Not quite long, I stumbled upon this particular article that I pushed forward on the 27th of April 2017.


After reading through with the feelings of nostalgia,I decided to share it on my blog space in other to satisfy the reading and viewing longings of many of my readers and followers across the length and breadth of the entire world.


This article is centred around pushing a line of thought that will be an addition and an enhancer of meaningful and good marital union which is really scarce and quite unobtainable now .


marriage 2


It goes thus;


The basic factor and primary enhancer that triggers the birth of marriage between a man and a woman is love but once love has been established and it has culminated into marital union,marriage will become succesful when the love it started with is dynamic and flexible enough to accommodate other enhancers of marital sustainability.


Marital sustainability is as important as marriage itself because the concept of marriage rallies in the confines of its beauty being expressed profoundly when it becomes succesful to be point of it being described as everlasting.


Some of the other enhancer of marital prosperity and sustainability are:





5.Being responsible and responsible.


7.Being considerate.


9.Being humane.

10.Being affcetionate.

11.Being Kind-hearted.

12.Being romantic


marriage 3

These are some of the tenets that must be working for any marriage to be working.


No single marriage cn be meaningful and succesful with love alone.


Marriage begins with love and its expression but it’s susutainability is dependent on how some of the aforementioned tenets can be maximized properly and appropriately to the benefits of all the stakeholders that are present whenever there is a marital covenant and vows being made between a man and a woman.





It is when its susutainability becomes a reality that the parties involved can be part of of the societal development that keeps eluding humanity humanity.












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