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It was a fateful day that I have to leave home as usual to meet up with my daily plans, programme and personal itinerary. My  day was strategically planned to the extent that detailed courses of endeavors have been analyzed and documented with personal decision to ensure that all that is necessary to be done without allowing distractions to gain access that will scatter the laid down programs were put in place one after the other.

I boarded a cab in the front of my house and within a twinkling of an eye, the cabbie zoomed off speedily to my destination. Immediately, I got to my destination and I sighted that I have approached my destination, I called the attention of the cabbie to register my intention of alighting at my destination. Later, I stepped out of the cab and I immediately brought my wallet out to pay the cabbie…

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The Sunday Morning workers’ fellowship lasted for roughly two hours which involves praise and worship session,prayers and supplication session and part of the two hours was spent on preaching the word of God.

Although Tony and Tiffany were a bit late to the workers’fellowship, they were opportuned to be part of the session reasonably.

At this point, Tony and Tiffany have suceeded in breaking the ice but they have been a little bit shy to a large extent.

At exactly 9:30AM, the workers’ fellowship came to an end which was accompanied by benediction.

Hope today’s fellowship was awesome and inspiring.Tony started talking with Tiffany.

Oh!!!It was electrifying and the Pastor that handled todays’ fellowship is word-filled accompanied with the ease at which the Pastor was able to explain the word of God simply and clearly.I really enjoyed todays’ fellowship.Tiffany answered Tony.

That’s wonderful.Tony exclaimed.

As it was getting…

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Eventhough, the world was created from the truth and for the truth but the world encountered a shift at some point that made everything therin to frown against the truth.This paradigm shift that is negatively orchestrated by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden made the entire human race to be subjected to the harsh realities of the dictates and demands of sin, and thereby accounting for the present challenges that peameates the fabrics of human existence traceable to thee love of humanity for falsehood and deceit.

As the world celebrates the remembrance of the persecution and death of our Lord Jesus Christ annually,in the course of personal deep mediatation recently,all I realised was that Jesus Christ spent his life standing on the truth and speaking for the truth which is designed to alter the grip of falsehood and deceit that are known to br prospering extremely all over…

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MLST NEWS:Trump says Stormy payment never came from campaign,was meant to stop ‘false’ claims.

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The length and breadth of the entire world comprise different societies with different culture, tradition, beliefs and religion.As each society differs in many aspects so also the challenges being observed as a reality in each of this society is quite different in all ramification.


No human society has been in existence without her taste of one challenge or the other that has been a source of major imbalance that is powerful and potent enough to tear the fabric of such society apart.The existence of every human society always flourish to the extreme in the presence of a particular challenge or the other that always bring the society down to her knees if such challenge is not properly and promptly managed in accordance to basic necessities that will help in finding a lasting solutions to the effect of such challenge.




Keeping mute in the face of tyranny,gross misconduct and indiscipline is the most heinous evil bedevilling humanity.Unchecked and uncontrolled complacency,incompetence,laxity,levity and mediocrity are communicable.They infest and dampens the soul of men unabatedly.


Men of goodwill get discouraged when the consciousness,urge,passion and drive to achieve excellence is watered down,when everybody believed that nothing should be done in addressing and correcting the scourge of vices and other social ills ravaging the existence of mankind.


The greenhouse effect of keeping mute on the entirety of our existence may never be quantified now but it destroys the fabrics of our existence gradually without any remedy.


The recent upsurge and waves of criminality started showing it’s ugly head unknowingly thousands of years ago when everyone started looking for easy means of getting things done without considering the short term,medium term and long term effect on the existence of mankind.


Now,humanity has gotten to a point whereby values have been totally watered down, replaced and eroded with vices,incompetence,complacency and mediocrity taken the centre stage.


It is pitiful, appalling and disheartning that in my generation, criminals are celebrated as celebrities with their evil accomplishments and achievements being trumpeted to high heavens by shallow minded trumpeters and pipers.


People that struggled to make something out of nothing,people on the streets that are making something out of their sweat are relegated and seeing as downtrodden by the society.Meanwhile,they are expected to be celebrated by our society as people that refused to compromise their dignity for a piece of meat or a morsel of meal.





Any society that is plagued with injustice will end up being enmeshed and accompanied in all round imbalance that might end up destroying the entire fabrics of the society with good conscience being a thing of the past in such a society.


The foundation of injustice in any society could be traced to:

1.Gradual systematic decadence.

2.Dishonesty and untruthfulness.

3.Lack of good home training of the millenia.

4.Extreme affinity for money and mundane things.

5.Building society structure on extreme profanity and pleasure.

6.Merit being downgraded for mediocrity.

7.Corruption,mismanagement and misappropriation of public commonwealth.

8.Making legal procedure and making the contents of the constitution irrelevant.

9.Building powerful people instead of building system.

10.Poverty and oppression with subjudigation.

11.Bad leadership

12.Poor economic and monetary management.




With all these, it is impossible to build an eggalitarian society that will end up being classified as a developed entity when the dignity and integrity of human in such society are not referenced and respected.


In conclusion, kudos to all the soldiers on the street that are busy doing the right thing that will end up buiding the society that will allow the dignity of every human to prosper and flourish in the space of time.


Curse be unto those usurpers that are using their ideas and position of authority to cause pain,pang and agony to people around them.


Every inhabitant of every society must endeavour to do the right thing that will enhance the building of the right society.


Let’s join hands together in building a world whereby respect for the dignity of every mankind will be sancrosant.


Be your brothers’ keeper.














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MLST ENTERTAINMENT:Ariana Grande on Manchester attack:’It’s still so heavy on my heart’

The singer who was performing when a terrorist killed 22 people in Manchester says she wishes “there was more that I could fix”.


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Without any doubt,this is one of the questions that always accompany the achievement of a particular feat and task or series of accomplishment.


While some of us get clarity of what the next step ought to be or should be,others are always in quandary and utmost confusion of where to start from or what is the next step.


This phase of human existence is not strange and peculiar to a perticular tribe, sex,race,ethnicity,social group,peer group,political and religious affliation.The peculiarity of this phase of human existence is all encompassing and overwhelming to the point that everyone  found existing on earthly pedestal will pass through this phase asking and pondering about ‘what could be next step”.


It is a phase of life that can never be denied, dodged and overlooked.


It is a moment whereby decisions that will make or mar the destiny of anyone who is presently in existence.


It is a fact and a statement of assurance that over 7 billion population of human being is being accommodated on the surface of earth and they are all going to be a product of this phase or they are all going to get to get to a point in the course of their existence whereby such question will demand an answer from them.


After all have been done,

After all sacrifices and selfless inputs,

After given all the resources at your disposal,

After contributing immensely,

After giving a hand of help and hope to others,

After being the light amidst gross darkness,

After being lifting others from miry clay,

After crossing the rubicon,


What next!!!


No doubt about it,at a particular point in life, we are all going to encounter an experience that has to do with a feeling of satisfaction or a feeling of disappointment and discouragement.


We are all going to believe that we have done what we can do within our capacity to salvage and restore situations around us.We are all going to feel resentful and discouraged after all we have done in sacrificing selflessly for others but societal system deliberately or indeliberately failed to recognize,recommend and renumerate our efforts.


why 2


In the midst of this experience,it is never abnormal,strange and abysmal for anyone to feel cheated or discouraged but one thing that sure is that at this point that the latent strength in us ought to push us forward to forge ahead continuing doing what is necessary,good and right for the elevation and emancipation of the entire world.


Every human being on the surface of the earth can be likened to a farmer.While some of will sow a good seed on a good soil,some will sow a bad seed on a good soil but it is only few people that would sow a good seed on a good soil.


Then, while the seed sown by you is strangled and prevented to germinate due to poor societal systematic decadence,it is pertinent for you to encourage yourself ,dust yourself and keep moving until you get a good seed in your hand and a good soil whereby it will be sown,germinate and end up becoming an evergreen tree that will turn into a forest in the nearest future.


No matter how inconsequential an effort geared towards alleviating the plight of the next person around you might be,it is reasonable and rationale that it should be appreciated but it is appalling and disheartning that the system being operated in our world today has no value and appreciation for truthful human endeavour chanelled towards making the world a better place,hence many people that have good intention to make things better ends up being frustrated and they keep on asking questions about “what is the next step”.


No matter how disappointed and discouraged you are, the best way to handle this kind of experience is for you to become relentless and unrepentant in your desire to make things right in the course of your existence on earth.


Though,many of your efforts will end up being unappreciated with some of it ending up putting you in problem and also making you to be at a logger-head with some people,cabals and authorities.


The best solution is for you to define your goals,targets and fashion out series of strategies that will allow your efforts to be appreciated.


Always remember that there are over 7 billion people that needs the littleness of your efforts to trigger and birth the latent greatness inherent in them.


In conclusion, whenever your effort in alleviating the plight of one person is not appreciated, do not give up,always remember that the world you live in has a population of over 7 billion people.Always remember and consider the remaining sea of heads that are waiting for the unappreciated effort wasted on that one person.That effort expended on one person that is not appreciated and valued is enough, powerful and potent to raise million of people out of the miry clay.


Once your effort is not appreciated, change the scope and make sure you find other people that are in dire need of what you can offer as a form of effort and resources needed for their dream to come to reality.


In essence, the next step is for you to look for other people that will appreciate what you can offer.


You have wasted precious time being pensive and ruminating about what the next step.


Maximize your precious time to look for people that need what you can offer.




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The recent happennings overwhelming the entire human race made someone to have a critical perspective and look about what could have been the reason and rationale  behind  a teenager going to the extreme in taking up to arms and ammunitions that ended up being used in commiting crimes and vices.


The rate at which youth of this generation are having their hands and palms being soiled and stained with blood is quite alarming,appalling and disheartning.


Good Parenting 3



A situation whereby seventeen innocent lifes were lost to the cold hand of death recently which was orchestrated by a 19-year-old boy is an issue that is quite unacceptable and unexpected and it will remain a burden in the mind of anyone who has a right conscience that is still sensitive and proactively functioning.


The alarming rate at which social vices is eating up the fabrics of the entire human society is something that no one should shy away from.It has become a kind of reality that is quite difficult to dodge because of the depth of its effect on the entire human society.


In a bid to have an indepth knowledge about what could have been the missing link, it is imperative and important for someone to look extensively into an aspect of human existence that could have been a major contributory factor  responsible in making a murder and a criminal out of a 19-year -old teenager.


Besides the recent mass-shooting that occured in Parkland Schools in Florida in the United States of America,many evil and criminalities has been chronicled to be perpetrated by the millenia and it is on increase without any control.


The contributory factor that is making a major impact in fanning the amber of criminality and vices could be traced to the inability of the society to understand the concept of parenting and the lack of adequate knowledge about the essentials of parenting.


This has constituted a clog in the desire of humanity in achieving an all encompassing human capital development that is buoyant and flexible enough to entrench and establish a form of societal development that will cut across every facets of human endeavour.


If the concept of good parenting is maximized properly, it would have been a good avenue and a good channel whereby humanity would have evolved into a kind a maturity that will be viable enough to proffer full development of human mind to the extent that everyone living will be able to understand that hatred and every trace of it is not in any way necessary for anyone to achieve any form of desire.


As the family is known as the microcosym of the society; and  as it is also known as the greatest masterpiece God gave to humanity for continuity accompanied with the establishment and entrenchment of virtues and trainings that will trigger the emergence of a complete and total human being,it is of essence to note that  the desire for  a good family remain impossible without the desire for good parenting which if maximized appropriately will be viable enough to build a good society that will contribute to the development of a complete human being having good deeds as a trademark.


The absence of good parenting and the total relegation of parenting that is good in all concept and context is the main reason whereby the entire human society has been thrown into a kind of topsy-turvy exhibited in terms of confusion that is being experienced at this moment with many people being caught unaware in the midst of this confusion.




1.Good Parenting is a necessity for a peaceful society that will end up being a raw material in building an eggalitarian society.


2.Good Parenting contributes immensely in human development that will be a good source of addition in making every human a useful tool that will help in societal development.


3.Good Parenting remains one of the basic and vital antidote in developing human beings that will have a mind free of criminalities and vices.


4.Good Parenting contributes immensely in building a responsive and a responsible generation of young minds that believes in evolution rather than revolution.


5.Good Parenting offers help in building a society through the contributions of young minds that will believe in innovation and intuitions that will be necessary in total development of human society.


Good Parening


In conclusion,if the scope of good parenting becomes the aspiration of all and sundry in the society, it will become very easy for the human society to evolve to the point whereby vices and criminalities will n be  less attractive and meaningful to the millenia and the thought of fanning the amber of hatred that will culminate into murder will be fizzle out gradually in the process of time.


Every human that will make a head way in being a complete and resourceful in the course of existential on earthly pedestal needs a good guildance and  and a complete counselling from the progenitors so that  posterity will be added to .



Good Parenting—The only way out to the alarming crimes and vices being committed and perpertrated by the millenia.














MLST SPORT:Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius sent death threats after Champions League blunder

Karius apologised to fans on Sunday saying that he hadn’t “really slept” after the errors and was “infinitely sorry”.


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MLST NEWS:Vatican treasurer facing sex abuse trial in Australia.—(3 Minutes Read).

Cardinal Pell, who denies the charges, is the highest-ranked Catholic ever to be sent to trial over historic sex offences.

Cardinal Pell will face at least one charge of sexual abuse
Image:Cardinal Pell will face at least one charge of sexual abuse


The man in charge of the Vatican’s finances is to face sex abuse charges in Australia.


Cardinal George Pell is the most senior Catholic Church official to be charged with such offences, which relate to his time as a priest and bishop in Australia.


Following a month-long pre-trial hearing, magistrate Belinda Wallington ruled that some of the historical allegations against the 76-year-old should be tested in court.


Cardinal Pell has pleaded not guilty to the charges.


He will next appear in court on Wednesday in Melbourne. He is facing at least one charge after being accused of sexually abusing multiple victims decades ago.


The prosecution alleged during the pre-trial hearing that Cardinal Pell’s offences took place at a swimming pool and a cinema in Victoria state, a church and other locations.


His lawyer, Robert Richter, argued there was no evidence to support the charges against his client.


In 2016 an Australian Royal Commission accused Cardinal Pell of mishandling misconduct cases against clergy members while he served as the leader of the Archdioceses of Melbourne and Sydney.




Published on 06:16, UK,Tuesday 01 May 2018.













MLST SPORT:FIFA president Gianni Infantino proposes a mini-world cup.

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MLST NEWS:Women candidates brace themselves for Iraq’s election after race marked by smears and harrassment

‘Female participation is important to impact policy and end discriminatory laws… I hope these candidates will not be put off by the opposition they face,’ says women’s rights expert Suad Abu-Dayyeh


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MLST ARTICLE:What is the desire of everyone?

Good relationship is the desire of everyone on the surface of the earth.It is of necessity for everyone who desire to become better to find one or build one.Though,getting one good relationship is an arduous task in this present age but when you find one,there is a need to keep it,groom it and nurture it with all that is needed as a contribution to make it workable.

Despite the smoothness of any relationship,it can never be separated from crises that has to do with deceit,distrust,fight and grudges that always have its root cause in treating any of the parties involved with levity and laxity.


This always put a question mark on the understanding of the essence of what such relationship is focused on.While the focus of many relationship is all about deceit having its nucleus in centred around being squalid,others have there nucleus around its essence been platonic.


No matter how beautiful and interesting any kind of relationship might be,there is always a trial season whereby questions that has to do with the necessity for its main essentials would be asked whether theoretically or practically.


Often times than none,parties involved failed when the realities of what makes a relationship successful started asking questions practically.


These moments of trials and travails always shows its ugly face in the form of backstabbing and annoyance that are powerful enough to the extent that such relationship would end up hitting the rock with no one who could amend whatever might have gone wrong especially when the parties involved are immature and are egocentric in nature.


Egos and immaturity maims relationship.They are clog in the wheels of any relationship and the venom of these ‘twos’ have been what is responsible for the scarcity,dearth and death of good relationship bedevilling the existence of humanity.


In the course of any moment of trial in any relationship,forgiveness and the focusing on the good old days of such relationship is the way out but it is only somebody that possesses a mature mindset that can understand that we are created to relate with ourselves with no string attached to.


It is immaturity and ego that makes anyone to invest resources into a relationship for so many years and within a twinkling of an eye such a relationship would be trashed and truncated.


As long as any of the parties involved is ready to seek for redress and forgiveness,such relationship is bound to become better but in a situation whereby the parties involved see no reason for seek for forgiveness that is sincerely done,such party or person could be described as immature.


Edifices are built with many hands not with a single hand.Anyone who desire and determine to build a successful life that is meaningful in context and content needs to build a good relationship that has credence for value-addition and credibility for virtue addition.


The essentials of maintaining good relationship are:


1.Good communication.

Anyone who find it difficult to offer these essentials in any relationship should not bother to start one so that the feelings of other party will not be hurt.


In conclusion,it is necessary for us to know that the beauty of humanity emerges in this world when everyone walking on the surface of the earth has the deep understanding that we can only get better when we do it together.


Your betterment emerges in togetherness.


Let’s do it together in order to get better.


Will you ?









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MLST NEWS:Child’s birthday party ‘destroyed’ by Canada bombing that injured 15 people

A witness says a child’s birthday party was”destroyed” by the blast and describes seeing blood on the floor and people screaming.


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