It is not strange that life’s challenges are as real as life itself.It is a reality that accompany every life that is existing on earthly pedestal within a space of time.


Often times, we find ourselves cornered in, confined and cocooned with several abortive efforts and trials thoughtfully and carefully designed and orchestrated to dash out of the solitary confinement of life’s challenges that have nothing than struggles,regrets, wailing and gnashing of teeth.


We tried immensely to source for solutions by trying our best to rush out and break the walls and bricks of imprisonment and challenges placed and forced on us by depending on the flow and surge of our adrenaline to rush and pull down the boundaries of the abyss of problems and challenges down.


This usually leads to futilityand frustration that needs only the beauty of patience,time and perseverance for a solution to emerge.


Though we dashed in, dashing out might not be the appropriate solution if we fail in analysing and strategising optimally and maximally.



challenges 2.jpg


Your entry into life challenges might be swift and automatic but situation of life might warrant your exit to be gradual,slow and sluggish.


Though, you stepped into challneges unexpectedly,your efforts to hit the exit button might be slow and unnanounced if you want to obtain total and absolute freedom.


Absolute freedom that is real becomes attainable when your desire to scale the fence of confinement built by life challenges is carried out in a way and in a manner whereby the jailer of your confinement is caught unaware.


Challenges 3




1.Have a possibility mentality.

2.Change your view about life.

3.Believe in yourself.

4.Pray always.

5.Be deep and thoughtful.

6.Be sensitive and careful.

7.Strategise and plan very well.

8.Last from past experiences.

9.Be an unrepentant pessimist.

10.Be flexible and versatile in obtaining knowledge.

11.Be committed and dedicated to what is good and reasdonable.

12.Be available in championing a good course.

13.Be in the right company.

14.Maintain a good  and healthypersonal relationship.

15.Treat and handle every life’s exigency business-like.



With all these being in place, it is cocksure that the path needed to exit the jail of life’s challenges becomes a walk over and it will be easy for any form of challenges to fizzle out within a space of time without any struggle and stress.










©Wordsmith Scribe 2018.




©Fadeyi Felix Femi




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