The Sunday Morning workers’ fellowship lasted for roughly two hours which involves praise and worship session,prayers and supplication session and part of the two hours was spent on preaching the word of God.


Although Tony and Tiffany were a bit late to the workers’fellowship, they were opportuned to be part of the session reasonably.


At this point, Tony and Tiffany have succeded in breaking the ice but they have been a little bit shy to a large extent.


At exactly 9:30AM, the workers; fellowship came to an end which was accompany by benediction.


Hope today’s fellowship was awesome and inspiring.Tony started talking with Tiffany.


Oh!!!It was electrifying and the Pastor that handled todays’ fellowship is word-filled accompanied with the ease at which the Pastor was able to explain the word of God simply and clearly.I really enjoyed todays; fellowship.Tiffany answered Tont.


That’s wonderful.Tony exclaimed.


As it was getting to 10AM,the church environment has started getting busy with many worshippers trooping into the church premises with their automobliles while others came to the place of worship without a car or without a means for other means of mobility.


Well,I am on my way to my unit.Tiffany tried to discharged Tony.


Do you mean you are on your way to the choir satnd?Tony asked.


Yea!!!The main service for the day will commence soon.I need to change my cloth and put on choir robe before Service will start fully.


No problem,Tiffany.Tony replied.


Hope you didn’t forget that we are meeting after the church service?Tony asked.


Yeah!!!I didn’t forget.Tiffany answered.


Just make sure you walk down to the Choir stand immediately the church service ends for the day.I will be waiting for you there.Tiffany replied immediately.


Ok!!! Thanks.I will do just now.Your wish is my command.Tony replied.


You are a clown.Tiffany replied and went into wild laughter.


Both Tony and Tiffany depart immediately.





Hmmmm.Hope you are not bored while I am away in the workers’ fellowship.Tony questioned Tricia.


Nope!!!I am not bored at all.At least I was able to feed my sight seeing church members coming to church in beautiful attire one after the other and I was able to see both Tony and Tiffany talking to a large extent immediately I settled down here.Tricia replied.


Tricia!!!What are you insinuating with your last sentence?Tony asked.


Nothing!Don’t bother yourself at all.Tricia replied with overwhelming jealousy on her face.


Tony noticed that Tricia felt jealous but since they are not that close coupled with the fact that they are still new to each other,Tony was hasty to bury such a issue that is quite sensitive and Tony was eager to arrange where Tricia will seat down in the church so that he can walk swiftly to where he will be serving as a worker.


Let’s go.I think the third row by the right side to the altar will be a very good spot in the church for you so that you will be able to view tha altar easily and listen attentively to the sermon.Is it alright with you?Tony asked Tricia.


No problem!Tricia replied.


At exactly 10:00AM, Church service starts with the choir dishing out sonorous praise and worship.While the praise and worship was ongoing, members of the church kept coming in gradually and the atmosphere of the church became lively with beautiful faces, cars and attire that simply replicate how the presence of God should be.


Tricia was delivered from the thought of jealousy that has started consuming her when the praise and worship session started and she was able to focus on the God without any distraction.


While Tony was busy serving as an usher attending to the management of people coming inside the Church,he was so elevated that he find it difficult to control his smile.He felt a kind of fulfilment that was traceable to the fact that luck smiled on him that he was able to meet Tiffany one on one and they have been able to fix appointment.


While the church service was ongoing,Tiffany was distracted and her mind was occupied with the thought of what could be the reason for Tony insisting that he would like to meet her immediately after the church service.Though her mind keep telling her that Tony was up to something funny but she was able to calm herself down and wait for Tony to come around and explain himself better.


Tony was able to fix his eyes on Tricia while the church service was going on so that he will be able to locate her easily at that end of the service.Though, once in a while, there faces always meet each other but Tony was able to observed that Tricia always gave him  a harsh look that Tony was finding it difficult to decipher the rationale behind the  strange change in counternance that Tricia has been trying to exhibit recently.


The Pastor in charge on this sunday morning was firebrand in his approach to preaching.There was no dull moment in the course of the service.The church service was ablaze with flame of revival and everybody present did not want to miss any part of the service.


When the service gradually came to an end around 01:00PM,Tricia felt bad about it because the service was able to take her far away from the thought of jealousy that was eating her up.


Tricia!I will delay you a bit.Please, kindly sit down here.Just give me some few minutes.I would like to see someone.Tony appealled to Tricia for patience.


Appointment with who?Tricia asked.


With someone in the choir stand.Tony replied.


Stop beating about the bush.Tricia replied.Just tell me that you are not yet done with Tiffany.Anyway, I will be waiting for you.Tricia responded.


Thanks for your usual understanding.Tony appreciated Tricia.


Immediately, Tony disappeared into thin air with his legs moving fast and swift in order to meet Tiffany because he didn’t want to miss the appointment at all.


While, Tony was moving towards the choir stand, his mind was on Tiffany and Tricia.The new strange behaviour being exhibited by Tricia kept haunting him but he didn’t allow it to hurt him in anyway.


To be continued.


Watch out for the next Episode.














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