In the comfort of my living room,

On a cool Sunday evening,

I have been doing nothing but relaxing,

From the stress of domestic chores,

I have been resting.

Far away from the hustling and burstling of the city,

I laid down low thinking about you.


In my comfort and convenience,

I kept wondering,

I kept asking myself,

What exactly I have left undone,

I kept thinking about my day,

I kept wondering about,

How I have spent my day,

I tried to think that I have done all that is necessary for the day,

Something in me,

Kept telling me that,

My day is incomplete.



letter 3


I kept asking myself questions,

What is that thing,

I left unattended to.


In the midst of deep thinking,

I recollected that one thing is not yet done,

Later realized that,

I haven’t pen a word,

Later realized that,

I haven’t scribe and write.


In order to have a complete day,

I composed and comport myself,

To scribe and write,

In the course of thinking about,

What to write about,

I realized that you are in my mind.


Eventhough, I didn’t know you,

Irrespective of the distance between us,

Despite the differences between us,

Something keeps telling me that you are waiting for a word from me.


I might be far away from you,

I might be of different language, colour,race,tribe and religion,

One thing that made us,

Is nothing but

The bond of humanity.



What exactly is the situation around you?

What are you passing through at this moment?

Are you giving up now?

Do you think your problem has no solution?

Do you think you are alone?

Do you think that the world is wicked to you?

Are you depressed?

Are you contemplating suicide?

Are you inconvenient and uncomfortable?

Are you loosing hope,

Is your faith in a better day becoming impossible?


No matter the ugliness of the situation around you,

No matter the dirtiness of the shame you are enmeshed in,

No matter the depth of disappointment,

No matter the vicious cycle of generational penury,

No matter how weak and feeble you might be,


I want you to know,

I want to you to realize and understand,

I want you to believe in yourself,

I want you to uphold your confidence,

I want you to be faith-filled and hopeful.


It is just a matter of patience,

It is just a matter of time,

It will soon fade out,


What you have today,

Was a point of hope and prayers in the time past,


what you are passing through now,

Will end up expiring.

All that is present,

All that is available,

Every present reality,

Is bound to change.

Behind every blue sky,

There is always a silver lining.

Ahead of that gloomy moment,

Lies the beauty and reality of a brighter day.


Be calm,

Be patient,

Be watchful.

Be hopeful,

Be prayerful.

Your time of celebration,

Is at hand.

Don’t give up.


I am waiting for you,

To relay your story of,

Conquest and victory.


I am expecting your laughter,

I am expecting your smile,

I am waiting for your tears of joy.


Just wait,

It won’t be long,

It won’t be forlorn,

It won’t be eternity,

When your story,

Will take a new turn.


Just wait.

It is a  matter of time and patience.

Those who wait patiently,

For the right thing,

At the right time,

Will live to see the reality,

Of a right thing at the right time.


Even when the reality on ground,

Is against every possible solution,

Keep moving,

Keep believing,

Keep your head up,

When others are loosing their heads.


letter 2


I promised you,

It will soon be over,

When you shall look back,

And all that will be available on your lips,

Are the stories of victories and conquests.


This is my letter to you at this moment.

Be yourself.

Live in the centre of the reality of the purpose of your existence.

Be impartful,

Be impactful,

Be a trailblazer,

Be the solution others are hopeful for.


Ahead of you,

Lies the beauty of a brighter day.


Ahead of you,

Lies the reality of a glorious future.


Keep moving.

It will soon be your turn.


This is my little way of reaching out to you.

















©Mlst.blog 2018.


©Fadeyi Felix Femi











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