Recently,prosperous and succesful marriage is gradually becoming scarce and it is speedily going into extinction in this present age.This was traced to been due to dearth or lack of basic underatnding of what the tenets of the institution of marriage entails and demand.


A prosperous marriage is a marriage that is not built on mere general and common definition that marriage is a union between  a man and a woman but when a marriage is established on a deeper and firm understanding that marriage is a union between a man,a woman and God,it will end up becoming blisful,beautiful,succesful and prosperous.


A prosperous marriage becomes achievable and a subject of physical reality when it is anchored on a tripatite arrangement and not on dual arangement of being  a union between mere mortals of man and woman but when it is built on a tripatite arrangement made by  divinity with its foundation erected on immortality that made God the originator and the source of marriage as a partner,such marital union can never hit the rock in the course of its existence.


Any marriage that is working blisfully and beautifully is a kind of marriage in which parties involved have a functioning understanding that each partner is a stakeholder and not slaves.


Any marital union in which partners involved contributes their quota in accordance to agreed convenanted and contractual  agreement accompanied with the context and concept of their relationship based on mutual,symbiotic and platonic understanding with respect for one another view,emotion and feelings can never be far from being a good description of a perfect marriage that is worthy of emulation and admonition.


Marriage becomes succesful without friction when you treat your partner,children and relatives as stakeholders and not as slaves with all the parties involved have a deep understanding of what their role in building prosperous marital foundation and edifice entails.


It is on the paltform of deep understanding of the basic binding force of marriage that love as one of the pillars of prosperous marriage can thrive smoothly without resentment,reluctance and rancour.


As earlier stated that love is one of the basic force that triggers the establishment and the entrenchment of relationship that ends up in marital union,it is worthy to note that love alone can never enhance, keep and maintain the smooth running of any marriage.


Love can simply be described and defined as a facilitator and a means through which the execution of responsibilities that are designed to make the purpose of marital union fulfilled.


No marital union can survive when the drive,urge and passion needed in fulfilling its purpose is not responsibly and smartly executed and carried out.


Don’t manage your marriage by mere mouthing of:


“I love you and I care for you.”


The essence of partners coming together or being yoked together as one in marriage is to take care of each other without any form of cheating,partialty and reluctance.


Since giving is synonymous in context and concept to love and it is in giving that the whole essence of love is revealed,then the maintenance of a succesful marital union demands this simple and common mantra that should become a guide for everyone who desire succesful marriage.


“I give you,you give me,”


“I rub your back,you rub mine.”


Our hands becomes cleaner when the right hand ans the left hand is engaged in cleaning each other.


Marriage entails and demands that partners should be equal and maintain balance in rubbing each others back.This is what guarantees safety and all-encompassing peace of mind once partners involved in marital union have this basic understanding and they are both ready to maximize and optimize this idea in the course of their mariatal bliss.





Asuccesful marriage becomes possible when partners involved uphold the tenets of equity and equality that are potent enough to project the existence and the entrenchment of other pillars of prosperous marriage.


The concept and context of equity and equality in marriage is all about theis common mantra:


“I keep you warm,you keep me warm”


On the contrary,partners involed in marital union who believed in the idealogy and philosophy of equity and equality should be matured enough by not allowing equity and equality as a form of misconception that will fan the amber of disrespect and dishonour chanelled towards destroying the self image of any of the partners or stakeholder involved in marriage.





Pillars of prosperous marriage are:




1.Love.This must be symbiotic,selfless,sacrificial and platonic.





6.Being responsible.


8.Being hardworking.








17.Being reliable.

18.Bein humane

19.Being concern in helping each other

20.Openness and plainless in dealing with each other.

21.Spirutuality through fasting and prayer.

22.Personal development on the part of the parties involved.


24.Sexual satisfaction and understanding of each others sexual needs and demands.

25.Focus and investment of needed resources.





These are some of the basic pillars that must be maintained before any succesful and prosperous marital union can be established.Though the foundation  might be laid by love but if other pillars are amiss,such marriage is bound to hit the rock in the course of time.






There is a  need for every married couples and those who are planning and wishing to become married to seek for deeper understanding and learn the basic necessities of what should be done in the course of their marriage that will stand as an enhancer and a booster of blisful union.


Taking time to understand each other is necessary and it is on this that the birth of a succesful marriage will become possible.

Marriage is designed by God to be enjoyed and not to be endured but before the enjoyment needed in any marriage to become achievable, there is a need for personal discovery and appraisal on the part of couples involved.


It is when this is carried out that the understanding of the strength and weakness of each partner will be maximized to build a marriage that will be prosperous in the process of time.


Marriage is a project that demands constant and continuous investment on the part of all the stakeholders and it must be consciously carried out for the betterment of each of the parties involved.


Stakeholders involved must ensure that they contribute their quota in form of responses and responsibilities needed to build a blisful marital union.


In view of all the aforementioned, I wish every married couple success in their marriage.


Happy New Month.


Welcome to the month of LOVE.

















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