I thought it is all over,

I thought I have lost you,

I thought an end has come.

I glanced around seen the end,

I groaned thinking I have thrashed all,

I panicked about my error and mistake.


At the edge of loosen you,

I discovered how precious you are to me,

In my mystery,

I stretched my hands,

reaching out to you,

My effort was abortive,

It was like a candle in the wind,

The softness I had for you,

Started fading away and quenching,

With no strength to lighten it again.

I cried out,

I groaned,

I gnashed my teeth,

Help was not in sight.

When I see you been moody and saddened,

I lost control of myself,

My confidence kept beating,

My conscience becomes my enemy,

My heart kept pounding and pouncing.


I knew I goofed in my choice of words,

I disrespected you and maltreated you,

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