Flipping through the pages of the scripture, one can observed vividly that as blessings are real, so also curses are real.Blessings can be submitted to be the outcome in the form of renumeration and reward for obedience to superior instructions and commandments while curses can be seen on the pages of the scripture as an outcome of disobedience to God’s commandment.Even in the secular realm, obedience to laid down rules and regulations terminates with rewards while punishment terminates any form of disobedience.It can be simply submitted that disobedience attracts curses and obedience attracts blessings.

All through the scripture, it can be seen vividly that God hates disobedience but loves obedience to all given commandment.The bible contains instances that simply buttress this assertion.Numbers 5 verse 23, Numbers 22 verse 6, Deutronomy 28 verse 15, Deutronomy 28 verse 45, Deutronomy 29 verse 21, Deutronomy 30 verse 7 , 2nd Chronoicles 34 verse…

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