I was sitting in-front of my computer system this afternoon in the office trying to check one thing or other on my blog.


Suddenly, a thought crept into my mind and it says:


“What made you could possibly break you,if you don’t

manage it very well”


At this point, I started pondering on this and it later dawned on me that I should pen down my line of thought as a form and a source of encouragement that could be needed by anyone reading, following and viewing my blog.


In the race of life,the neccessity for proper and astute management of any form of resources and assets are quite essential to make success in life.


No one could relay any story of success and achievement without mentioning the role of proper management that was maximized appropriately in the course of carrying out  an endeavour.


Management as it may be can simply be defined as a means of making proper usage of resources,assets and valuables, put in place at any point in time to ensure the establishment and entrenchment of methods and approaches that require planning and arrangement necessary to make a success out of such endeavour.


The success of any endeavour remains impossible when the management of such endeavour is not carried out properly or if it is carried out without putting in place plans and methods that will make such an endeavour a success.


Any successful endeavour is a product of a succesful management methods and approaches that is sound in the way and manner it was executed.


The execution of any endeavor in life requires an in-depth management system,approaches and methods that will ensure that such endeavor become a success that will make the aims and objectives of starting such endeavor to become a reality.This simply requires strategic goal setting and adequate planning that will result into a situation whereby all the endeavor embarked upon will be meaningful,beautiful and successful.

Every endeavor embarked upon must be executed with all that is needed as a source of resources which must be enhanced by making sure that the required aim and objectives are carried out strategically in a way and in manner whereby the endeavor finally meet up with laid down aim and objective.



management 1


Some of the necessities that is paramount for managing a successful endeavo are :

  • Administration
  • Controlling
  • Forecasting
  • Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Organising
  • Commanding
  • Coordinating
  • Coordinating
  • Strategising


Some of this aforementioned points are readily considered in management by Henri Ford(1841-1925).


All these if  properly managed,it would help in ensuring that a particular endeavour becomes successful once what is needed in achieving fortune and wealth from the execution of such  endeavor is available.


In conclusion,everyone needs to look for a way whereby the contents of any endeavor is clearly stated or highlighted so the set goals planned for the success of this endeavor becomes accomplished.


Edifices are built when there is a proper management approach that must be properly executed and maintained till the result of such endeavor become real