Eventhough, the world was created from the truth and for the truth but the world encountered a shift at some point that made everything therin to frown against the truth.This paradigm shift that is negatively orchestrated by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden made the entire human race to be subjected to the harsh realities of the dictates and demands of sin, and thereby accounting for the present challenges that peameates the fabrics of human existence traceable to thee love of humanity for falsehood and deceit.


As the world celebrates the remembrance of the persecution and death of our Lord Jesus Christ annually,in the course of personal deep mediatation recently,all I realised was that Jesus Christ spent his life standing on the truth and speaking for the truth which is designed to alter the grip of falsehood and deceit that are known to br prospering extremely all over the world.


Jesus Christ frowned and spoke against world orders and deceitful religious creeds and rites designed to keep their subjects and followers in bondage forever.Jesus Christ spoke against lies, decieit and mediocrity obtainable in the then spiritual cycle and religious system which is fashioned to keep many people under false indoctrination targetted to rob them of the essence of the beauty of their existence on earthly pedestal.

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Jesus Christ kicked against spiritual and secular systematic lordship arrangement that is fabricated to imprison the mind of many especially the less priviledged.


At the end, he was hated,insulted and tagged anti-social,anti-human and anti-progressive.He was later convicted wrongly for doing nothing other than standing for what is right and true.


Has anything changed till now?



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Nowadays,when you have different view about a particular issue or subject matter, be it secular or spiritual, you will be tagged bastards immediately without condiring your view at the moment you are making such stand.


Just because you decided to think outside the box, the self acclaimed religious bigots will tagged you as unbeliever even when what you are pointing to them is beneficial to them and some even have a space on the pages of the scriptures.


Jesus Christ spoke against almost everything that is obtainable in the synagogue of God in the scripture but today, when you talk against a particular man of God, their gullible followers will be swift and speedy in quoting “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”.


Many of us have forgotten or unaware about the revolution the church encountered in some centuries ago,if not for the fact that Martin Luther was able to think ahead and forge ahead by raising a voice against the religious and the religion of early Catholic Church,I can bet it with anyone that many of us will still be paying money for the atonement of our sin.


Though,the movement raised by Martin Luther was tagged Protestant revolution, he stood his ground and was able to instill an iota of truth into the consciousness of men that the “JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH”.


There is a need for self assessment by all christians all over the world which should be a moment of sober reflection that will involve proper engagement and practical appraisal on how well we have been able to live in accordance to the will and purpose of God.


If every child of God is getting it right with God.I don’t think our world will be like this.We are yet to fulfill a title of the admonition of Jesus Christ that submitted that we are the light of the world—Matthew 5.


The present day altar and sanctuaries of God have been filled with deceit and eye-service with an extreme approach of many of religious and spiritual that is geared towards praising men of God but God that engraced them has been left unattended to in their reasoning.


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She is a deaconness in a particular branch of one of the popular christian denomination in Nigeria,he is a pastor in another particular reknowned christian ministry in the world and so on.I see their ways and I cried.If you are not careful, your presence in the church and your relationship with brethen in the churschb is a sure way to perdition.There is a risk in the church and the risk has to do with the church being a place whereby pretence and deceit prosper expressly and it could be concluded as an express way to hell fire if care is not taken.


Though, I am not an advocate of people not going to church to worship God but let us be careful and conscious of where we belong when it comes to matters of being members of one denomiantion or the other.


Drifting along the line of personal encounter or experience,at a point, my little daughter was in a daycare with a deaconess in one of the popular denomination in Nigeria and at a point,I was planning to get her arrested.She treated a minor carelessly and she is waiting for God to grant her fruit of the womb.


She is so fervent and dedicated in the house of God but the way and manner she treated my daughter signifies how deeply she is operating  under a spell or a curse.


Though,I didn’t spare my time in putting a curse on her because the devil operating in her deserves nothing but a curse.


Be warned!!!


Just as the children of Job gathered in the presence of God and the devil was present in their midst so is your church and denominations are filled with devil’s incarnate.


In a nutshell, one of the purpose of redemption is walking on the path of truth and making all that is necessary and needed to make the prevalence of truth to be enhanced in whatever you do.


Truth is bitter but it is better.


“You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”—John 8 vs 32.








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