In the comfort of my living room,

On a cool Sunday evening,

I have been doing nothing but relaxing,

From the stress of domestic chores,

I have been resting.

Far away from the hustling and burstling of the city,

I laid down low thinking about you.

In my comfort and convenience,

I kept wondering,

I kept asking myself,

What exactly I have left undone,

I kept thinking about my day,

I kept wondering about,

How I have spent my day,

I tried to think that I have done all that is necessary for the day,

Something in me,

Kept telling me that,

My day is incomplete.

letter 3

I kept asking myself questions,

What is that thing,

I left unattended to.

In the midst of deep thinking,

I recollected that one thing is not yet done,

Later realized that,

I haven’t pen a word,

Later realized that,

I haven’t scribe and write.

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