I thought it is all over,

I thought I have lost you,

I thought an end has come.


I glanced around seen the end,

I groaned thinking I have thrashed all,

I panicked about my error and mistake.





At the edge of loosen you,

I discovered how precious you are to me,

In my mystery,

I stretched my hands,

reaching out to you,

My effort was abortive,

It was like a candle in the wind,

The softness I had for you,

Started fading away and quenching,

With no strength to lighten it again.


I cried out,

I groaned,

I gnashed my teeth,

Help was not in sight.


When I see you been moody and saddened,

I lost control of myself,

My confidence kept beating,

My conscience becomes my enemy,

My heart kept pounding and pouncing.





I knew I goofed in my choice of words,

I disrespected you and maltreated you,

I made you passed through the pain of unguarded utterances.


Within a few minutes,

My mouth attracted hell,

Demons fed on my words,

Hell was let loosed.


All I have build with you crashed,

I suffered and languished in pain,

No one is around,

To listen to my story of foolishness,

There is no one around that knows that I am dying gradually,


As my confidant,

I pull my cloak of pride and dishonour,

I removed my cloth of loose words,

I burnt my apparel of foolishness.


Like a prodigal son,

I went back to you,

I reached out to you,

I sought for your hands,

I reached out to you.


Though, you find it difficult,

To listen to my plea of forgiveness,

I am ashamed asking for your hands of forgiveness,

Despite this,

You accepted my prayers of restitution.


How can I describe you,

You are such a rare friend,

I can’t afford to loose you.


Though, I have an option of walking away miserably.


You accepted me,

You restored my confidence,

You strengthened my weakness,

Above all, you gave me a second chance.


It is painful accepting me back into your life.

I caused your tears flowing,

I pushed you on the path of pain and regret..


I promised to make up with you.


I promised to remain a listening ear,

I promised to be a shoulder you can lean on,

I promised to be a pillow to lay your head on.


Though, we are not destinied to be married,

I want you to know,

How much I love you.



Love 1


You are such a darling.


Thanks for today.


The only one that loves you,

Might rush and be hasty,

To err,and caused you pain,agony and distress,

but will rush and be hasty,

In seeking for your hands in forgiveness.


Now I know that,

The grip of our happiness,

Lies with our friends.

Friendship should not be taken for granted.


A friend that is ready,

To strengthen your flaws and weaknesses,

Is a real friend.

Never walk away from such friend.


To every pain,

Restitution and forgiveness are soothing,

They are priceless elixir to trouble minds.


Your real friends will always offend you,

Your real friends will always  accept your pleas for forgiveness.


It is difficult to account nad correct,

The impact of our mistake,

It might be costly and destructive.

Hence be mindful of others.


To err is human,

To forgive is divine.


Thanks for being there.



This is a true life experience presented in this article in the form of a poem.


“We appreciate ourselves better when we hurt others hastily but sought for forgiveness before it gets late”
















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