MLST NEWS:Bill Gates:Trump did not know the difference between HIV and HPV

The multi-billionaire also said his wife was troubled by how much the US president “knew about my daughter’s appearance”.


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MLST NEWS:Reading this 5 books will change your Life

Spend more time on yourself by reading these great books.


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MLST NEWS:North Korean official flying to NYC in a bid to save Trump-Kim summit

Kim Yong Chol, vice chairman of North Korea’s ruling party, will be Pyongyang’s most senior figure to visit the US since 2000.


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MLST NEWS:Israel jets hit back after ’25 mortals fired from Gaza’

The attack comes two weeks after Israel was fiercely condemned for killing 61 Palestinians in violence on the Gaza border.


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MLST ENTERTAINMENT:BBNaija’s Ahneeka fires back at critics over outfit to headies 2018 event.

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BBNaija’s Ahneeka fires back at critics over her outfit to Headies 2018 event






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BBNaija’s Ahneeka fires back at critics over her outfit to Headies 2018 event







My daughter!!!Tiffany’s mum exclaimed and burst into wild laughter that attracted the attention of her husband who is busy relaxing while sitting down at the balcony.


Hope all is well?Tiffany’s dad questioned from afar with a loud voice but his query received no answer and his wife didn’t bulge herself answering him because she was busy enjoying Tiffany’s narrative of what delayed her after Sunday’s service from one sentence to another sentence.The gist was not a short one but a long one that kept mother and daughter at mouth to mouth distance listening to each other.


It could have been short but her mum kept dragging the gist by asking more deeper questions and at the same time stylishly making jest of her daughter which made Tiffany to blush and looked like a small girl when her narratives were on course with her mum.


Really!!!Tiffany’s mum exclaimed the second time and this made her husband to walk briskly into the sitting room expecting to barge on them but he was amazed to meet the sitting room empty.


Dear!!!Where are you?Tiffany’s dad called on his wife with a loud voice and his call met a deaf silence for a period of five seconds and this made him to ponder and wonder what could be going on in the entire house that no one wants to disclose to him.


We are here in Tiffany’s room.Tiffany’s mum answered.


Tiffany’s room!!!I thought I left both of you in the sitting room before I started observing my siesta in the balcony.


Ok!What is going on in her room that kept both of you inside and both of you having been laughing wildly that drew my attention and raised my inquisition?


While Tiffany’s dad was talking,he kept on moving towards Tiffany’s room to check on them and he later knocked on the door before Tiffany stood up from her lying down position on the bed to open the door to her room in order to help his dad that is on the door knocking.


When the door was finally opened ajar,Tiffany’s dad was looking suspicious and his inquisitiveness was high that he wanted to fathom what has kept mum and daughter lying down on the bed together talking with laughter that kept drawing attention in the entire house.


What is going on here?


Can someone bail me out?


Can someone help me out?


Every question asked by Tiffany’s dad met a deaf wall and he kept wondering about what his house is gradually turning to.


Tiffany!!!You can’t take my wife away from me.I think it is high time you pack your luggage and go back to school for the final lap of your university education.My wife is gradually turning to someone that cannot talk to me.I need to fight for what belong to me.You are my daughter but I won’t allow you to break the closeness that I built decades ago when your mum is almost of the same statures like you.


And immediately you are done with your education,make sure you go to your husband house so that you will be able to be close with him and have secrets with him.


Is that clear and acceptable by you?Tiffany’s dad asked with a smiling face that signifies that he is joking but at the same time being bothered about what could be happening to two people who are precious to him and they refused to give him a clue.


Immediately he finished talking,mum and daughter started laughing wild again and the noise of their laughter took over the entire house with Tiffany’s dad joining them in laughing wild.


We are just talking about issues that has to do with life and women in general.Tiffany’s mum started talking after the decibel of their laughter is gradually going down.I am just teaching her some life experiences,what I passed through while I was at her age,what she should expect from people around and what the entire society is expecting from her as an African woman with the need for her to do whatever is within her capacity to project our cultural heritage and belief to other continent of the world.


These are part of what has kept us inside for some hours.Her mum submitted.


Oh!!!I see.That’s quite commendable and it is worthy of emulation of you taking your time to teach the millenia what the entire human race is expecting from them in the present and in the nearest future but you could have invited me to be part of the forum so that I will be able to make contributions about how my growing up days looked like and how terrible and stressful it was for me to get to where I am today.


You really missed.Her dad concluded.


I didn’t miss anything,dad.You are the one that missed.Tiffany replied his dad.


Are you sure?Tiffany’s dad asked with overwhelming bewilderment.


Well,anyway,let me go back to the balcony to continue observing my siesta.I am satisfied now that everything is alright.


Immediately,he stood up,closed the door and left mum and daughter inside the room.


Thanks for checking on us.Tiffany told his dad with a smile on her face.


Never mind.Her dad replied and the door of her room was slammed.






Can we spend little time to talk in order to clarify some issues?


Tony asked Tricia as they both alighted from the cab that took them home after church service on Sunday.


Their trip back home has been boring with the two of them maintaining a far distance from each other and none of them bother to utter a single word until they alighted.


It was Tony that thought in his mind that something is wrong which has to do with misconception and the only way out for both of them to iron issue out without anyone of them being hurt and neglected is for both of them to sit down and have a chat.


Anyway,no problem.When we get inside,we will sit down and talk.Tricia replied Tony.


Both Tony and Tricia maintained a separate lane while walking down home with none of them bothering themselves to talk about anything as they have being relating before.This is simply a confirmation from the two sides that they are both hurt.


Thirty minutes after they have entered the house and after they have both pull their clothes,none of them bothered to talk about lunch and they both don’t see any reason why they should talk about preparing lunch at the moment.


It was Tricia that call the attention of of Tony to the fact that both of them promised to sit down and talk when they get inside.


Sorry!!!My mind was on what we are going to prepare for lunch and I was thinking that we will have our talk after  lunch but since you have called my attention to it by reminding me now,I think we should sit down and talk now.


While Tony was sitting down on a three-sitter couch,Tricia maintained and sat down on a single-sitter couch with her being suspicious and anxious about what could have been the reason for this talk they are about to start.


Tricia started soliloquizing deeply in her mind thinking about how handsome,well-mannered,loving and compassionate Tony has been despite the fact that he is a young man who is full of dreams and aspiration.Tricia thought in her mind that Tony is just standing as her friend and as a brother figure but it was until he witnessed the kind of affinity Tony had for Tiffany that Tricia discovered that she is jealous of Tony attending to another woman.Since then,Tricia knows on her own that she is jealous and her jealousy has its root in her gradually having a soft spot for Tony but she didn’t discovered it until she became intimidated by the presence of another woman which might capture the attention of Tony.


Will I be left alone?Will I be asked to leave this house once Tiffany is gradually coming into Tony’s life?And even,I will loose Tony’s attention totally and there is no one who would be looking after me in this strange land where I have no relation,familiars,friends,relatives,families and acquaintances.


These are some of the overwhelming line of thought that makes Tricia to be insecure and she has started reacting of which Tony is aware and they are about talking about it.


While both of them were looking at each other not knowing where to start from,Tony was silently talking to himself and busy appreciating how beautiful Tricia is until she started showing a negative side of herself.Tony knew that Tricia is a damsel with the right body curves that could make any man run after her even in the middle of the night but the only restriction that has kept Tony away from her from the onset is the thought of Tiffany that has occupied his mind before he met Tricia,which he didn’t want to change or swap at any cost.


Hmmm. Tony sighed deeply.


How are you Tricia?Tony asked.


I am fine,Tony.Tricia replied sharply with a frown face.


Why are you frowning now?Tony probed.


I noticed that you started frowning and wearing a harsh look immediately you introduced me to Tiffany and you later discovered that we are somehow going on well.This has really being on my mind bothering me and I kept asking myself about what could have gone wrong or maybe I wronged you in a way I didn’t  know and understand.


Could you please help me out?


I am ready to apologize to you.Tony submitted.


Tricia was fast in making response after Tony paused from his submission.And she couldn’t really make anything out of her present disposition but she apologized to Tony that she has been somehow rude to him which is quite unexpected from her and directing it to someone like Tony is quite inappropriate and unacceptable.


You are still my person,Tony.Tricia concluded.


How will I know that we have bury the hatchet?Tricia asked.


What do you want?Tony replied by asking.


Give me a hug.Tricia responded.


A hug?Tony was shocked and wondered about what is going on in her mind.


Are you reluctant?Tricia asked Tony.


Nope.Tony replied.


After a few seconds of starring at each other,they both moved at an inch to each other and both exchange pleasantry with a hug and they both smile at each other.


Later,Tony took her out in the evening and Tricia felt secured and fulfilled once again but she is still nursing the ambition of having Tony as her love but Tony was busy nursing the ambition of having Tiffany as a wife in few year’s time.




Episode Nineteen has come to an end,


Watch out for the next Episode.


Now,who is having a wrong motive between Tony and Tricia?


Keep your fingers crossed






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