THE INDIGENT—(2 Minutes Read)

While we are in need,there is a need to meet the needs of others.While we are enshrined in abject poverty,there is a need to champion a course that will alleviate and banish poverty in our society.While we are stagnant,there is a need to champion a course that will uplift and upgrade the course of humanity.



Whether yo are among the haves,

Whether you are among the have-not,

Whether you are among the high and the mighty,

Whether you are among the low and the indigents,


You have a responsibility to be responsible and responsive to the wallowing and harrowing of the next person beside you.


You have a title to contribute to the alleviate and salvage the world from extreme penury.


The world need your contribution in restoring the dignity of all human by uplifting and upgrading the downtrodden from the miry clay of despair,hopelessness and confusion.



Giving is living.We live forever when we build eternity in the test of time while we are alive.




It is your responsibility to build a responsible world that has its core value in being a shoulder to other around you.


Many people need a shoulder to rest upon,many need a pillow to rest on and many need a pillar that will lift them up when they are down.


Like never before,your impact is needed.

Like never before, your impart is needed.

Your indifference in upgrading the plight of others make you to be part of the challenges pummeling the world .

Be a solution.


Be active in changing the course of humanity with your little effort.


Little efforts puts little smile on the face of others.













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