American rapper, Meek Mill has been released from prison after being incarcerated for violating his probation.



Meek Mill, who was sentenced after violating his probation on a drug and weapon’s caseregained his freedom on Monday.



The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania made the decision to release him following a long legal battle challenging his conviction.



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Speaking shortly after his release, Meek Mill told Billboard that “I’d like to thank God, my family, my friends, my attorneys, my team at Roc Nation including JAY-Z, Desiree Perez, my good friend Michael Rubin, my fans.”



He also thanked, “The Pennsylvania Supreme Court and all my public advocates for their love, support and encouragement during this difficult time.



“While the past five months have been a nightmare, the prayers, visits, calls, letters and rallies have helped me stay positive.



“To the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office, I’m grateful for your commitment to justice not only for my case, but for others that have been wrongfully jailed due to police misconduct.”



He further said “although I’m blessed to have the resources to fight this unjust situation, I understand that many people of colour across the country don’t have that luxury and I plan to use my platform to shine a light on those issues.



”In the meantime, I plan to work closely with my legal team to overturn this unwarranted conviction and look forward to reuniting with my family and resuming my music career.”


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MLST NEWS:Boris Johnson holds 18-minute phone call with hoax Armenian prime minister

The Foreign Office says he “realised it was a hoax, and ended the call” – despite offering advice on dealing with Vladimir Putin.


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MLST NEWS:Army sergeant Emile Cilliers guilty of trying to killwife by tampering with her parachute

The 38-year-old had been having affairs and was plotting to gain access to his wife’s life insurance payout.


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MLST NEWS:Sky News witnesses ‘spectacular’explosions on North Korea ‘nuclear site’

After a series of blasts, a general says North Korea will “join hands with all peace-loving people in building a peaceful world”.

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MLST ARTICLE: 10 ways of making billions through effective customers’relationship.–(10 Minutes Read).

There exist many businesses across the length and breadth of the world that started with one particular vision that deserve being fulfilled with the aim of meeting the demand of the end-users of the products or output of such business concern.


While some businesses are small in size, others are gigantic in size but the sole aim of any business that desire to stand a test of time or probably become a legacy is to offer acceptable products and services that is capable of meeting the objectives of production and marketing of such business.


Products of any business become accessible in the market when it is produced in a way so that whatever the needs of the end-user and customer is would have been put into consideration and efforts are put in place to meet the needs of  that might arise when customers and end-users demand for better service.



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In the light of this,customers determines to a large extent the longevity and the survival of any business which simply connotes that whenever a smile is put on the face of the customer in meeting the needs of the customer,business that put such smile on the face of such customer will smile too by becoming healthy and strong enough to stand the competition that is available in the general business world.


Competition in the general business world is so strong that it is grievous enough to swallow any business idea and concern that is not ready to bow to the demand of customers.


Customers dictates,control and measure the prosperity of any business which is a determinant of what will make the progress of such business to be either short term,middle term or long term.


Businesses are founded on vision that must  be driven by passion, commitment,determination,perseverance and total accountability that is necessary to project the financial strength of such business from nadir to zenith by moving from zero to billion in terms of financial muscular strength.


The aim and objectives of any business is simply  and basically fashioned toward meeting the needs of customers which ends up raking in and increasing the profit margin thereby pushing the financial stand of such businesses forward to the point whereby expansion of such businesses and the establishment of the ideals of the vision of such businesses to become a household references will not be a hard nut to crack or a mirage.


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Without any iota of doubt,every business minded person or business savvy person understands and knows the impact and impart of customers to the fate of any business.


No wonder,it was buttressed by a common saying that:


“Customer is the king”


This simply connotes that the customer possesses a magic wind that demands kingship in terms of treatment and attention,and it also have a way by which it injects and infuses kingship into the business as long as the business-owner understand the kingship roles and relationship which seems to be a mystery that must be unveiled by anyone who desire to have a succesful business.


Unveiling the mystery of such kingship roles and relationship has its routes and roots in having a deep knowledge about how to maintain relationship with customers in terms of attention and general treatment of such customer in meeting the customers needs and when it is timely done, it has a way of magically glueing such customer to demand for more product or service from the business.


Some of the few mysteries that must be ensured in maintaining good relationship with customers are:

1.Give utmost attention to your customers

2.Listen and attend to the slightest complaints from them.

3.Always pay them scheduled visit if there is a need for it.

4.Be courteous and respectful when attending to them.

5.Build and maintain a friendly relationship with them.

6.Make them your family.

7.Have their manifest and bio-datadd including contact addresses and numbers.

8.Ensure that your business processes encourage giving of discounts and rebates.

9.Ensure that you build a network of customer.

10.Always ask for feed-backs from your customers.


It is when some of this aforementioned points about customer-service relationship are adhered to and make use of that the business owner could be assured of projecting the financial base of the business to a multi-billion dollar conglomerate.


More customers signal and confirmed the acceptability of goods and services rendered accompany with the marketability of the products offered for sales and it is a pointer to the  growth in the financial muscle of the business from zero to multi-billion dollar  enterprise that will be on the stock exchange.


In a situation when some of this little efforts are put in place in any business concern,it will be easy for the ideals and vision of such business concern to be easily propagated to more customers that are struggling to make up their minds in patronizing the goods and services of such business.


Any business that aimed at being progressive geometrically must build  its focus and foundation on the satisfaction of customers and end-users.Any offer of goods and services that refuses to meet the needs  and demands of customers and end-users is bound to fail and loose its market control and share within a little space of time.


The prosperity of any business ideals is a function of the prosperity of its customers which is determined by the acceptability and marketability of the goods and services being offered in the competitive market world.


The competitive market world becomes friendly to goods and services when the goods and services are friendly to the customers and end-users by meeting and satisfying the needs of such customer at any point in time.




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In conclusion,good relationship offered and maintained with customers and end-users become visible and feasible when customers and end-users keep demanding for more and this will invariably enhances the financial base of such business ideal to become more firm  and fertile having a pillar that will be a source of support needed to  strenghten such business ideal to accommodate more drive for innovation and other business hub that will end up springing up from such business ideal.


It is through such expansion that the progress of any business ideal can be measured and this will proffer a solution to whether more funds should be pumped into the business.The more the increase in the influx of cusstomer, the more the strength of the business and the more the drive for expansion and enlargement become loud and needed.


Good business and many business conglomerates that are in existence in the entire world are the businesses that have been able to unveil and understand the mysteries of running after customers and making sure that whatever is demanded by the customer is attended to and treated with utmost timely importance which ends up enlarging customer base.


An enlarging customer base is an enlarging financial base.










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