living with a life sentence as a result of your cruel and senseless acts.Many of those men were young men in their 20s at the time they had the misfortunes to meet you.


“Given the facts of this case and your permissive predatory behaviour I cannot see when you would no longer be a danger to gay men.


“In my judgement the offences,taken together, are so serious that a life sentence is justified.


“You will potentially remain a danger to others for the rest of your life”.


Sussex Police came under fire over claims they put gay men in danger when they released Rowe on bail,after which he continued his campaign.


Northunmbia Police have been accussed of wrongfully arresting and detaining one of his unsuspecting victims as he came to terms with his boyfriend’s crime.


Rowe’s final victim blamed police for putting him at risk and said more could have been done sooner to stop Rowe’s offending.


It was 18 days after his arrest that Sussex Police and Brighton and Howe City council urged gay men to get tested for HIV if they had been sexually involved with “a man in his 20s with scottish accent”.


Police appealled for anyone with informations or potential victims to come forward but refused to publish his name and photo.


He was later identified by a newspaper prompting widespread media report.



The Telegraph–18 April 2018.


Reported by Gareth Davies.




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Anthony Joshua has received an offer from Deontay Wilder, confirmed as a 50-50 split with a guarantee of $50m and has been given until midnight on Friday to respond.



Joshua’s trainer Rob McCracken and promoter Eddie Hearn, received emails sent directly from Wilder’s personal address, with his promoter Shelly Finkel subsequently confirming an offer had been made. 

Wilder also made an offer on Instagram and Joshua immediately responded saying he would accept if it was £50m.


In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, Finkel confirmed a take-it-or-leave it $50m (£35.9m) offer had been made, with a deadline of “close of play on Thursday” (Friday 12am UK time).


“We want [Joshua] to fight Deontay in his next fight and we offered him $50m,” he told Sky Sports.


“If he accepts it, it will be there. Al Haymon and I have never not delivered what we’ve offered.

“We were offered $12.5m (£8.8m) to fight him but we have offered four times that. If [Joshua] says he is not going to take $50m, it means he doesn’t really want to fight him next.”







Published on 26 April 2018



Reported by Infreke Inyang.


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I know that I am talking to someone right now,


I know that someone will take time to listen to me,


I know that someone will read through this piece,


I know that someone that someone needs advice,


I know that I can do my own part,


I know that someone is on the verge of giving up,


I know that someone is regretting,


I know that someone is depressed,


I know that someone is drowning in self pity,


I know that someone is angry and annoyed,


I know that someone is contempleting suicide,


I know how terrible life could be,


I know how selfish life is,


I know that no one cares,


I know that no one cares to listen.


I have been through what you are passing through,


I am still passing through what you think you are the only one passing through.


tHinking 2



You might think,


Crime is the solution,


You might think,


Suicide is the way out,


You might think,


Slipping into depression seems like an alternative.


You might think,


Being emotional can relieve you,


You might think crying and wailing,


Can be your source of comfort.


I want you to know that,


You are not alone,


I want you to know that,


Thousands of people are right there passing through what you are passing through,


I want you to know,


That two wrongs can never makes a right,


I want you to look beyond your circunstances,


I want you to laugh while you are in pain,


I want you to see beyond today and look ahead at the future,


I want you to wave the ugliness of the past and smile at the beauty of the future.


Depression is for the wek-minded,


Suicide is the way of the shallow-minded.





What makes men strong,


Is their response snd attitude to pains and pang.


If life throws lemon to you,


Make lemonade from your lemon,


The world needs the message in your mess,


The world wants to listen to the testimonies from your trial,


The world wants to share the the stories of your victories,


You are created to be written as a source of history,


You are not created to be a spectator but a participator.


What you need to take the mantle of relevance and leadership,


Is when you stand up to face the challenges in your life.


No one will help you,


The help needed by you is from you,


Arise! Arise!!Arise!!!


Take up your mantle,


Scatter the grip of depression,


Shatter the hold of frustration,


Rise above your pain,


Smile to the beauty of the future.


Take up your possession,


Stand on the horizon of impact,


Let the world know that you are made for greatness.


Blow the trumpet of greatness inherent in your existence.


Let the world hear your voice.


Make some noise when the world is quiet,


Roll the drum and sound the alarm.


This is the time for the world to sing a hymn of victory through you.


Be the orchestra,


Be the champion,


Be the beagle,


Be the light,


Be the source.


The world needs nothing but you,


The world needs nothing but your contribution.


Never wait for manna from heaven,


Stand up from your sleep and slumber,


Be the manna.


Be the provision for others.


Be the needs others are looking for.


Be the time others are waiting for.


Be the inspirationa nd motivation that will spur others to limelight.


Be the help,


Be the hope,


Be the power.




The time to enshrine your relevance into the fabrics of human existence is now.There is no more time to accommodate your postponement and sluggisgness.You need to wake up and arise to the demands of relevance and the demands of being responsible.


No one is capable to do it for you.It has to come from you and it has to be carried out by you.This is a personal responsibility that needs to be executed by you in the course of your existence.Do not be an on-looker that is only good and concerned about watching what other people are doing.


Don’t be busy doing nothing.


Give the best to everything you are doing.


This is the mystery of life .


This is the secret of greatness.


victory 1 (2)


Run and catch up with your dreams.


Time waits for no one.


While you are wasting time,others are sufferring being in bondage.


Rise up now.


So that others can obtain their freedom.


Be the victory that others desired.





Your victory is sweet.


Victory for others is sweeter.















©Wordsmith Scribe 2018




©Fadeyi Felix Femi






I was on transit recently in a bus one beautiful morning and there was this young man who sat just close to me.He started a converstaion and we got talking in the course of the long journey.He obviously was an extrovert, so it wasn’t difficult for him to pick up a chat.


Somehow I got to know he was thirty-three years old sometimes after that day.He was keeping my company with all his gists.


And then, he asked me about what I am doing for a living.Gladly,I told him what I was into at first and then smiled with greater hope for years to come.


Suddenly,he kept mute and his countenance changed and went down.




You aren’t saying anything….I said.


He took a deep breath and sighed…


Hmmm….could this be what people refer to as “enemy of progress”.I thought.


But he doesn’t know me,I pondered.


It was glaring that something was wrong at that point.I needed not a soothsayers to tell me.


But I chose to keep quiet.Then I turned to the window side and avoided anymore talk.


Few minutes after I turned, he called for my attention, and then he later opened up to me that he was frustrated with his career choice.He made it clear that where he was at that point was as a wrong decision made back in high school by trying to be where his friends and colleagues were or doing what they wanted.


According to him,he wasn’t satisfied, he was struggling with such inner pain and the height of it all was that he had just made a decision to start all over again from sciences to arts and humanities.


Of course, it’s never too late to right the wrong but then, time is no man’s friend.He missed out at the early stage.


At this juncture, I want you to look at yourself deeply,check your life in the mirror of the path you are treading on and ask yourself these questions:


Am I fulfilled?

Am I happy with the choices I made?

Can I stand alone without trying to bank on people in this journey where I am towing?


I really need you to take a pause and answer these questions wholeheartedly without deceit and with a clear conscience.


If your answer is positive, I congratulate you.


If your answer is negative, I really also appreciate your sincerity and then I asked that you paused, ponder and have a rethink on the danger of following someone’s else’s dream.


There is one thing you should understand,which is,there is only one ‘you’ and you were born,made and wired for a specific purpose.


People, friends and familiars might laugh at you while you are moving on your path but you must understand that all jesting and mockery would only be for a season that would end up fizzling out when the result begins to manifest.


You were not born to be like everybody or someone else.You are unique and special.


Now tell me,what would be unique about you if your life was exactly like someone else or you do exactly what every of your friends do?


The specialty and uniqueness in you was set to affect someone’s life or even a large number of people.


In my days in high school, there was this notion about those in the arts department which is somehow negative,It was about art students not being intelligent and smart pupils are meant for science and technical departments.


There were conflicts within me.I knew I had an inbuilt affinity for arts naturally but then I never wanted to be recokned with anything that has to do with being tagged, counted and called a dull or an unintelligent student.


Fortunately for me,I thank goodness for sending my then English Language teacher who came at the right time and whispered a seemingly light but then strong word to me.He said,’it is better to be where you can be at your best than to be where you might end up being confused’.


And today,with a glad heart,I can proudly say that Art is life.I would have been less relevant if I had gone my way because of what people think or what people would say.




I have mentors–People I looked up or admire their lifestyle but that doesn’t neccessarily mean that I have to be like them.I can only emulate some attributes, values and virtues that sustained them in their journey to be whom I was meant to be.


In other words, it is not wrong for you to have mentors, as a matter of fact having a mentor challenges you to greater and lofty heights but you must put on that mentality of wanting to be better than your mentor by reaching for more higher grounds.


This does not come easily by mere wishes or wishful-thinking, it comes by extra responsibilities, sacrifices,selflessness,commitment,dedication and responsiveness.


Being succesful entails doing more to get more.It comes as an outcome of discipline that is incomparable in terms of dedication, diligence and commitment.


When you find yourself on the right path, there is a kind of easiness, candour, calmness and self-fulfilment that accompany such.


It is when your purpose is discovered and when it is followed strictly that the essence of your existence becomes achievable.


To make personal discovery demands personal investment in terms of personal development that entails soul searching  fashioned towards understanding your area of strength and your area of weakness which is one of the focal points of what SWOT ANALYSIS entails.


SWOT ANALYSIS simply entails identification of internal strength and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threat.


The benefit of SWOT ANALYSIS is to make you to understand the essence of taking personal responsibilities that will birth self discovery fashioned towards self development wrapped with continous and periodic self appraisal that will aid the total development of the entirety of any human life.


The best you can do for yourself in the course of your existence is for you to stop running after another person’s dream and make sure you run after your own dreams until it becomes handy and a subject of practical reality that will be dynamic and flexible enough to entertain and accommodate others who are yet to understand what it takes to run after personal dreams in the course of earthly existence.


As it is, we are all created, designed and wired to deliver a message to the world in the course of our exitence on earth but it is pitiful that it is only few people that are prepared and have what it takes to deliver the message before the curtain of their existence on earth is drawn.


In conclusion, your best is reserved for that moment you are able to define your path and you are able to walk on it without being distracted with what people might end up saying about the path you decided to take.



**Special thanks to Onyekwere Joy Ify— for sending part of this article to me for editing and also allowing me to publish it .


















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It was a cool Friday Morning of 1st of June 2018 that everybody around woke up to the reality of another beginning that marked the commencement of a new month after the expiration of the fifth month that span for a period of good thirty-one days.


Without any doubt,everyone petition to God at this moment was all about gratitude and appreciation to the maker of heaven and earth who made it possible for many people who are fortunate to be alive or to have woken up to the bright side of life.


As it was in other families,so it was also in my family.We woke up early to get prepared to face our daily obligation of being at our different places of work on time with our little daughter being prepared for her to be in the school before 8:00 AM in the morning.




my daughter 6


As usual,as it was a culture and an important  daily spiritual obligation for the whole family to gather together  offering prayer before embarking on anything in the morning,since,the morning of June 1st was special being the first day in the month of June 2018,the entire family  apportion and spent more time to pray  seeking the face of God for another journey that has just started and which will last for a period of 30 days.


While I and my beloved were busy for some few minutes observing our prayer session, our little daughter was busy sleeping and enjoying the coolness of the natural early morning breeze without any disturbance which will lapse as soon as our early morning prayer session end.


After,the early morning prayers have been offered and terminated,she entered the kitchen to start preparing breakfast for our daughter while I was in my bathroom cleaning up in order to meet up with my personal and official obligation for the day.


Few minutes after,I dashed out of the bathroom, refreshed and cleaned up, and I moved ahead to put my cloth on in preparation for my official duty which starts 7:00 AM in the morning.


At around  few minutes after 6:00 AM, I arranged my bag and made sure that nothing is left behind untouched and unattended to in the course of my preparation.


my daughter 5


At this point,while I was getting ready to dash out of the house,she has woken up and her mum has helped in attending to her to a large extent with water being boiled in the Kitchen in order to make her tea.


As I was exiting the house,all I heard behind me was my wife telling me this:


It goes thus:




We haven’t prayed.She submitted.


Immediately I turned back and walked back to meet her telling her that we have prayed but she was busy sleeping then.Not that I didn’t understand what she was asking for and not that she didn’t know what she was talking about.


She knew that apart from the prayer I had with her mum before,she knew that I always have special prayer time with her before I leave the house.So,she made request for her prayer session too that is specially for her alone.


This started in the month of January while we were in a period of fasting and prayer for 21 days that was observed by the denomination  I attended.In the course of the fasting and prayer period,I was instructed during that period that I should always have a prayer session with her every morning on a daily basis which I was able to carry out to a large extent.

my daughter 5


Then I turned back,hold her head and invoke powerful prayer points into her life early in the morning before I bid her and her mum goodbye while they continued getting set to leave the house for the office and for her school.


Since then, she has mastered it and several times she has been the one demanding for it whenever I am about leaving the house in the morning.


As young and minor she is,it has mastered her and she has gotten an understanding and an affinity for what is  good,meaningful and profitable at a tender age.


It started like a joke in the month of January but it is gradually becoming a lifestyle and a culture to her which she always remember to demand for early in the morning whenever I am about to leave for work.





Parenting as it is is the bedrock and a viable determinant of realities in any society.It determines the fate of inhabitants of every society.A good society is a society that is being influenced by good parenting and any bad society is a society that is being influenced by bad or improper mode of parenting.


It was due to the fact that the older generation has lost premium for what is good and reliable that made our world to be in total disarray  at this moment which has made lack of good parenting that will build our wards in getting prepared to ensure that the world we live in to become better to be the bane of developing an egalitarian society.


It is quite wrong and unacceptable seeing juveniles and teenagers constituting public disturbance and nuisance in every nooks and crannies of our society.


Anytime I am in contact with teenagers hawking on the highways and some begging for alms,I always feel bad to the point of asking myself about what their parents are doing to salvage the future of their kids from being affected and influenced negatively.


To an extent,the issue of teenagers being forced to labor at a minor or tender age has to do with parents who lack basic understanding and knowledge of what is necessary in life.


It is wrong given birth to many children all in the name of what is en vogue at the moment that having more than one children makes someone to be acceptable by the standards of the society.Every parent must be able to analyse and know about the strength inherent in them to provide and take care of the numbers of children that have the ability and muscular capacity for in terms of financial provision.


A situation whereby a parent has many children but they are unable to meet up with the demand of their provision and needs is quite appalling,selfish and unacceptable making it a source of concern and burden to the entire society.


How can a teenager or a juvenile being on the street begging alms around 08:00 PM in the evening?What are the parents of such a child doing to monitor and improve the well-being and welfare of their children?


It is inappropriate to subject any child to the rigor of the present realities and it is out of place given them the orientation that their future is blur and bleak.


Every parent that desire to be responsive and responsible should be aware of the principle of cutting their cloth according to their sizes in ensuring that the numbers of children they will give birth to can be accommodated by what is in their purse and pocket.


It is wrong giving birth to children that will lack basic needs of life just because their parents cannot control their urge and orgy for sex that made them to give birth to children expected to be a blessing but due to lack of understanding and wisdom,many become a subject of pity to themselves and a source of concern to the entire society.


It is not wrong to have many children once there are provisions for their up-keeps but it becomes unreasonable whereby when the game of love making that leads to pregnancy is on course,no one was invited but when the products of the goals scored in the course of the game arrives,the set of people that played and scored the goals will end up expecting people that did not participate in the game will bear the brunch of the products of the game played.


Parenting is an all-encompassing field of responsibility that needs attention,concentration and affection accompany with the ability and strength to nurture and groom our children in the right path.For anyone to show the right path in the course of parenting demands that such a person must be in light and be enlightened enough to know the right path.No one can give out what there is no provision for.Provision precedes giving and it is through provision that the ability to give is provided for.




my daughter 2


Any desire for good parenting must be garnished with the desire to know what it takes to be a good parent because good parenting is the only means by which good children can be raised.


One of the basic necessity for good children to be groomed through good parenting is through the presence of good spiritual structure that will make our children to walk in the path of light and not on the path of destruction.This becomes easy and possible when we are able to initiate the entirety of their existence to the reality and practicality of good spiritual understanding and growth from the early stage of their existence.


This simply boost and enhances their full potential to be developed independently.A child that lacks good and sound spiritual understanding and knowledge will end up becoming a nuisance to the society and the society will end up being destroyed by the terror of such child carried out on the platform of vices and crimes.


This becomes essential for every parent to understand the viable role of spirituality in the development of any child at a particular moments in time.




my daughter 3


A child that is denied a strong spiritual footings might find it difficult to handle series of challenges that will burst out in the course of sojourning on earth which are known to be unexpected in approaches,contents and contexts.


A strong and deep spiritual grip makes a child to stand strong in the journey of life.


With this, it becomes a necessity and an obligation for every parent that wants the best for their wards to become deep and strong spiritually because no one gives out what is unavailable.


In conclusion,it is the generosity of spirituality possessed by a parent that will make a child from such a parent to be spiritual and sound in becoming a blessing to the present generation and the generation unborn.


Give your child a strong spiritual footing and foundations.














Oh! My God!


Is this you?


You are now a big lady…..


How is mum and dad?


When did you come back from school?


I am fine ma—-Tiffany responded.


My parents are fine and I am about catching up with them so that we can go home together.


School is fine Ma,I travelled back home on Friday to attend to some personal obligations.




Extend my regards to your parents…Mrs.Taylor replied.


Ok!Ma!—Tiffany replied.


Bye for now…Mrs.Taylor moved away from Tiffany waving to her.


Thank you Ma…Tiffany replied.


Immediately, Tiffany bolted out because she knew that her parents would have been waiting for her in the car in order to go home together after the sunday service that just closed some minutes ago.


Mrs.Taylor was Tiffany class teacher while she was in high school.Since, Tiffany was a brilliant  and bright student with great prospect of becoming recognised as one of the best in her chosen field of endeavour,it was easier for Mrs.Taylor to recognise her even after almost four years that she has not seen her,though Mrs.Taylor always ask of her from her parents anytime they see each other in the church but it was a great reunion for Mrs.Taylor running into Tiffany as she was about leaving the choir stand of the church in order to meet her parents after the sunday service.


It can be seen that Mrs.Taylor was elevated into ectasy seen one of her promising students then growing up into a woman that will end up becoming an authority in her chosen field of endeavour.


Both of them, departed and turn their back at each other bidding themselves goodbye.


Tiffany, on her part came back home after the semester break to spend her holidays with her parents this time because most of her holidays had been spent with her uncles in the city but she decided to ensure that this holiday will be spent with her mum and dad.


Four years ago, Tiffany got admission into one of the prestigious university in the country after her brilliant performance in her final high school examination.She was admitted to study Law and since then she has been in the university being studious and serious with her academics.


Though, the journey has been arduous and tasking but due to the fact that she has been trained formally and informally to be hardworking as a high school student,the stress of coping with academic demands and other exigencies on the university campus was a walk-over for her.


At the end of her final semester examination, she is expected to finish in brilliant colour being one of the best student that will graduate from the Faculty of Law in the coming year with so many awards awaiting her on her convocation day and probably some of the awards might go along with scholarship.


After her convocation, the next move is for her to proceed to the Law School, though she is not yet sure of the particaular campus she will be posted whether Lagos Campus or Abuja Campus.


No matter where she is posted, her dream of becoming a barrister at Law is almost coming to fruition.








Why did you kept us waiting?


What have you been doing immediately the service is over?


We have been waiting for you to come over so that we could all leave for home….Tiffany parents kept bombarding her with series of questions.


Sorry Sir!


Sorry Ma!!


I was delayed by My old class teacher–Mrs.Taylor….Tiffany started explaining what kept her late.


I ran into her as I was about exiting the entrance close to the choir stand.


She kept me waiting probing about so many things simultaneously.


She later asked me to greet everybody.




Now, I understand you now…Tiffany mum’s nodded her head.


Mrs.Taylor!Mrs.Taylor!!Mrs.Taylor!!!….Tiffany’s dad kept mentioning the name.


I can’t remember any of your past teachers with such a name or maybe my memory is failing me…Tiffany’s dad was struggling to remember the teacher.


Dear!!! You should remember now…Tiffany’s mum replied.


She was Tiffany’s last class teacher that handled her class at the tail end of her stay in high school and she is also a member of this church and she used to come around whenever she sees us and greet us and she has never in any way forgot asking about the welfare of our daughter whenever we meet.




It was my memory that is wanning, I could remember the good hearted woman very well now.She is so nice that she treated our daughter like one of her daughter.


Yeah!!! I can recollect now….Tiffany’s dad kept nodding his head.


At this point, the ignition key has been turned on and the car was already in motion.


While the discussion was ongoing, Tiffany was just quiet while his parents were busy reminiscing about those good old days when Tiffany was in high school and they could remember that she has been blessed with so many good teachers who treated her well and believed in her ability to excel in any chosen field of endeavour.


Then, Tiffany’s mum engaged her the more.


How is Mrs.Taylor now?


Hope she is fairing well?


Hope she is looking good?—Tiffany’s mum kept asking questions about Mrs.Taylor from Tiffany.


Oh!!!The woman is looking good and even young.She has not lost her good demeanour that I knew her for.She is still kind-hearted and she almost asked me questions about almost everything she could remember from personal,family,social,spiritual lifestyle to academic lifestyle.


Now, we are at peace now knowing fully well that it was Mrs.Taylor that kept you waiting….Tiffany’s dad submitted.


Yes dad…Tiffany replied.


And in a few minutes after leaving the church gate,Tiffany’s family drove at a reasonable speed and the speed of the car came to a halt when they got to the front of their duplex.


Tiffany alighted from the car and collected the gate’s key from his mum so that she can open the gate for his dad to drive into the premises of their modest house.


In a space of five minutes, the gate was opened and Tiffany’s dad drove in and parked the car while Tiffany’s mum also openned the car’s door and alighted from the car.


At this moment, it was almost 01:00PM in the afternoon and the scorching sun was blazing high.


The whole family got inside the house quietly and everyone rushed into their rooms to undress and got prepared to make provision for lunch on this sunday afternoon.




What next…..


Kindly keep your fingers’ crossed for the next episode….











©Wordsmith Scribe 2018.


©Fadeyi Felix Femi






A bike commonly called okada parked to pick the duo of Tony and Tricia in the front of the company’s gate.


Can you please take us to No 10, Dolphin Street….Tony engaged an Okada man.


No wahala Sir…Okadaman responded.


My money is 200naira for both of you…the Okada man charged them.


No!!!I am paying 150naira….Tony responded.


While Tony and the Okadaman were busy discussing the transport fare, Tricia was just carried away looking at what is going on and at thesame time,she is somehow bothered about the step she is taking at the moment which looked somehow scary and strange.


Though, while Tricia was in school, she has not taken such a step before but she had heard many of her female colleagues narrating similar experiences.While some of them are lucky, majority ended up becoming a pawn in the hands of randy men.


With one mind, she agreed to the offer and joined Tony with the Okadaman to No 10, Dolphin Street,


Zooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……the okada man speed off and after about ten minutes later,the Okada man halted and parked infront of Tony’s house.


Is this the place Sr…Okada man asked.


Yeah!!!This is the place.Kindly allow us to alight and come down…Tony replied.


You can have your money…Tony paid #150 naira.


Thank you Sir…the Okada man showed his appreciation and zoom off in a twinkling of an eye.


Is this your place of residence…Tricia broke the long silence in other to garner more confidence and forget her fear which has already made her quiet since.




This is my place…Tony replied.




What a modest beautiful place you have….Tricia commended.


Thanks!!My sister…Everybody always commend that I was lucky to have such an apartment as a place vof abode.


Yea!!! Of a truth, you are very lucky….Tricia replied.


Let’s go inside…Tony asked Tricia.


No problem…Both Tony and Tricia took few steps from the gate of the house and moved slowly to the front door but while they were walking inside, Tricia was just looking around and amazed at the beauty and neatness of the house.


This is my living room…Tony starts introducing each of the rooms to august visitor .This is my kitchen,this is the first bedroom and the second bedroom which I am using is over there but the first one belong to you for now.


There is abundance of food in the kitchen and you can go in there and get yourself satisfied,just make sure that you tell me whenever any of the food item finished, so that I can replace and make necessary provision for them.


We have one toilet by the living room while all the bedrooms are ensuite.and whenever you feel like relaxing, you can make use of the veranda.


I think I have gone a long way introducing you to my apartment and I believe that you can get yourself comfortable in the house whenever I am not around.


Eventhough,Tony tried as much as he could within his capacity to make Tricia comfortable, the thought of being under thesame roof with someone who she barely knew makes her somehow go gaga but she tried to bottle it so that Tony will not be aware.


As Tricia’s mind was being occupied with fearful thoughts,Tony was having his own share of fear that made him to keep asking himself whether his motive was right or wrong by coming home and offering accomodation to a lady he doesn’t know from anywhere in the world apart from the fact that they met and talked few hours ago.


So, feel at home and make yourself comfortable…Tony continued.


I am going inside to undress and make myself comfortable….Tony told Tricia.


As Tony was leaving Tricia for his bedroom, Tricia has no choice other than be appreciative to Tony for giving her place to put her head for the main time but her mind is still about popping out of her mouth because she has become really thoughtful and fearful of what could end as an outcome of her motive that keeps haunting her presently.


Tony immediately turned back and made his way to the door knob of his bedroom, opened the door and went inside to undress but before he started undressing, he made sure that he locked his door tightly from the back because of the fear of the unknown.


As Tony turned back from Tricial and made his way to his bedroon door,Tricia also sluggishly moved slowly inch by inch to the bedroom that Tony introduced her to as her bedroom.Due to fearfulness and thoughtfulness, Tricia’s pace while walking was snailry but she ended up opening the door knob and peep into her newly introduced bedroom.


Whao…Tricia exclaimed.


What a nice bedroom..Tricia was elevated into joyful mood because of the beauty and modesty that popped to her face when she stepped into her bedroom.


Immediately, she entered, she knocked the door from the back, fling her small bag and jumped on the bed in happiness that the bedroom is cosy, comfortable and convenient.


Few minutes after, she undressed, took her bath and put on casual wear. She started reminiscing about her day that has been stressful and hectic with her not having an inkling in the morning that she could finally get a place to put her head.


Later,after an hour of being inside his room being busy arranging his room, Tony came out and knocked on Tricia door.


Ko!Ko!!Ko!!!…..Tricia! Tricia!!Tricia!!!


Can I see you outside…Tony asked.


I am coming…Tricia replied.


Immediately, Tricia jumped up from her bed because she is already dozing off, open the door and come outside to attend to Tony.


Are you sleeping…Tony probed.


Yeah!!! Tricial replied.


I am just taking a nap….Tricia continued.


Sorry for disturbing you…Tony responded.


I just think we should start making preparartion for dinner….Tony continued.




What do we have…Tricial asked.


Let’s go to the Kitchen and check the refrigerator in the passage to check what we can make use of in preparartion for the dinner.


After this, both Tony and Tricia swayed together and checked the refrigerator to confirm the kind of food items and ingredients they can make use of for dinner.


With what I am seing now, cooking ordianry rice will be alright…Tony exclaimed.




Rice will be the best this night..Tricia responded.


Both Tony and Tricia started offloading the refrigerator for the necessary ingredient that will be needed in the Kitchen to prepare dinner.


After one hour in the kitchen, dinner was ready and it was served by Tony on the dinning and both ate their food being somehow silent and shy of each other.


After dinner,the day was well spent,both sat down in the living room till 9pm watching different channels on Cable TV but they were both finding it difficult to break the ice and they maintained a modest and serious discussion throughout.


Then, both bid each other goodnight…


They went separately to their different bedroom…


And slept off, after a hectic day.







Where are you…Tiffany’s mum called.


I and your dad are waiting for you .


Kindly come out now….


Ma! Sir!…Tiffany responded.


I am all ears…I am coming…


I will soon be with you in a second.


After some minutes, Tiffany showed up and meet her parents at the backyard relaxing and gisting on a cool sunday evening.


Here I am…Tiffany started.


What do we have here..Tiffany continued.


My daughter!!!…Tiffany’s dad interrupted.


I believed you remember that you made a promise while in the kitchen in the afternoon that you will answer some of our questions that your mum said you were trying to dodge.


Can you remember…Tiffany’s mum asked.


Yeah!!!I can remember vividly.


What are the questions all about…Tiffany probed further.




My darling daughter…Tiffany’s mum started.


You have answered and briefed me about happennings in the school this afternoon but you didn’t talked about who exactly has been disturbing you in the school.Eventhough, we sent you to school to be studious and serious withn your academics but we believe that by now that you are of age and you are already getting to a point whereby you will become a barrister, we believed that by now, someone should have been standing by your side a a friend.


What kind of friend are you talking about Ma…Tiffany asked her mum.


I have so many friends in the school, both male and female and you knew some of them but I didn’t understand why you are asking about them in this way.I am beginning to be suspicious now.


Ok!!!Tiffany’s dad replied her.


Lat me break it down for you and helped your mum out.


Your mum is asking you about a kind of friendship that made I and your mum to end up becoming husband and wife.


In a nutshell, Tiffany….Who is your boyfriend or your fiance?




What are you talking about?…Tiffany asked.


At this point, Tiffany became blushing and shy of such an unexpected question.


It took her time to fashion a way out to give answer to their question and at a point, she was in quandary because she didn’t want to disappoint her parents due to the fact that their expectation was high from her.She could see it on their faces that they expected her to have someone of her own now since she is already in the final lap of her academics in the university.


We are waiting for an answer….Mum asked.


Hmmm…..Tiffany sighed.


I am sorry Ma!


I am sorry Sir!!


I have none…I am still still believing God for the right one at the right time with the right intention of walking with me on the isle to tie the knuptial knot.


Are you serious…Tiffany’s mum ccn not hold her disappointment.She was in awe and dumbfounded.


At this point, Tiffany was also disappointed with herself.


How I wish I have one now…Tiffany murmured.


While this was ongoing, as Tiffany’s dad noticed such a down moment with Tiffany and her mum.Tiffany’s dad interrupted with laughter and salvage their situation on ground by encouraging Tiffany telling her to be patient and keep being a good lady she is that at the right time, the right man with the right intention will surface.


It is just a matter of patience and time…Tiffany’s dad concluded.




I have you sir…Tiffany replied.


Thanks dad…I appreciate.


Let’s forget it.I don’t want a down moment here.Let’s forget it and talk about another thing entirely.


And the cool sunday evening relaxation and gist between Tiffany and her parents continued and rolled on till when darkness took over and everybody went inside to make preparation for dinner.


Despite, Tiffany’s dad effort in salvaging the situation raised in the course of the discussion, Tiffany’s mood went flat and her mum too was somehow bothered.


Dinner was served, everybody gathered for bedtime prayer after watching Television programmes.


And the day ended.



Another Episode has just been concluded…


Hope we are following…


The subsequent Episodes will be thrilling and suspense filled too…


Keep your fingers crossed.


THE WRONG MOTIVES promised to keep you glued to this blogosphere.


Did Tiffany has a good motive?


Did Tony has a good motive?


Did Tricia has a good motive?


Let’s wait and see.










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