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CHAPTER ONE. ? The Sunday Morning workers’ fellowship lasted for roughly two hours which involves praise and worship session,prayers and supplication session and part of the two hours was spent on preaching the word of God. ? Although Tony and Tiffany were a bit late to the workers’fellowship, they…

MLST NEWS:Trump says Stormy payment never came from campaign,was meant to stop ‘false’ claims.

Check it out via this link:   SOURCE:   By Brooke Singman | Fox News Ref:


The length and breadth of the entire world comprise different societies with different culture, tradition, beliefs and religion.As each society differs in many aspects so also the challenges being observed as a reality in each of this society is quite different in all ramification.   No human society has been in existence without her taste […]

MLST ENTERTAINMENT:Ariana Grande on Manchester attack:’It’s still so heavy on my heart’

The singer who was performing when a terrorist killed 22 people in Manchester says she wishes “there was more that I could fix”.   For more details:   Follow this link:   SOURCE:   SKY NEWS   TAG:   #Entertainment#   #Ariana Grande#


The recent happennings overwhelming the entire human race made someone to have a critical perspective and look about what could have been the reason and rationale  behind  a teenager going to the extreme in taking up to arms and ammunitions that ended up being used in commiting crimes and vices.   The rate at which […]

MLST SPORT:Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius sent death threats after Champions League blunder

Karius apologised to fans on Sunday saying that he hadn’t “really slept” after the errors and was “infinitely sorry”.   For more details:   Visit this link:   SOURCE:   TAG:   #Sport#   #Liverpool#

MLST NEWS:MH 17 plane crash:UK tells Russia to ‘answer for its action’

Boris Johnson says “the Kremlin believes it can act with impunity” as NATO calls on Moscow to “accept responsibility”.   For more details:   Visit this link:   SOURCE:   SKY NEWS   TAG:   #News#

MLST NEWS:Vatican treasurer facing sex abuse trial in Australia.—(3 Minutes Read).

Cardinal Pell, who denies the charges, is the highest-ranked Catholic ever to be sent to trial over historic sex offences. Image:Cardinal Pell will face at least one charge of sexual abuse   The man in charge of the Vatican’s finances is to face sex abuse charges in Australia.   Cardinal George Pell is the most […]

MLST NEWS:Harvey Weinstein handcuffed and smiling as he is charged with rape.

The disgraced Hollywood producer is charged for the first time since the sex abuse scandal that brought down his career.       SKY NEWS   TAG:   Harvey Weinstein   #Rape#   #News#        

MLST SPORT:FIFA president Gianni Infantino proposes a mini-world cup.

Check it out on this link:   SOURCE:   By Euronews /last updated: 02/05/2018   Tag:   #FIFA#   #Sport#   #Football#   Ref:   FEATURED IMAGE SOURCE:

MLST NEWS:Trump cancels summit with ‘hostile’ Kim Jong Un

  The president warns Mr Kim that US nuclear weapons are “so powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used”.   For more on this:   Visit this link:     Ref:   SKY NEWS   TAG:   #News#   #Kim#   #North Korea#   #Trump#    

MLST NEWS:Women candidates brace themselves for Iraq’s election after race marked by smears and harrassment

‘Female participation is important to impact policy and end discriminatory laws… I hope these candidates will not be put off by the opposition they face,’ says women’s rights expert Suad Abu-Dayyeh   For more details:   Follow this link:   SOURCE:   Tag:   #News#   #Iraq#   #Election#

MLST NEWS:Child’s birthday party ‘destroyed’ by Canada bombing that injured 15 people

A witness says a child’s birthday party was”destroyed” by the blast and describes seeing blood on the floor and people screaming.   For more details:   Visit this link:   SOURCE: SKY NEWS   TAG:   #News#   #Bombing#