Hope I didn’t delay you?I think I am a little bit behind our planned schedule.I ought to have ben around but I checked on Tricia to update her about my appointment with you so that she will be able to be at peace with herself if she didn’t see me on time.Tony started talking with Tiffany.

No problem.Tiffany replied.You are not late at all.We agreed to meet after church service,and now is after church service.Thank God that we are already meeting and you kept to your word.Thanks for coming around once again.Tiffany replied.

Hmmm.You are just reasonable and liberal to an extent.I thought you would have been crossed with me for delaying you.Anyway,thanks for accepting my profound apology.

No problem!!!Tiffany replied.

At this point, a resounding and a cold silence took over the ambience of where Tony and Tiffany sat down and they were both lost for words…

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