It as on my way home yesterday while I was in a public bus commutting me and other passengers home yesterday.


I was surprised at a point when one of the popular axis on my way home was free of traffic.Initially, I kept asking myself if I am still in Lagos due to the fact that having a free road at that period of the day seems to be unusual and strange and I felt somehow out of place asking myself questions silently if I was in the right bus and if I was on the right axis.


This kept disturbing my mind until my bus got to a point whereby there was a slight trafic jam,it was then I regain my consciousness that I am still in Lagos.Infact, traffic congestion is the best description and a brand for Lagos State in Nigeria.


She entered as the third passenger on my row in the bus while I was the second passenger that entered out of four passengers expected to be on the second row in the bus.I would have gone to take the last seat in the bus due to the fact that the last row was spacious but I changed my mind due to the fact that the second row seems to be moderately spacious.


My submission about the moderate space in the second row was dashed until she came in as the third passenger on my row and she started asking me to adjust and shift for her to sit down conveniently.It was then I started regretting that I should have sat down on the last seat as a first passenger.


Kindly shift for me o.She asked for the second time.


Ok!I adjusted few inches to my left because she is trying to occupy and sat down conveniently at my right side.


Please now!Help me to shift a little.She requested again.


It was at this point I told her that I have answered her and she should try to understand that the row is meant for four passengers and the last passenger is yet to hop in.


Her countenance went down immediately I pointed this fact to her that she should just be tolerable and managed the situation on ground but when I observed that she is not satisfied,I later asked her to talk to the other passenger who happened to be the first passenger on the row sitting at the extreme left side on the seat.





I have shifted for you now.The first passenger answered the third passenger when she observed that both of us have started arguing.Few minutes later, the last and also the fourth passenger hopped in, he happened to be a man.


The first passenger too made thesame requisition that we should shift and adjust for him.It was while this was ongoing that the bus driver who stood at the entrance of the bus collecting his transport fare also put his mouth to the discussion on ground.


Help them shift now.The bus driver requested.


What do you mean by shift?


Don’t you know that your seat is too small to accomodate four passengers.The first passenger answered.


Later,the argument fizzle out and all of us on the row managed ourselves while the driver has finished collecting his fares and the bus kept moving us to our various destination.


Few minutes later,the first passenger who happened to be a lady or a woman alighted at a particular bus-stop and it now remain three passengers on the row.


Immediately,she alighted, I shifted to the extreme left and simply occupied the space of the first passenger who just alighted.The third passenger too shifted to my side but at this point I was mad at her for the distraction she caused because she distracted my line of thought and made me to waste my time on frivolities that demands nothing but mere tolerance.


She is a lady and I tried consoling myself by the general belief that she is a woman and men should always try to understand and accommodate their foolishness and excesses.


Suddenly, she started talking to me when she realised that I gave her a harsh look that she couldn’t fathom the rationale behind it.


Sorry!!It was when the lady that alighted got down that I realised and observed that she was the one that refused to shift for us.


Ok!!I answered her.That was why I told you at a point to talk to her while you kept disturbing.


Yea!!!You are right.She answered.


I am very sorry!!!She apologised.


It is not up to that.I answered her.


I have to apologise because I observed the way you gace me a harsh look few minutes ago.


Not really!!!My mind is not even there,my mind is on something else.I replied.


It is alright.It is just that we should all be tolerant of one another and we should all knew that this is a public bus that we will end up using for few minutes before we get to our various destination.I concluded.


Thanks!!! She replied.


Never mind.I answered her.


Deep inside me, I realised how beautiful she was and she deserved a lot of compliment for been an ebony and her hairstyle was neat.I guess she recently spent a fortune in making such hairstyle.If I am not mistaken, she has “GHANA WEAVING” on her head.


At a point, I thought of engaging her more in further discussion because of her spoken english that was a little bit garnished with fake British accent.


On the second thought,I trashed the idea because I was have not really recovered from the flame of anger that is burning in my bone marrow.So, I kept my peace and both of us stare at ourselves till I alighted and left  her in the bus on her way to her destination.


She is beautiful and I appreciate her but what she did for few minutes made her to become a lady that lacked manner to me.


While we were busy staring at ourselves and talking,I noticed and realised that she wants the discussion to continue.Both of us knew it but both of us can never go beyond mending the fence of arguments built initially and apologising.


Just a few moment of intolerance can destroy any good relationship that we could have built.


Intolerance and selfishness are acidic and toxic to human relationship which could end up being costly with no way out to amend whatever might have been destroyed.


I got down from the bus when I got to my destination and I raised my shoulder high that I won and she later realised that she was wrong.


Though, she apologised.


Nothing could be done.


relationship 3


Meanwhile,whatever might be in her mind,she didn’t know that she is dreaming of conversing with a married man with a kid.


What a funny moment commuting on a Lagos road.


“A better world is a world whereby all the inhabitants are tolerable of one another without allowing selfishness to be in control of their relationship”













This is a real experience I had in the evening of 8th of June 2018 while commutting from Obawole car park after my day in the office.




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