MLST ARTICLES: Celebrating Motherhood.—(5 Minutes Read)


All the treasures of the earth have been exploited with probably little that are yet to be discovered and explored.


It was on these treasures that the wealth and affluence of the world we live in are built.


Each day pass us by with memories of the past being a blessing to us or a burden to us.


While we laugh at the blessings of the past and while we look ahead to the blessings of the future, while we gnash our teeth at the burden of the past and while we are careful in preventing the future from not becoming a burden,
we have little or no time wallowing in the regret of the past.


This put a responsibility on us to spend ample moments of our life celebrating and basking in the euphoria of the moment.


Even though, the world has many reasons and dates for celebration and merry-making with reasons for such moments of celebration, one of the moments that no right thinking person should shy or feign ignorance about is the celebration of humanity and all the people that has contributed in one way or the other in reflecting the beauty inherent in humanity in terms of sacrifices, service and selflessness.


One of the product of humanity that should remain  our focus of celebration that is unending is the female folks created to be a source and a carrier of the seed of expansion the surface of the earth has experienced in the time past and in the future.


Mothers are the major blessing the surface of the earth is established upon. They are the treasures that made the world goes around. They have been a source of expansion in terms of population and it is from them giants have been raised.



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They used their bare hands to bathe the heads of great men and women, and it from their breast that life and strength are given to giants walking on the surface of the earth.


The pain on the day of delivery expresses their love and sacrifice for humanity.


The pangs of pregnancy is an expression of their selflessness for mankind.


Without any doubt, celebrating our mothers should be treasured on a daily basis like gold, diamond and all the precious stones occupying the surface of the earth.


Mothers give answer to the lack of selflessness, service and sacrifice that is scarce presently on the surface of the earth.


It is on this that I celebrate my mother—MRS JNM FADEYI, my wife, my sister, my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws and all the women I have around me with all those who has contributed in one way or the other to the journey of my life.


The roles of mothers are golden and can never be substituted or replaced.
A society that lack good mothers is doomed for perdition.
A nation that is in scarcity of good mothers has no future.






Dedicated to the love my mum has for me till now.


Thanks for being there.



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