MLST SPORT:FIFA president Gianni Infantino proposes a mini-world cup.

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MLST SPORTS:Arsene Wenger reveals what he will do after retirement—(3 Minutes Read).

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that he will take a short break from managerial duties after leaving Arsenal before deciding on his next move.


The 68-year-old manager made a final trip to Old Trafford to take on Manchester United in the Premier League at the weekend.


It has been reported that Arsenal had considered offering Wenger a role behind the scenes at the Emirates, while PSG are keen for him to be their new sporting director.


But Wenger himself still believes he has something to offer in management, and the Frenchman said he would take a break and think about what he wants to do next.


Speaking to French TV station SFR after Arsenal 2-1 loss to United, Wenger said, “I have genuinely decided to take a short break in order to figure out where I go from here. It’s a complete unknown.”


Wenger also admitted he was still unsure about his next move though played down the possibility of remaining in the Premier League.


Asked if he expected to share technical area with the United boss again, Wenger said, “I don’t know, honestly.


“First of all he [Mourinho] will be at Manchester United next year certainly and I don’t know where I will be. I have worked at a top level for 35 years without any interruption and I think I am the only one in the world who has done that.


“So at the moment I am a bit in unknown territory.


“I don’t know where I will go from here. Will I take a break? So I would be surprised if I meet him next year.”






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MLST FICTION:How I fall in Love—(10 Minutes Read).

It was a fateful day that I have to leave home as usual to meet up with my daily plans, programme and personal itinerary. My  day was strategically planned to the extent that detailed courses of endeavors have been analyzed and documented with personal decision to ensure that all that is necessary to be done without allowing distractions to gain access that will scatter the laid down programs were put in place one after the other.


I boarded a cab in the front of my house and within a twinkling of an eye, the cabbie zoomed off speedily to my destination. Immediately, I got to my destination and I sighted that I have approached my destination, I called the attention of the cabbie to register my intention of alighting at my destination. Later, I stepped out of the cab and I immediately brought my wallet out to pay the cabbie without wasting time because time is of essence to me as I have taken my time to strategically make necessary plans without wasting time in getting my laid down programs done in time.


Though, I have been able to achieve my laid down plans to a large extent up to the moment I alighted from the cab.


Then, I immediately walked with my shoulder high into the office of one of my client in the city. We have planned to meet for a business discussion in his office few days ago at exactly 10AM which I was able to meet up with time because good timing is the soul of every business, so I avoided coming late. In short I was punctual.


Good Morning Ma. I greeted and exchanged pleasantry with the reception I met in my clients’office but the pleasantry I exchanged with her was cordial and official without wasting time in extending my right hand in offering her a handshake.



dream 3


She replied my pleasantry in a firm and professional way and immediately, she attended to me asking me to have my seat for a while.


Let me push a call to my boss to register your presence Sir. She started conversing with me and attended to me in a courteous manner that is quite professional.


No problem!!!I responded immediately expecting her to usher me into my clients’ office without wasting time.


Few minutes later, she ushered me into her boss office who happened to be my client.


You can come in. She ushered me in.


Thanks. I responded.


Good Morning Sir. My client greeted me and asked me to sit down on the expensive furniture that is vacant in front of him.As if ton say,the furniture was customised for my sitting comfort,I sat down comfortably and conveniently looking straight into my client’s eyes.


Good Morning Sir. I greeted him and responded to his kind gesture towards me.


Few moments later after the moment of pleasantries wind down, we started our discussion which is strictly business-like. The discussion was quite brief and short and agreement was made to finalize the discussion in two weeks’ time by meeting at the site whereby the business that we are about  being embarked  upon will take place. We consented to meet at exactly 10AM.


See you in two weeks’ time Sir. My client bade me goodbye and I replied by extending my right hand to offer him a handshake.


Both of us smiled and we were both believed that the business we are embarking upon will be successful and groundbreaking.


Immediately, I turned my back at him and reached for the door by laying my hand on the door knob which took me little time to open the door.


Thank you Ma. I greeted the receptionist and she responded with a smile that I couldn’t push her memory out of my imagination. I was dumbfounded starring at her.


She was so pretty and beautiful that I didn’t know when I have to cut the official bridge between us and all I can do is to look for a way to get familiar with her by asking about her personality which ended up with pleasantries being exchanged and her contact were demanded for by me.In short, I was able to break the ice.


She looked like a mullato with a white set of dentition that makes her smile an elixir that can be used to relieve any pain.Her posture and the picture of her body shape registered in my head immediately.Her physiology was so fitting that someone would think that the clothe on her was customized and made from another planet.In fact, it might be made in heaven.


She is an angel walking on the surface of the earth and I became captivated with her beauty that swept me off my feet.


dream 2


I kept wondering how can a lady be this charming.


Without any doubt, she released her contacts and I promised to give her a call later in the day. Though, she blushed throughout the moment of our discussion.


Despite the fact that I bade her farewell immediately after our discussion, I moved to the door in order to exit her office hoping to get out of the gate in order to get a cab that will take me back to my house.


No doubt about it,I was able to meet up with my laid down plans for the day but my day was more fulfilling with the thought of the damsel that I ran to in my clients’ office.


She is so beautiful, attractive, alluring, charming and colourful that her thought refused to exit my imagination. My imagination became occupied with her beautiful physique and stature that I believed that every man will be glad to have her as a friend.


I made up my mind to give her a call so that we can meet to further our discussion which might end up in dating and relationship.


As I was about dialing her number, someone called me and I observed that it was my wife that is calling me to wake  me up for early morning prayer and devotion.


Immediately, I opened my eyes, I saw my wife’s face and I realized I have been dreaming.


It all happened in my dream.


My dream looked like a reality and when I woke up, I faced the reality that all that happened from the beginning of this write-up is just all about a dream of the night.


What a dream and a fantasy,


This is how I fall in love in my dream.


Have you experienced such a dream before?


Kindly comment and share  your experience.














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MLST NEWS:Malaysia’s Mahathir Mohamad on course to be the world’s oldest elected leader.

Mahathir Mohamad is on course to become the world’s oldest elected leader at 92, after a shock victory in Malaysia’s bitterly fought election.


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