Many people existing on earthly pedestal have been seen and known to be a victim of hoping,dreaming and waiting for the right time.Even some people are fond of making statements that “I will do it at the right time”.


This statement has been a very good source of fanning and propagating procrastination as a culture and a way of life.


As it is a known fact that procrastination is nothing but an evil that steals time and waste the destiny of any human who is fond of given access to the evil of procrastination.


Procrastination does nothing but to delay and make productive efforts that demands and need urgency and attention to become irrelevant,thereby loosing its quality and effects in the course of time.


It is a known fact that so many things are lying fallow presently waiting for human attention and efforts that will turn them around into legacy and a concept of idealogies and philosophies that will end up becoming a source of values and a channel via which humanity will be emancipated from the clog of slavery and relieved from the claws of confusion that kept ravaging human existence presently without any control.



Without any shade,it should be known to all that larger percentage of the challenges bedevilling human existence were caused and triggered by human beings due to many factors that can be summarily concluded to have emerged through ineptness,ineptitudeness,self-centredness and mediocrity that have made the entire world to believe that values and virtues must be relegated for the celebration of crimes and vices to high heaven.


These sorts of challenges will be over when everybody in existence starts changing their orientation and mindsets by making sure that it is our responsiveness and responsibilities to build an eggalitarian society whereby the essence of our existence would be protected and preserved accompany with efforts that will be accommodating enough in making sure that equality of all men is the only way by which the world can become better and a place whereby the world can be a home for all of us.


Human beings needs a world that can be seen as a home for all whereby every human will ensure that fraternity of everyone living on the surface of the earth becomes a subject that will be enshrined and established as a concept  viable enough to make personal and social developments of all human a priority.



TIME (1)


In the course of human existence, there is nothing like the right time but the emergence of the right time chronicled in human history has been an outcome of human efforts involving the contribution of right people who believed in making sure that things become right in the process of time.


“Do not hesitate or feel reluctant to do the right thing even when the time is not right.”


The right time can never emerged until people who believed in doing the right thing stand up to their feets and ensure that right things are entrenched and established for the benefit and emancipation of humanity in the process of time.


In reference to the title of this article:


“At the right time….”


The question is :


When is the right time?


We all crave and yearn for the right time, a time whereby everything will be right, a time whereby we all experience living at the centre of the reality of our dreams, a time whereby we live in mecca and find ourselves in eldorado but while we are still awaiting a time like this, it is of essence for us to know that we should stop wasting our time for such a time because the reality of such moment will remain impossible until we start doing the right things in a little manner until it becomes a concept that will elevate others thereby becoming what everyone will end up carring out as a legacy that is pushed and propelled at the right time.





Never wait for the right time before you start making efforts to do the right thing because the right time might remain a mirage till eternity but start making every time right by making sure that right things in terms of concepts,idealogies and philosophies are put in place in ensuring that everyone around benefits immensely and this should be done and carried out bit by bit until a little drop of water and sands becomes a mighty ocean.


We are created and allowed to be in existence breathing through our nostrils in order that others around us can become bigger and better through our contributions in one way or the other.This must be our ultimate goals that we are created for others and  the existence of others should be ensured by our contributions no matter how inconsequential and insignificant it might be.


While we are alive and breathing,let us make sure that our existence counts in the course of time by becoming an eye to the blind, a mouth to the dumb, an ear to deaf and a leg to the lame.


While we are a destitute, let us ensure that we build mansions for other destitute.


The littleness in us is enough to ensure the emergence of greatness in others.No one is useless in becoming a source of hope and an object of help to others.


Our contribution inm making the world better is of neccessity and it must be targetted towards lifting one person at a time.This might be through our service to others because we become better when we ensure that others become better.Masters and leaders are born when we give all we have towards the service of humanity.


In response to our service towards the emancipation of humanity,there is a way we are paid back by humanity because it is a known fact that there will always be a time of reckoning whereby everyone in existence will reap whatever being sown at a point in time.


As likes begets likes,evil begets eveil and good will surely begets good but the choice is ours to make and the resultant effects of the any path we took will end up becoming a reality that can never be altered and changed when it emerged and beckons.


Those who have ears should listen.


Right time will emerged when you ensure you do the right thing.


Right time is a function of doing the right thing at the right time.


Be a part of the rigth things done at the right time for the emergence of the right world that will accommodate and turn people in the world to tread on the right path that will end up ensuring a kind of world whereby right things become the order of the day at the right time in the right world.


When is the right time?


The right time is now.


Act fast and do the right thing.





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