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It was a cool Friday Morning of 1st of June 2018 that everybody around woke up to the reality of another beginning that marked the commencement of a new month after the expiration of the fifth month that span for a period of good thirty-one days.


Without any doubt,everyone petition to God at this moment was all about gratitude and appreciation to the maker of heaven and earth who made it possible for many people who are fortunate to be alive or to have woken up to the bright side of life.


As it was in other families,so it was also in my family.We woke up early to get prepared to face our daily obligation of being at our different places of work on time with our little daughter being prepared for her to be in the school before 8:00 AM in the morning.




my daughter 6


As usual,as it was a culture and an important  daily spiritual obligation for the whole family to gather together  offering prayer before embarking on anything in the morning,since,the morning of June 1st was special being the first day in the month of June 2018,the entire family  apportion and spent more time to pray  seeking the face of God for another journey that has just started and which will last for a period of 30 days.


While I and my beloved were busy for some few minutes observing our prayer session, our little daughter was busy sleeping and enjoying the coolness of the natural early morning breeze without any disturbance which will lapse as soon as our early morning prayer session end.


After,the early morning prayers have been offered and terminated,she entered the kitchen to start preparing breakfast for our daughter while I was in my bathroom cleaning up in order to meet up with my personal and official obligation for the day.


Few minutes after,I dashed out of the bathroom, refreshed and cleaned up, and I moved ahead to put my cloth on in preparation for my official duty which starts 7:00 AM in the morning.


At around  few minutes after 6:00 AM, I arranged my bag and made sure that nothing is left behind untouched and unattended to in the course of my preparation.


my daughter 5


At this point,while I was getting ready to dash out of the house,she has woken up and her mum has helped in attending to her to a large extent with water being boiled in the Kitchen in order to make her tea.


As I was exiting the house,all I heard behind me was my wife telling me this:


It goes thus:




We haven’t prayed.She submitted.


Immediately I turned back and walked back to meet her telling her that we have prayed but she was busy sleeping then.Not that I didn’t understand what she was asking for and not that she didn’t know what she was talking about.


She knew that apart from the prayer I had with her mum before,she knew that I always have special prayer time with her before I leave the house.So,she made request for her prayer session too that is specially for her alone.


This started in the month of January while we were in a period of fasting and prayer for 21 days that was observed by the denomination  I attended.In the course of the fasting and prayer period,I was instructed during that period that I should always have a prayer session with her every morning on a daily basis which I was able to carry out to a large extent.

my daughter 5


Then I turned back,hold her head and invoke powerful prayer points into her life early in the morning before I bid her and her mum goodbye while they continued getting set to leave the house for the office and for her school.


Since then, she has mastered it and several times she has been the one demanding for it whenever I am about leaving the house in the morning.


As young and minor she is,it has mastered her and she has gotten an understanding and an affinity for what is  good,meaningful and profitable at a tender age.


It started like a joke in the month of January but it is gradually becoming a lifestyle and a culture to her which she always remember to demand for early in the morning whenever I am about to leave for work.





Parenting as it is is the bedrock and a viable determinant of realities in any society.It determines the fate of inhabitants of every society.A good society is a society that is being influenced by good parenting and any bad society is a society that is being influenced by bad or improper mode of parenting.


It was due to the fact that the older generation has lost premium for what is good and reliable that made our world to be in total disarray  at this moment which has made lack of good parenting that will build our wards in getting prepared to ensure that the world we live in to become better to be the bane of developing an egalitarian society.


It is quite wrong and unacceptable seeing juveniles and teenagers constituting public disturbance and nuisance in every nooks and crannies of our society.


Anytime I am in contact with teenagers hawking on the highways and some begging for alms,I always feel bad to the point of asking myself about what their parents are doing to salvage the future of their kids from being affected and influenced negatively.


To an extent,the issue of teenagers being forced to labor at a minor or tender age has to do with parents who lack basic understanding and knowledge of what is necessary in life.


It is wrong given birth to many children all in the name of what is en vogue at the moment that having more than one children makes someone to be acceptable by the standards of the society.Every parent must be able to analyse and know about the strength inherent in them to provide and take care of the numbers of children that have the ability and muscular capacity for in terms of financial provision.


A situation whereby a parent has many children but they are unable to meet up with the demand of their provision and needs is quite appalling,selfish and unacceptable making it a source of concern and burden to the entire society.


How can a teenager or a juvenile being on the street begging alms around 08:00 PM in the evening?What are the parents of such a child doing to monitor and improve the well-being and welfare of their children?


It is inappropriate to subject any child to the rigor of the present realities and it is out of place given them the orientation that their future is blur and bleak.


Every parent that desire to be responsive and responsible should be aware of the principle of cutting their cloth according to their sizes in ensuring that the numbers of children they will give birth to can be accommodated by what is in their purse and pocket.


It is wrong giving birth to children that will lack basic needs of life just because their parents cannot control their urge and orgy for sex that made them to give birth to children expected to be a blessing but due to lack of understanding and wisdom,many become a subject of pity to themselves and a source of concern to the entire society.


It is not wrong to have many children once there are provisions for their up-keeps but it becomes unreasonable whereby when the game of love making that leads to pregnancy is on course,no one was invited but when the products of the goals scored in the course of the game arrives,the set of people that played and scored the goals will end up expecting people that did not participate in the game will bear the brunch of the products of the game played.


Parenting is an all-encompassing field of responsibility that needs attention,concentration and affection accompany with the ability and strength to nurture and groom our children in the right path.For anyone to show the right path in the course of parenting demands that such a person must be in light and be enlightened enough to know the right path.No one can give out what there is no provision for.Provision precedes giving and it is through provision that the ability to give is provided for.




my daughter 2


Any desire for good parenting must be garnished with the desire to know what it takes to be a good parent because good parenting is the only means by which good children can be raised.


One of the basic necessity for good children to be groomed through good parenting is through the presence of good spiritual structure that will make our children to walk in the path of light and not on the path of destruction.This becomes easy and possible when we are able to initiate the entirety of their existence to the reality and practicality of good spiritual understanding and growth from the early stage of their existence.


This simply boost and enhances their full potential to be developed independently.A child that lacks good and sound spiritual understanding and knowledge will end up becoming a nuisance to the society and the society will end up being destroyed by the terror of such child carried out on the platform of vices and crimes.


This becomes essential for every parent to understand the viable role of spirituality in the development of any child at a particular moments in time.




my daughter 3


A child that is denied a strong spiritual footings might find it difficult to handle series of challenges that will burst out in the course of sojourning on earth which are known to be unexpected in approaches,contents and contexts.


A strong and deep spiritual grip makes a child to stand strong in the journey of life.


With this, it becomes a necessity and an obligation for every parent that wants the best for their wards to become deep and strong spiritually because no one gives out what is unavailable.


In conclusion,it is the generosity of spirituality possessed by a parent that will make a child from such a parent to be spiritual and sound in becoming a blessing to the present generation and the generation unborn.


Give your child a strong spiritual footing and foundations.










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