MLST ARTICLE:What is the desire of everyone?

Good relationship is the desire of everyone on the surface of the earth.It is of necessity for everyone who desire to become better to find one or build one.Though,getting one good relationship is an arduous task in this present age but when you find one,there is a need to keep it,groom it and nurture it with all that is needed as a contribution to make it workable.

Despite the smoothness of any relationship,it can never be separated from crises that has to do with deceit,distrust,fight and grudges that always have its root cause in treating any of the parties involved with levity and laxity.


This always put a question mark on the understanding of the essence of what such relationship is focused on.While the focus of many relationship is all about deceit having its nucleus in centred around being squalid,others have there nucleus around its essence been platonic.


No matter how beautiful and interesting any kind of relationship might be,there is always a trial season whereby questions that has to do with the necessity for its main essentials would be asked whether theoretically or practically.


Often times than none,parties involved failed when the realities of what makes a relationship successful started asking questions practically.


These moments of trials and travails always shows its ugly face in the form of backstabbing and annoyance that are powerful enough to the extent that such relationship would end up hitting the rock with no one who could amend whatever might have gone wrong especially when the parties involved are immature and are egocentric in nature.


Egos and immaturity maims relationship.They are clog in the wheels of any relationship and the venom of these ‘twos’ have been what is responsible for the scarcity,dearth and death of good relationship bedevilling the existence of humanity.


In the course of any moment of trial in any relationship,forgiveness and the focusing on the good old days of such relationship is the way out but it is only somebody that possesses a mature mindset that can understand that we are created to relate with ourselves with no string attached to.


It is immaturity and ego that makes anyone to invest resources into a relationship for so many years and within a twinkling of an eye such a relationship would be trashed and truncated.


As long as any of the parties involved is ready to seek for redress and forgiveness,such relationship is bound to become better but in a situation whereby the parties involved see no reason for seek for forgiveness that is sincerely done,such party or person could be described as immature.


Edifices are built with many hands not with a single hand.Anyone who desire and determine to build a successful life that is meaningful in context and content needs to build a good relationship that has credence for value-addition and credibility for virtue addition.


The essentials of maintaining good relationship are:


1.Good communication.

Anyone who find it difficult to offer these essentials in any relationship should not bother to start one so that the feelings of other party will not be hurt.


In conclusion,it is necessary for us to know that the beauty of humanity emerges in this world when everyone walking on the surface of the earth has the deep understanding that we can only get better when we do it together.


Your betterment emerges in togetherness.


Let’s do it together in order to get better.


Will you ?









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