MLST NEWS:No PVC,no sex for men–Fela Durotoye charges Nigerain Women.

via MLST NEWS:No PVC,no sex for men–Fela Durotoye charges Nigerain Women.

DO MORE!!!—-(3 Minutes Read)

How can you give up now?

When your best is not yet enough.

Your best can never be enough,

As long as you are still alive,

Something in you cries for more,

Something in you yearns for satisfaction,

Your desire for betterment is elastic,

It  has no limit,

Its extension has no bound.

Keep pushing,

Keep pressing,

Keep panting,

Keep wishing,

Keeping dreaming,

Keep working,

Keep asking,

Keep knocking,

Garnish your wishes with actions,

Polish your desires with steps,

Complete your talks,

Walk your talks,

Give life to your dreams,

Spark up your talk,

Take the right step.

No doubt about it,

Your best is not yet enough,

You need to do more,

With the little you have,

You have more than enough,

To be the best.

You get more when you do more,

You get more when you give more.

Your enough is not enough,

Till the end,


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