Hope I didn’t delay you?I think I am a little bit behind our planned schedule.I ought to have ben around but I checked on Tricia to update her about my appointment with you so that she will be able to be at peace with herself if she didn’t see me on time.Tony started talking with Tiffany.


No problem.Tiffany replied.You are not late at all.We agreed to meet after church service,and now is after church service.Thank God that we are already meeting and you kept to your word.Thanks for coming around once again.Tiffany replied.


Hmmm.You are just reasonable and liberal to an extent.I thought you would have been crossed with me for delaying you.Anyway,thanks for accepting my profound apology.


No problem!!!Tiffany replied.


At this point, a resounding and a cold silence took over the ambience of where Tony and Tiffany sat down and they were both lost for words momentarily.


Let’s break the ice.Tony started talking.


I am all ears.Tiffany replied.


Immediately, Tony started narrating the ordeal he passed through last week Sunday when he sighted her from afar.He told her about his eagerness to meet her but as fate would have it, he was unable to meet her last week sunday which really affected his demeanour in the course of the week.


Why did you have to pass through all this just because of your eagerness to meet me?Why are you making me somehow important?I believing to suspect that something is fishy?Tiffany kept asking questions.


Which of the questions do you want me to answer now?Tony asked Tiffany with smiles on his face.


You can start from somewhere.I am here for you.Just start from somewhere, so that we can arrive somewhere coupled with the fact that Tricia is somewhere very eager waiting for you.Tiffany replied Tony.


The other time I saw you from afar,I realised that you are new in the church, though I couldn’t confirm this from anyone around but at a point something kept telling me that you are someone I need to meet.I planned meeting you today but as fate would have it, just by coincidence I met you in the morning while you were busy exchanging pleasantries with Tricia.Tony was talking while Tiffany was busy looking intently at Tony.


Eventhough, I am somehow shy and I am still wondering how you will feel about my proposal,I know that the only thing I could do to know you better is to ask for your hands in friendship.Tony submitted.


Friendship?Tiffany exclaimed.


How do you mean?Tiffany asked.


With a frown countenance, Tiffany demanded that Tony should explain more in order for her to get a better clarity about Tony’s intention and proposal.


I didn’t fix this appointment to hurt your feeling.I am someone that believed that there is a necessity for both of us to become close friends not on a squalid level but on a platonic level.I don’t think this request will be too heavy for you to grant me access to.Please, kindly, see my proposal the way I am seeing it.No string attached.Tony concluded.


No string attached!!!Tiffany exclaimed.


If there is no string attached, then I am registering my consent to your proposal.Tiffany replied in affirmation and she smiled .


Thank you for accepting my proposal.I am really grateful.Tony offered his appreciation.



I would be more grateful if we can both introduce ourselves and even have your contact so that getting along with you in the course of the week or when you travelled back to school will not be difficult in any way.Tony asked.


Immediately, both Tony and Tiffany started talking about themselves with a lot of questions being asked after the other.The expression of satisfaction was overwhelming on Tony’s face,although,Tiffany was satisfied meeting him too but she didn’t show any sign just to proof to him that she is tough and she is not a lady that any man can just ride on.


Immediately, both offered each other hand-shake and smiled while departing from each other but Tony promised her that he will be calling her in the course of the week.


Bye for now.Tiffany bids farewell.


Bye Tiffany.Tony replied.


They both walked down a little but separated from each other as Tiffany headed directly to the front exit of the church auditorium while Tony moved directly to the place where Tricia is seating.


While Tony was walking down to meet Tricia, his heart was filled with satisfaction but at thesame time he remembered that Tricia might have seen him talking with Tiffany and put on a funny attitude just as the way she did in the morning.


Where is this lady?Tony kept asking himself as he was unable to locate Tricia in the church auditorium.Tony was already becoming pensive when Tricia surface from another end of the church auditorium.


Where have you been? I have been looking around for you for the past 5 minutes.Tony asked.


Why do you want to know?Tricia replied with a harsh look.


Have I committed any wrong doing in asking about your whareabout?Tony asked Tricia.


You have no right and effontery to have a clue about my whereabout since you didn’t tell me what your appointment about Tiffany is all about.Tricia submitted.


At this point,Tony was surprised with her response and he went wild laughing to the point that his laughter drew attention of other members of the church that are still busy doing one thing or the other in the church.


What is funny now.Tricia asked.


You are just funny.You made me laugh.How can you be this serious with the appointment I had with Tiffany?Tony asked.


Ok!!Don’t let us create any scene.This is a public place.Just put yourself together and let us go home.We are late already and I believed that you are somehow famished.This might be the reason why you are bothered about me.Tony submitted.


Anyway, I appreciate your concern.Tony offered appreciation to Tricia.


No problem!!Let’s go home.Tricia agreed to go home with Tony.






Quite strange.Where were you throughout today’s service?Are you just coming back from church at this time?


These were some of the questions bothering Tiffany’s mind as she was on her way home.She knew that her dad will be harsh with her just because they waited and called her to ask about her whereabout at the end of the service but she failed in picking her call.Though, it wasn’t intentional but it was due to network service that seems to be unstable.


She knew that her mum will be soft with her and she promised herself that she will narrate her ordeal words for words to her mum who has been her close confidante  and her secret-keeper on any issue bothering her mind.


Who is at the gate?A barritone voice echoed.


Is Tiffany Sir.


Ok!I am coming.Her dad replied.


Just as she has been thinking while on her way home.Immediately, her dad sighted her presence at the gate entrance, he started asking series of questions that centre around where she is coming from.Though, Tiffany was afraid replying him concerning all questions thrown at her face, she summoned courage to just mutter some few lines of words accompany with a terrifying look on her face.


I am sorry Sir.I missed your call and when I called back,it was as if the network service was unstable and flunctuating.I am very sorry for keeping you in the dark about my whereabout.


No problem.Her dad responded.


Your mum is resting in her room.You can go and see her because she is also bothered about your whereabout.Her dad submitted.


Tiffany quietly walked briskly into the house with a terrifying look on her face just to register her regret and apology to her dad who would have reign fire and brimstones if she didn’t put herself into an apology mode when he started asking question.


You are welcome ,my daughter.Where have you been that you didn’t bother to inform us even at the close of the service.Even though we waited for you in order to drive you back home but all our effort to locate you was abortive.It was when your dad was becoming fidgetting and annoyed that we left hoping that you will meet us at home.


Now that you are just coming is even late.What kept you waiting for so long after service?Maybe, you went somewhere?


At this point, Tiffany was quiet and she didnt bother to usher a single word but after some few minutes, she murmur to her mum’s telling her to be patience that she will gist her fully after she had has taken her lunch.


Ok.No problem.I will be waiting for your gist.Her mum nodded her head in affirmation.


Thank you Ma.


Hope your dad is not mad at you?Her mum asked.


Oh!!!H e nearly went mad with me.His face was filled with fury but I was able to calm her down by forcing myself into a state of apology that he cannot restrain.He was forced to understand and believe my cock and bull story.Though, I know that he noticed that what I told him is not sufficient enough as an excuse.Thank God that he didn’t bother me too much but he seems to be suspicious ans believed that something is wrong somewhere.It is just that he cannot fathom the rationale behind what happenned.


Anyway, by the time I am through with lunch, you would have been through with your siesta and we would be able to gist to a large extent.


Promise me that you will not tell my dad whatever I discussed with you.Tiffany asked her mum.


No problem.I promised to maintain a sealed and a controlled lips.


Thanks.Tiffany submitted.



Watch out for the next Episode.It promised to be a blockburster.



















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