The introductory portion of this particular publication was posted on facebook on the 9th of January 2017.I read through it recently and I discovered it will serve the purpose of being an addition to the spiritual growth of my readers, viewers and followers in one way or the other.


It goes thus:


When you loose your tune with God, you will end up loosing your turn with men.Immortality through mortality is enhanced when you maintain continuous connectivity with divinity.It is only those who can lean down before God that will rise up strong with men.


Reflecting the attitude of divinity and displaying the attributes of eternity is possible and could be enhanced when your knowledge about the demands of spending sternity with God while on earth is continuosly and constantly sought for accompanied with efforts to have deeper conscious spiritual knowledge about God and His ways.


Your thirst and yearnings for the beauty of divinity and the reality of eternity while on earth make men seek your attention concerning every affair of life because the spiritual has the midas touch of turning whatever is present and available in the physical to a source of help and a source of hope for anyone who believed that the spiritual superceed the physical in all ramification.


The possibility of the emergence of the glory of God in your life is strictly through your connectivity with divinity.No one radiates and reflects God’s purpose for humanity without any knowledge about divinity and it is the consciousness of your relationship with the concepts of spirituality that enhances the establishment of divine enablement and spiritual empowerment necessary to tackle and efface the myriads of challenges being faced by the entire mankind presently and in the years to come.



No doubt about it,knowledge is power and power is synonymous in all concepts and contexts to power.The versatility and the vastness of your knowledge about divinity through the word of God is the solution to all challenges bedevilling humanity.Hence,the necessity to have a deep knowledge about divinity through God is of essence and it is a demand and a desire placed as a responsibility and a duty on all humans who are ready to make an impact and an impart in the course of their existence on earth.It is essentially valuable and it should not be traded with anything present in this earthly pedestal that we are all occupying.


Once, your knowledge about God is vast and fertile, the opportunity to become great and live a meaningful life becomes cheap,easy and achievable.


Knowledge about divinity through God is essential for the emergence and fulfilment of God’s purpose for every human on the surface of earth.


Hence,there is a need to understand ways by which knowledge about divinity through God can be enhanced which will invariably have a positive influence on your relationship with God.


Your relationship with God is the most valuable and essential  undertaken that should be guided, enhanced and maintained which will invariably have a positive influence on your relationship with God.




Our relationship with God is the most essential personal endeavour that should be engineered in a manner that God becomes everything to you if you are to live at the centre of your plan and purpose of God for your life while you are existing now and in the life to come which is eternity.


Hence, the need to highlight some cogent scriptural bullets that will boost and enhance the maintenance of your relationship with God.


These are:

  • Fasting and Prayer—-Mark 9 vs 29 KJV.
  • Holiness and righteousness—-Hebrew 12 vs 24 KJV,Proverb 14 vs 34 KJV.
  • Faith—Mark 11 vs 24 KJV,Romans 10 vs 10 KJV,Hebrew 11 vs 1 KJV.
  • Giving—Proverb 11 vs 25 KJV,Proverbs 3 vs 27 KJV.
  • Obeying the commandments of God—Deutronomy 28 vs 1-68 KJV.
  • Meditating on the Word of God—Joshua 1 vs 8 KJV.




With these and all other ones not highlighted in the course of this publication,any child of God who craves for a deeper relationship with God must maximize all these as a viable means which could enhance optimally the vastness and the viability of the knowledge of divinity as it is chronicled expressly and simply in the scripture.



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©Fadeyi Felix Femi.


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